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Web App prototype for public or team voting on different topics - Work In progress
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TeamVote - Web App for public or team voting on different topics

Java, SpringBoot, Thymeleaf, Bootstrap, Hibernate, MySQL, JQuery, CanvasJS | Editor used: Spring Boot Suit


A prototype of a team voting web app. Define a question and assign it to different teams who can vote on it via email or on website.

Done TODO list

  • Show voting results
  • Privacy setting
  • Show assigned questions
  • Show public questions on index page
  • Create question, Create option, Create Team
  • Login/register page, Create User, profile page
  • Spring Security
  • Creating model entities
  • JUnit test for creating user repository
  • Limit fetching of teams and users to make up faster.
  • Define public/private questions
  • Add basic voting functionality
  • Redirect if user already voted for a question to showResults.html
  • Clean user lists after creating a vote
  • Adjust Lazy Eager loading of entity models
  • Finish CRUD Question, Option, Team, Vote, User.
  • Add exception handling
  • Add Email Service to send a email to users when questions is created


  • Set filter search on keyup event, instead on blur event. Check performance
  • Add archive/unarchive question


  • Run sql script teamvote.sql in mysql server to create basic database.
  • Email sending service is implemented but disabled currently. Also email and password is deleted from since this project is set to be public on github
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