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Codestriker is an open-sourced web application which supports online code reviewing.
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bin minor fixes
cgi-bin Allow topic states to be updated via topic list screen.
doc * Added support for creating ClearCase Dynamic topics by specifying
html Only update the comment URL to nice style if nice URLs are used.
lib dont do things that touch the disk, then we only need read only acces…
t * Handle Subversion diffs which contain directory copies.
template/en/default various fixes
.cvsignore * Delete topic button moved to topic state option on view topic
CHANGELOG update changelog
HACKING * Major documentation rewrite. All documentation (installation/user
INFO.txt * Support for TestDirector as a supported bug tracking system.
LICENSE Initial revision
Makefile Make sure all the files in bin are executable when creating the zip/t…
README Created a new optional configuration parameter $repository_name_map
codestriker.conf * Added support for JIRA as an integrated bug-tracker.


Copyright (c) 2001 - 2006 David Sitsky.  All rights reserved.

*** Please read the CHANGELOG file for details on changes ***

All documentation is now in the Codestriker guide.  The HTML and PDF
versions of this guide are present in the html directory, and are
available from the online help when Codestriker is deployed.
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