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  1. resources resources Public

    List of resources to get started with software development.

    95 47

  2. inventory-management-rn inventory-management-rn Public

    react-native project for inventory management app

    JavaScript 32 23

  3. BE-Project-Web BE-Project-Web Public

    Developing a System for BE Projects.

    JavaScript 7 14

  4. DJ-Comps-Book-Exchange DJ-Comps-Book-Exchange Public

    Book Exchange Web-app for exchange and transfer of books between juniors and seniors at DJSCE

    HTML 10 11

  5. shalizi-stats shalizi-stats Public

    Reading Group for Cosma Shalizi's Textbook on Advanced Data Analysis

    Jupyter Notebook 7

  6. DJ-Comps-Student-Info-Portal DJ-Comps-Student-Info-Portal Public

    Information about Student with complete background, for use primarily by recruiters.

    HTML 7 12


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