DevOps practices with VSTS + secure Azure Service Fabric
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Microservices & DevOps practices with VSTS + Azure Service Fabric

Create Secured Azure Service Fabric cluster and enable CI/CD/RM DevOps practices using Visual Studio Team Services and advanced upgrade of application microservices.

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This example walks through the workflow of a fully automated deployment/update of microservices application WordCount to Secure Azure Service Fabric with Visual Studio Team Services.


  • Visual Studio Team Services account
  • Azure Subscription
  • Example application - e.g.WordCount

###Key milestones/High-level steps

  1. Creating secure Azure Service Fabric Cluster
    • Create Self-Signed Certificate using PowerShell
    • Create Azure Key Vault & Import certificate to Azure Key Vault
    • Create new secure Azure Service Fabric (ARM template or Azure portal)
  2. Connecting VSTS & Azure Service Fabric
    • Create new project at Visual Studio Team Services & import source code/example app
    • Create a Service Link from Visual Studio Team Services to an Azure Service Fabric
  3. Application Delivery & DevOps practices with Azure Service Fabric
    • Create Continuous Integration definition with Visual Studio Team Service
    • Create new Release definition with Visual Studio Team Service
    • Deploy/update the app & enjoy DevOps with Azure Service Fabric

Note: #TalkDevOps & @Alex_ZZ_

Note: most of the things are done, but :) Work in progress - Still developing doc's and content. "watch" star the repo and get info/updates