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MIDI controller to script mapper
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An open source mapper from different controllers (currently MIDI) to custom JavaScript scripts for mouse/keyboard simulation.

Short description

DjToKey allows you to prepare custom scripts fired when some events on your MIDI device happens. Originally built for Hercules DJControl MP3 LE device, it allows mouse and keyboard simulation and other actions, bound to your DJ console.

For example, you can bind your deck wheel from DJ console to a mouse wheel. All scripts are written in JavaScript and run on V8 engine.

Releases and changelog

The current release is DjToKey version 0.4.0.

For the more information (changelog, source code downloads), head over to releases section. All releases are only available as ZIP files, there is no installer at the moment. All releases are build for the x86 (32-bit) platform.


DjToKey requires Visual C++ Redistruable 2013 for x86 to be installed on the computer, and some kind of supported hardware.


This software was made for Hercules DJControl MP3 LE MIDI device and has mappings only for this device at the moment. If you would like to use it for another device, there is a need to prepare a JSON file describing all possible control ids, names and types on a device, named as it is visible in the operating system, and packaging it into .dtkpkg file.

Creating custom device files will be easier when simple authoring software will be released, later this year.


A guide to all objects and possible functions is available in Scripting document.


Since version 0.3, DjToKey is a lot more modular. A quick guide to possible plugins is avaliable in Plugins document.


You are welcome to contribute to DjToKey! Create issues, Pull Requests, support new hardware, add new core features. More informaction is available in the Contributing document.

Additional information

Copyright © Marcin Badurowicz 2015-2016. Licensed under MIT license.

Have a lot of fun.


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