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Simple Recommendation system by telling which person will like to buy a product and send them offer
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Constructing Apriori DataFrame (4th).ipynb
Hashed Main Notebook (Main 2).ipynb
Information Based Filtering (6th).ipynb
Making Best Item Data Frame (3rd).ipynb
Making User bought which product CSV (5th).ipynb
Merging and Normalizing Order(1st).ipynb
Normal Logic Main Notebook (Main 1).ipynb
Promotional Offer Recommendation System for Departmental Shops.pdf
Rating Products and Customers(2nd).ipynb

Recommendation System

"If the shopkeeper thinks about keeping promotional offer of any product then our system will email the customers who are likely to buy the product or prompt the shopkeeper about the list of customers who will be interested in such offer"
Download Dataset from
And run notebooks according to the serial number in the end of each file Main 1 and Main 2 are final notebooks which really recommend stuff. Main 1 searches from the whole dataset and Main 2 uses hashing to search.

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