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*** When upgrading, don't forget to: "cd bin ; ./" ***
*** Also, it is _highly_ advisable to backup your data before upgrading ***
Version x.x.x
* Add '-n' option to cvs commands, so write access isnt needed to local cvs repos
Version 1.9.11
* Handle Subversion diffs which contain directory copies.
* Fixed issue where Perforce diffs created by just specifying a single tag
would not work.
* Added support for JIRA as an integrated bug-tracker.
Version 1.9.10
* Implemented "log out" action.
* Implemented another corner case with Subversion diffs for handling
empty file entries.
* Fixed issue where duplicate bug IDs specified on topic creation would
prevent the topic from being created.
* Added new configuration option in codestriker.conf for setting the
List-Id header for all emails sent, to assist in filtering,
particularly for gmail. Also added -i parameter to script to specify the List-Id header
value to use.
* Support for integration with Mantis bug tracking system. Code was
implemented by Gustavo Silva <>,
<> with support from Dextra
Technologies <>.
* Support for git repositories from Jeffrey Middleton
* Fixed "Parallel View" links for ClearCase repositories, from
Thomas Yan <>.
* Make the message ID in Codestriker emails RFC 2822 compliant.
* Changed usage of email References and In-Reply-To headers so that
email threading will occur at a comment/issue level rather than a
topic level. This should allow for better management of outstanding
issues in email clients such as gmail.
* Implementation of email gateway in bin/,
which allows for comments to be added to a topic by simply replying
to an email.
* Added support for creating Perforce topics given the path (module_name),
and either two labels or changelists for the start/end tag fields,
from Arun Jose <>.
* Added support for creating ClearCase Dynamic topics by specifying
a filename in the module field, and either a single version number
in either the start or end tag fields, or specifying two versions
using both fields, from
Lakshmivaragan <>.
Version 1.9.9
* Removed incompatible setting from MySQL database driver, which was
preventing it from working with MySQL 5.1 or later.
* Fixed regression where selecting state "All" from the search topics
screen would only return "Open" topics.
Version 1.9.8
* Fixed issue where using Internet Explorer with a Codestriker
deployment with authentication enabled would prevent new comments
from being added.
Version 1.9.7
* Introduced basic user authentication / authorisation into the
system. If the $admin_users configuration variable is specified
in codestriker.conf, this contains a list of "admin" users.
If defined, admin users are the only ones who can
create/edit/delete projects.
* Created another Subversion post-commit script which is an extension
of the standard script which ships with Subversion.
The email sent also includes an additional line, which is the URL to
the auto-created topic.
* Updated so that it can be executed from any directory, not
just bin.
* Creating Perforce topics directly from already committed files in the
depot did not work if the depot was on a different machine to the
web-server. This has now been fixed.
* Fixed an issue where some Perforce describe diffs were not being
parsed correctly as reported by This has
now been fixed.
* Added a drop-down on the topic create page where the initial topic
state can be set. By default, this is set to "Open", however in
situations where a review has already been performed but needs to
be recorded, or a topic is automatically created from a post-commit
script from an SCM, sometimes another initial state is desirable.
* Updated to support a separate Apache virtual host per
Codestriker project as suggested by
Manual has been updated with the appropriate instructions.
* Help popup text windows on the create topic and search screens
disappear automatically when the cursor is moved off the (?) link.
* Fixed a bug where Subversion diffs with binary files that contained
property changes were not handled correctly.
* Make $file_viewer more flexible so it can handle file mapping URLs
which have CGI parameters. Submitted by
* Scmbug integration now works correctly when there are multiple
commits to the same file under the one Bug ID. Fixed by
* ScmBug integration now works correctly when deleted files are
present in a Subversion changeset.
* Added "Diff" link for each comment on the list comments page so that for
those reviews which aren't linked to an SCM, it is still possible
to quickly link back to the coloured topic text.
* Fixed the rendering of non-latin characters when syntax highlighting
is enabled.
Version 1.9.6
* Ability to create Codestriker topics automatically from a Subversion
commit, via the bin/ script. Once the
appropriate configuration is set at the start of the file, simply
add it to your Subversion repos/hooks/post-commit file as the
/path/to/codestriker/bin/ "$REPOS" "$REV"
* "Default to head" option for CVS topic creation was not used when
selected, but when it was unselected. This has now been fixed.
Spotted by
* Fix for "v-string in use/require non-portable" warning when using
Perl 5.10 from
* Deleting a topic connected with a TestDirector bug has been fixed
* Creation of Subversion topics which use a file for the module field
in the create topic screen may not work correctly for some versions
of Subversion. This has now been fixed by
* Make sure XML representation of a topic has its data properly escaped.
Fixed by
* Ability to parse git patches correctly.
* Ability to parse hg diffs (Mercurial SCM) correctly.
* Better detection of filename extensions for highlighting. This
previously caused issues for temporary directories which contained
a period, but the filename itself didn't. Reported by
* Scmbug integration now works correctly if multiple bug IDs are
specified is the create topic screen. Fixed by
* Fixed the parsing of Subversion diffs which contained modifications
within property sets. Also fixed case where file in diff is empty.
Reported by
* Show total added/removed line count after table of contents on view
topic screen. Also show same line counts on create topic email.
* Make the topic title in the edit comment page link directly to the
code location being commented on rather than just the top of the
view topic page.
* Use pegged revisions instead of operative revisions when retrieving
files from Subversion to handle situations where files have been moved
within the repository since the review was created. Fixed by
* In the create topic email, show the URL to the associated bug records
if $bugtracker is defined in codestriker.conf rather than just the bug
* Allow the Parallel links to work for new files and display them
Version 1.9.5
* Syntax highlighting is now supported using the highlight package from Check the codestriker.conf file for
configuration. Many thanks to Nikita V. Borodikhin
<> for all his assistance in implementing
this feature.
* Allow the ability to specify just a filename (for the module field)
and a revision number (for the start or end tag) to create a review
for a specific version of a file in a subversion repository.
* Fixed database code which was preventing user metrics being updated
under SQL Server.
* Make sure the email subject field properly encodes underscores and
question marks. Submitted by
* Only require Authen::SASL as a pre-requisite if SMTP authentication
is needed. For some deployments, installing Authen::SASL can be
* Support for TestDirector as a supported bug tracking system.
Submitted by
* Support for creating reviews by just entering the bug IDs, and
retrieving the data from Scmbug.
Submitted by
* Make sure if an invalid CGI parameter value is specified that its
value is encoded when displaying the generic error page. Reported
* Make sure very long filenames don't move the diff display far to the
right of the view topic page. Fix suggested by
* The edit comment page has been updated so that the topic name is
linked back to the associated view topic page.
* Added support for LXR 0.9.5, which renamed the database tables to
contain an lxr_ prefix by default. Support for older LXR databases
will still work by default. LXR entities are now rendered in black text,
the same as program code, but an underline is shown when hovered over.
* Updated the Subversion diff parser so that it correctly identifies new
files, rather than treating them as modified files.
* Removed the "View with minimal screen width" / "View with minimal
link break" options from the view topic screen. If the browser window
is not wide enough, a horizontal scrollbar will appear.
* Provided the ability to create topics for a specific changeset from
a Perforce repository, from Alis McCutcheon <>.
For example, //depot/src/tools/unittests/python/ can be set
as the module name, and 12736 (the changeset number) can be set
in either the start or end tag field.
* Updated the Codestriker CSS file significantly based on the work by
Kannan Goundan <> and Daniel Noll.
Also changed the appearance of the application to give it a more
modern appearance.
* Can now comment on any line of any file in the review, not just those
that are a part of the diff file.
* Introduced new configuration variable $sort_diffs_by_filename in
codestriker.conf which indicates whether the diff chunks inside a
topic should be ordered by filename. Apparently Subversion can
produce diff topics in some circumstances in arbitrary order,
where using this setting would make sense. Default is for this
setting to be enabled.
Version 1.9.4
* Emit a javascript warning if the external javascript files could
not be loaded. This usually occurs due to apache misconfiguration.
* Allow subversion repositories that communicate using the Subversion
protocol to be specified in @valid_repositories as
'svn://my.subversion.server/repos/product/trunk' rather than
* Support subversion diff files which contain "Copied:" entries.
* Improved patch file parsing for handling binary file changes.
* Ensure emails sent contain the header "MIME-Version: 1.0" for
RFC2045 conformance. Submitted by Vadim Zeitlin
* CSS cleanups from Kannan Goundan <>.
* Bottom coloured row on topic list screen didn't extend across full
width of browser window if bug-tracking or custom comment metrics
were defined. This has now been fixed.
* Place a clear divider between comment blocks on the view topic
comments screen, as suggested by Nikita V. Borodikhin
<> to minimise confusion.
* The topic comments tab count would incorrectly display the number
of comment threads rather than the number of comments, when viewing
the topic text. This has now been fixed.
* Handle Subversion files which contain @ in the filename.
* Codestriker now behaves correctly under mod_perl when retrieving
data externally from an SCM system, such as when the Parallel link
is clicked, or when a topic is created directly from the SCM.
* Creating Subversion topics directly from the SCM now works correctly
in non-English locales.
* When calculating metrics, make sure email addresses are handled in
a case-insensitive manner. Also remove trailing/leading whitespace
from the addresses.
* Handle topic text that starts with the UTF-8 BOM.
* Workaround for invalid diff files generated by Subversion in a Chinese
locale. See
for more information.
* Handle the different text types that may be present in a Perforce diff.
Submitted by Russell Cattelan <>.
* Defined the "noconnection" option for $bug_db in codestriker.conf
so that it is possible to define what bug IDs are associated with
a topic, without updating an actual bug database when the topic
is created/closed. If $bugtracker is defined in codestriker.conf,
then links will be created on the topic properties screen to the
associated bug records. Submitted by Russell Cattelan
* Handle ClearCase diffs which contain "Directories are identical"
lines in them. Submitted by Steve Kinsman
* Support for using the ClearCase dynamic view under Windows.
Submitted by Steve Kinsman <>.
Version 1.9.3
* The project list screen now displays for each project, the total
number of open topics, and the total number of topics. Clicking on
the count will go to the topic list screen with the relevant topics
* Modified the VSS repository handler so that topics can be created
by either entering in labels or version numbers in the start and
end tag fields when creating a topic. Previously, only labels
were supported.
* The uri filter in the Template Toolkit changed its behaviour in 2.16,
which was responsible for generating invalid links. This has now
been fixed.
* Better handling of Subversion diffs which were generated on
non-English systems.
Version 1.9.2
* Codestriker now works with UTF-8 text, to support unicode character
input for topic titles, descriptions, comment text, and project
names and descriptions. This required making Perl 5.8 as a
pre-requisite, as Perl 5.6 doesn't cut the mustard for unicode
* Created a new optional configuration parameter $repository_name_map
in codestriker.conf. This allows for a user-defined repository name
to be displayed in the codestriker UI, rather than the full
repository URL. This can be useful for hiding potentially sensitive
username/password information that might be a part of the repository
URL. See the codestriker.conf file for more information.
Submitted by Edwin Fine <>.
* New repository module for linking to ClearCase dynamic views. See
the configuration file and/or manual for example configurations.
Submitted by Avinandan Sengupta <>.
* Modified the way Perforce retrieves files from the depot, as servers
set with a security level of 2 or above were not receiving password
information. This has been addressed by modifying the command line
to explictly pass in the password rather than the client workspace
name, which is ignored for these security levels. The repository
configuration for Perforce has also been changed to use the password
in place of the client workspace name. Perforce users should update
their configuration files appropriately. Submitted by
J Dickon Glanville <>.
* Update CVS diff parser to handle rdiffs which have new/removed files
in them.
* Creating a topic with an invalid bug ID is now shown as an error to
the user on the create topic screen.
* If there was an error creating a topic, the selected project name
was not retained when the create topic screen was redisplayed. This
has now been fixed.
Submitted by Edwin Fine <>.
* If there is a problem when a comment is created, the error message
will correctly display in the AJAX'ed window. An example here is if
$mailhost is incorrectly configured.
* If there is an email problem while creating a topic, the error
message is now correctly displayed to the end-user.
* Fixed problem with Subversion repositories on Win32, where
Codestriker was unable to launch the svn program.
* Comments containing '+' characters were changed into ' ' characters
when posted via AJAX. Other potentially damaging characters are now
* Comments with '\' characters are now displayed correctly in all
cases within the tooltip window.
* Temporary files were not being deleted within the module (used for auto-creation of topics on CVS
commits). Reported by Martin Apel <>.
* Added support for parsing diffs generated using Subversion's svnlook
* Matching of CVS repository paths when parsing topic text is now
case insensitive to account for the different casing returned by the
Window clients: Cygwin and CvsNT.
* Defining new entries in $comment_state_metrics in codestriker.conf
could not be used for existing topics. This has now been fixed.
* Support for sending email via SMTP authentication, via the optional
$mailuser and $mailpasswd configuration parameters in
codestriker.conf. Contributed by "Hertz Wang" <>.
* The ClearCase Snapshot repository was not using the $tmpdir setting
in codestriker.conf if it was set when creating temporary files.
This has now been fixed.
Contributed by "John Farrelly (AT/LMI)" <>.
* Make sure the diffs in the topic are presented in a sorted order by
filename. Some SCMs create topic texts in a "semi-sorted" order,
such as Subversion.
Contributed by "Vladimir Vysotsky" <>.
* Closed topics could still have comments added to them, by hovering
over an existing comment in the topic text view, and then clicking
the "Add Comment" link in the tooltip window. This link has now
been removed if the topic is closed.
Contributed by
* Improved memory usage when integrated with very large LXR databases.
Contributed by Patrick Diamond <>.
* Newer versions of the Subversion client (1.3.2) were returning
warning text that was not parsed correctly. This has now been
fixed. Contributed by Vladimir Sizikov <>.
* Make sure the generated Template Toolkit files are stored in
the web server's temporary directory, or $Codestriker::tmpdir if
that is defined. Previously, the temporary files were being stored
in sub-directories of cgi-bin.
Version 1.9.1
* Correct problem introduced in 1.9.0 release where the email address
field in the add comment tooltip was not being stored correctly in
the Codestriker cookie. For reviewers who have never created a
Codestriker topic, the email field not remember the previous value.
This has now been corrected.
* When adding a comment via a link from an email, the confirmation
screen now contains links to the topic text and topic comments, for
Version 1.9.0
* Now using overlib javascript library
( for formatted "tooltips". When
the mouse hovers over a line where a comment has been made, a
formatted "tooltip" window appears, which contains the comment text
formatted appropriately, with author and date header information
bolded. The tooltip is not removed until the mouse is moved off the
line. Help text on the create topic and search screens have been
modified to use this tooltip library as well as opposed to
javascript alert windows.
* Comments are now added view an overlib tooltip window, rather than
using a separate browser window. This speeds up the reviewing
process and keeps the reviewer focussed on a single browser window.
* It is now possible to create a comment associated with a specific
file, or the topic itself, rather than being associated with a
specific line. This allows reviewers to create file-level or
topic-level comments.
* There are patches available for Bugzilla 2.16 and Bugzilla 2.18 in
the bin subdirectory, where the view bug screen is modified to
include the "Create a New Codestriker Topic" and "View All" links
directly under the "Create a New Attachment" and "View All" links.
When a new topic is created via this link, the topic title will be
set initially to the bug title, and the bug id field will be set to
the id of the bug record. Before applying the patch, the
codestriker_url variable must be set to the URL of your Codestriker
* Extra options are now available in the codestriker.conf file in
regards to when emails are sent out. It is now possible to control
whether emails are sent to the topic author and/or the comment
author when new comments are created. Also, there is an option
which determines if all reviewers are notified if the topic's state
is changed. This is all controlled by the $email_send_options
configuration item. From Jason Remillard.
* Added RSS support, so that the topic list screen now has an
equivalent RSS view. From Jason Remillard.
* Optimised database connection code, from Jason Remillard.
* Added a "add other reviewers" link next to the Cc: field in the "add
comment" screen. This allows the comment author to easily Cc all
the other reviewers of the topic, for important comments that needs
to be sent to all reviewers.
* When creating new topics linked to Bugzilla, also include the topic
description field in the Bugzilla comment.
* Searching on the bugid and cc fields was not working correctly.
This has now been fixed.
* On UNIX platforms, missing modules can be fetched and installed
automatically using the CPAN module, if required.
* Subversion 1.1 has changed it diff format slightly. Parser as been
updated, as reported by Martin Apel <>.
* Added integration support for Flyspray bug-tracking system. From
Martin Apel.
* Fixed text message written to bug-tracking system where the topic
author was used instead of the actual user, when the topic state was
changed. Found by Jason Remilliard.
* Make sure for Win32 deployments, that the PATH environment
variable is not zapped. This created issues when launching external
programs, such as an SCM program. Since taint-mode is broken under
Win32, this isn't an issue. Found by Michael R. Brumm
* Fixed message "Character in 'c' format wrapped in pack at
...", as reported by an anonymous user.
* 'Readonly' topic states are now specified in codestriker.conf. For
installations that add their own topic states, this allows them to
have more than one state in which topics can be edited.
From Dan Prince <>.
* Subversion topic creation fixes from Michael R. Brumm
<>. If module refers to file,
path workaround duplicates the file's name at the end of the file
path in the filename field. Starting and ending slash not removed
from module name during getDiff.
* Modified the Perforce parser to handle file-types that return
"xbinary". Also handled Perforce diffs which contain unidiff style
'---' and '+++' header lines. From Hope Duryea <>.
* Filenames ending in ++, for example, filename.c++ could not be
loaded into the system, due to a bug introduced in 1.8.5.
* Added $svn configuration variable to codestriker.conf, so that the
path to the subversion executable can be specified, which is often a
requirement for Win32 systems.
Version 1.8.5
* Complete support for VSS repositories. Topics linked to a VSS
repository can now be created by either specifying labels with the
VSS directory of interest for code already committed in the
repository, or pre-commit reviews can be done by generating diff
text with the script in the Codestriker bin directory.
* Modified so that deleted files are also included in the
* On the topic list screen, there is a new button "Obsolete Topics",
which allows you to create a new topic which superseeds the selected
topics. The obsoleted topics will be changed to state "Obsoleted"
and will become read-only. Note the @topic_states configuration
variable in codestriker.conf needs to be modified to include the new
'Obsoleted' state to enable this. The view topic screens have been
modified to include links if the topic being viewed has been
obsoleted or superseeds other topics. A single topic can be
obsoleted from the view topic properties page, by selecting the
'Obsoleted' state.
* The $allow_delete config variable has been removed. If topic
deletion is to be enabled, the 'Deleted' state needs to be added to
the @topic_states configuration variable in codestriker.conf.
* Added new configuration variable @Codestriker::exclude_file_types
which contains a list of filename extensions which Codestriker will
ignore when creating topics. These generally include those
extensions which are binary, or of not any interest. Contributed by
Dave Clendenan <>.
* Added a checkbox "Default to HEAD" on the create topic screen which
is used for topics based off tags. If this checkbox is enabled, the
'-f' flag is passed to CVS repositories when executing the 'cvs
rdiff' command. This has the effect of retrieving a file's contents
from revision HEAD if it is not present for the specified tag value.
This option currently has no effect for other repository types at
this stage. Contributed by Dave Clendenan.
* Minor fix for handing CVS rdiff text which end in a binary entry.
Problem found by Dave Clendenan.
* Shorten the URLs sent in the email messages.
* Minor fix where " characters would not render correctly in the
status bar or in a tool-tip when hovering over a commented line in
the view topic window.
The following changes are from Jason Remillard:
* Fixed a security problem with the repository not being checked
against the actual configured list. A user could send in any well
formed repository string and Codestriker would just take it, even if
it was not configured.
* Fixed a bug preventing create topic from working when the user had
just one repository working. The cookie was overriding it because it
was missing from the html code.
* Subversion repositories can now be configured with a username and
password in the configuration file if authentication is required.
Any errors from accessing subversion are written to STDERR.
Version 1.8.4
* The topic properties page now displays the start tag, end tag and
module parameters if they were used when the topic was created.
Contribution by Robert Hudson <>.
* The repository property has been changed to be a read-only property
in the topic properties page, from Robert Hudson.
* The repository selection drop-down is only selected if there is more
than one repository configured in the system, from Robert Hudson.
* If a topic is not in open state, then the "topic information" and
"topic comments" pages are modified to readonly, and adding new
comments is disabled. From Robert Hudson.
* In the table of contents, display the total number of lines added
and removed for each file. This gives the reviewer a quick idea
where the major changes in the review are. From Robert Hudson.
* There is a new configuration option @project_states which controls
whether a project can have its state changed to 'Closed',
which prevents new topics being created within it, and the state
'Deleted', which will delete the project and all its member topics.
Both of these new states are optional, and are not available by
default. From Robert Hudson.
* When sending emails involving more than one CC recipient, the email
sending may fail because a space wasn't put after each comma.
* Created the CodestrikerClient module in bin which can create a
new topic non-interactively. The intention is for this module to be
used from scripts that need to create new topics, for example, from
a CVS post-commit script.
* Modified custom CVS post-commit scripts so that a Codestriker topic
is created for each CVS commit, along with a sent email. The and are located in the bin directory,
and need to be copied into your CVSROOT area, with a line like the
following in your commitinfo file:
and a line like the following in your loginfo file:
The file needs to have some configuration variables set
at the start of the script to reflect your site.
Note the first line of the log message will be used as the topic
title. The entire log message is used as the topic description.
Any strings of the form "Bug nnn" in the log message will be taken
as a reference to a bug id, and will be used in the topic's bugid
* Added an optional show_on_mainpage attribute to the comment metrics
configuration, which specifies which comment metric counts will
appear on the topic list page. From Jason Remillard.
* Reviewers who haven't viewed a topic will have their names
surrounded by parenthesis in the topic list page. From Jason
* Fixed a number of taint-mode problems when using Perl 5.8.
* Fixed the "Attempt to bless into a reference" error when using
Bugzilla integration and Perl 5.8.
* Migrated the MySQL datetime type from TIMESTAMP to DATETIME, as it
should have always been. From Jason Remillard.
Version 1.8.3
* It is now possible to specify multiple metrics associated with a
comment "thread". In previous versions of Codestriker, there was a
configuration variable called @comment_states which had the default
values of "Submitted", "Invalid", or "Completed". These states
still exist, but under the metric name "Status" by default.
Some other example configurations are illustrated in the config
file. For example "Level", "Mode" and "Type" metrics. These values
are then accumulated in the "Topic Information" tab, along with all
the other topic metrics.
Apart from the add/edit comment screen, the topic comments screen
allows you to modify any metric associated with any comment thread,
via a series of dropdown form elements.
* It is now possible in the create topic screen to only specify a
single tag and a module name in order to create a new topic, rather
than both the start and end tags, with the module name. The effect
of a single tag is to create a topic with the full contents of all
tagged files in the specified module.
* In the "Topic Properties" screen, if the Bug IDs field is being
displayed, and $Codestriker::bugtracker is defined, then after this
field will be a number of hyperlinks to the associated bug tracking
* Added the link "List open topics in project" to all the view topic
screens for user convenience on large multi-project deployments.
* Refactored CvsPserver and CvsLocal into a single object, Cvs.
* It is now possible to specify CVS repositories using the :ext access
method with ssh, providing that the user running the Codestriker web
application can ssh into the specified host without requiring a
password (ie setting up an authorized_keys file on the destination
host). The Codestriker configuration file has an example :ext
repository, and requires the path to ssh to be specified in the $ssh
* Fixed bug where a comment with a " character in it would cause
Javascript errors with IE on the view topic page.
* In the add comment window, clicking on the "increase context" or
"decrease context" would erase any text which had been written.
This has now been fixed by Kannan Goundan.
* Increasing/decreasing the context from the add comment window would
not focus the main browser window to the exact line the comment was
made from, after the comment has been submitted. This has now been
* Committed in a whole heap of test scripts from Jason Remillard
which are located in the test/ subdirectory.
* The clearcase diff parser can now handle diffs which describe chunk
movements such as:
-----[deleted/moved 40 after 44 (now at 152)]-----
-----[deleted/moved 42-43 after 44 (now at 154-155)]-----
-----[after 135 inserted/moved 152 (was at 40)]-----
-----[after 135 inserted/moved 154-155 (was at 42-43)]-----
* Perforce integration has been improved to work with older versions
of p4.
* The subversion diff parser can now handle diffs which contain
property set changes.
* Make sure topics are linked to the default hidden project when
$allow_projects is set to 0. This allows the "topic properties"
screen to work correctly.
Version 1.8.2
* Codestriker now has the ability to view a specific file at a time in
the view topic screen, with previous/next file links. The old
behaviour of viewing the entire topic text in one page is still the
default behaviour. The default behaviour can be changed by setting
the $default_file_to_view variable in the configuration file. Note
there are now links on the view topic screen so the user can choose
dynamically which viewing mode they would prefer to use.
Contribution by Oliver Lohmann <>.
* Codestriker can now sort by the column headers in the topic list
view, from Jason Remillard.
* It is now possible to create Subversion topics by entering values
in the START_TAG, END_TAG and MODULE fields on the create topic
page, from Jason Remillard. See the manual for more details.
* In addition to the existing Subversion HTTP server support, it is
now possible to integrate with a native Subversion server as well,
from Jason Remillard.
* Codestriker can now parse basic diff files (non unidiff and context
diff), and also ClearCase serial diffs.
* A ClearCase repository object has been written by Kannan Goundan
which works off a snapshot view. With the ClearCase serial diff
parser mentioned in the previous item, this provides a
fully-functional ClearCase code-reviewing solution.
* Topic property change emails didn't have the "References" and
"In-Reply-To" mail headers set correctly, so that those emails
weren't grouped into the same "topic" email thread.
* The view topic display has been improved for diffs which contain new
files. Now the entire width of the screen is used when displaying
new files. Fix from Jason Remillard and Kannan Goundan.
* The email taint/input checking code has been tightened, from Jason
* Improved the input checking code on the topic properties page.
* The CVS pserver repository specification has been expanded so that
it can accept extra optional arguments, such as:
* Modified Codestriker CSS so that monospace fonts use "monospace"
rather than Courier so the user's settings in the browser are
honoured, from Kannan Goundan <>.
* Standardised all inline help links to (?) rather than
(What's this?).
* Make sure filenames are properly quoted in the CVS repository
methods, so that filenames with spaces are handled correctly.
Version 1.8.1
* Modified the filename field in the topicfile table back to 255
characters instead of 1024 so that MySQL doesn't complain.
* Added some missing imports which caused compilation errors for
Perl 5.8.3 on Solaris when was run.
* Made more graceful when is not installed, and
it is checking what other database modules are required.
* Fixed bug found by Philipp Frauenfelder where LXR integration was
not working when the LXR database was password protected.
The following changes were from Jason Remillard:
* Fixed bug in the metric support has been fixed, which prevented the
metric data from being usable if more than one reviewer was present.
* Fixed bug where the wrong Codestriker time number was reported in
the metric summary page.
* Emails sent from topic property changes now include more information
such as what specific properties were changes. Topic creation
emails also include the list of files which have been changed.
Version 1.8.0
* Initial support for Perforce integration. Can handle topic text
from a Perforce describe command, such as:
"p4 describe -du <changenumber>" or "p4 diff -du".
* Codestriker now works under IIS as well as Apache. Use IPC::Open3
rather than IPC::Run (which doesn't work under IIS) within the
CvsLocal and CvsPserver modules when fetching remote diff data from
CVS. IPC::Run is no longer used.
* A new configuration variable $tmpdir is in codestriker.conf for
unusual setups which can't use the system default temporary
directory for the creation of temporary files. Win32 systems are
the usual culprit.
* The CVS rdiff parser didn't correctly handle new files within the
diff on Win32 platforms.
* Add more win32 example configuration to codestriker.conf.
* Include the relevant DBD modules in the dependency
list, depending on what database system has been configured.
* Some minor fixes to fully support Win32-based CVS repositories,
including use of the older-style :local:c:\\cvsrep syntax. Also be
more robust in handling directory separators as either forward or
backward slashes, since different versions of CVSNT support this.
Make sure the CVS executable path is quoted, since it will often
contain spaces for Win32 environments.
* Improved useability of messages (when Perl modules are missing) for
Win32 users.
* Now support ODBC and Oracle databases. The Database
creation/upgrade code has been modified so that it is properly
modularised, and so is far more maintainable. Adding
support for new Databases will now be a snap. The file table had to
be renamed to topicfile, and comment to commentdata to avoid
reserved word clashes in ODBC and Oracle.
* Added in a new topic listener which records all changes to a
comment's state, property changes to a topic and when a topic has
been viewed. Three new database tables have been added to store this
information, which can be accessed from the metrics tab of a topic.
* Added in the ability for the topic's properties to be changed,
including the title, author, bug ids, reviewers, cc, repository,
project, description and state. Updated the topic listeners to now
take the old and new topic objects as arguments.
* Introduction of per-user and per-topic metrics functionality from
Jason Remillard. In the process, the UI has been changed, plus
some general refactoring. It is possible to generate reports
based on these metrics over a collection of topics and time,
to give some indications on the effectiveness of code reviewing.
* The $Codestriker::allow_repository configuration variable is removed
since this boolean value can be derived from the length of the
@valid_repositories list. From Jason Remillard.
* Use tempfile() in to close a potential security hole, from
Jason Remillard.
* The topic search screen has been reworked to contain "What's this?"
links to make the individual search fields clearer. Also, allowed
the use of wildcards with the Author, Reviewer and Cc search fields.
Version 1.7.8
* If a badly-formatted repository value from codestriker.conf is used
when creating a topic, report this in a user-friendly manner.
* Report an error if a new topic to be created specifies both the
uploaded file and topic tag fields.
* Fixed bug where selecting multiple states in the search screen
reported an input error.
* HTML escaping for the topic title on the topic confirmation screen,
project information on the projects screens were not working
correctly. Most HTML escaping are now performed within the
templates directly using the html_entity filter.
* In some cases when displaying comment or topic description text,
hyperlinks were not automagically being created. If the text
contains a URL such as, it needs to be rendered for
convenience as <A HREF=""></A>. In
addition, if the text contains a pattern like [Bb]ug \d+ (ie Bug
122), this will be hyperlinked to the appropriate URL of the
bugtracking system, if one has been specified in the Codestriker
* In the view comments screen with context displayed, very long topic
lines would push the "filename:linenumber", "Parallel" and "Add
Comment" links way off to the far right of the page, requiring
horizontal scrolling to see them. Rework the display so that they
are always pushed to the left, regardless of the length of the topic
* Added "Check All"/"Clear All" links in the view comments page for
* If there is an error in sending an email, make sure a descriptive
error message is displayed. Thanks to Jason Remillard
<> for spotting this.
Version 1.7.7
* The table of contents links on the view topic page didn't include
the brmode parameter, so clicking on a filename link reloaded the
whole topic page, which is inconvenient. This reloading behaviour
has also been fixed when coming from the topic list or create topic
Version 1.7.6
* Fixed bug where created topics for deployments which had projects
disabled were not handled correctly.
* Fixed bug found by Jason Remillard <> where
emails were being sent for those lines which already had a comment,
but $allow_comment_email was false.
Version 1.7.5
* Added in support for parsing VSS diffs, and retrieving file data
from a VSS repository. VSS support is not complete yet, as the
script for generated the diff text has not been submitted yet.
The following changes below were from Aaron Kardell
* Modified unidiff parser so that diffs created with
--show-function-line and --show-c-function can be parsed and
displayed in the view topic screen.
* Incorporated script, which can be used for
automating the submission of a code review topic from the command
line. It also has support for incremental code reviews. See the
script and its help text for more details.
* Added an option to the view topic screen which controls how text is
wrapped. This can be useful for reviews with long source code lines.
The following changes below were from Jason Remillard
* The topic view page has been modified so that a non-diff topic makes
better use of screen real-estate.
* Non-diff topic text uploads now include the filename, rather than
just "unknown".
* Turned off more project-specific display that should be hidden when
projects are not enabled.
* Delete topic button moved to topic state option on view topic
* List comments page modified so that it is now possible to filter by
user and/or comment state. It is also possible to show the context
text associated with each comment. This page can now be used as a
form of a printable report, suitable for code inspection meetings.
* Configuration option $allow_comment_email (default true) which
indicates if an email is sent for each comment made. If the Cc
field in the add comment page is filled, an email will be sent to
that address regardless.
* The default page shown by Codestriker is the list of open topics,
rather than all topics in the system.
* Introduced the notion of soft and hard topic text length limits,
specified in the configuration file. By default, the limits are not
set, and therefore not enforced. The rationale is code inspections
become less effective as the size of the review increases. If a
review is longer than the hard limit, the topic will not be created.
If the topic text length is greater than the soft limit, a warning
message is displayed in the view topic page.
Version 1.7.4
* Major documentation rewrite. All documentation (installation/user
guide/hacking) is now present in doc/codestriker.sgml, in DocBook
* Now have simple "Help" links on all screens, which link to the
appropriate HTML segment of the Codestriker User's guide.
* The Bugzilla database name can be explicitly specified in the
Codestriker configuration, to cater for non-standard Bugzilla
* Modified handling of Subversion diffs so it can handle diffs of the
form cvs diff -r2:3 filename.
The following changes below were from Jason Remillard
* The Codestriker title is now a link to the list topic page.
* If Bugzilla integration is not enabled (empty $bug_db), hide all of
the references to the topic bug id (topic list, new topic, view
topic and search).
* Added some additional help in the create topic page to clarify with
usage of the start tag, end tag and module fields.
* Hide the project combo box if the user does not have projects
* Fixed some spelling mistakes in the create topic pop-up help.
* The rows in the delta table that are associated with a topic were
not deleted when a topic is deleted.
Version 1.7.3
* Make sure comments are properly HTML-escaped in the list comments
screen, to avoid display problems when comments contain HTML tags.
* Tooltip comments should not be HTML-escaped, for correct rendering.
* Make sure after conducting a search, that pressing the "back" button
will go back to the form with the search parameters still present.
* Modified so that the module dependencies are checked
before compiling Codestriker, so that meaningful error messages
about missing modules are reported.
* Added a filename checkbox to the search form, so reviews can be
retrieved which contain a certain filename.
* The "Contains text" search field can now handle wildcards, to enable
more sophisticated topic searches.
* Addressed some LXR highlighting issues when the identifier names
clash with HTML entity names.
Version 1.7.2
* Modified so that Codestriker can run on a Windows box with a local
CVS repository. See the README file for installation details.
The LXR::Run module is now used for increased portability and
reliability under mod_perl.
* Codestriker has been modified slightly to support mod_perl under
Apache 2.X. See the README file for more information. To support
Apache 2.X, cgi-bin/ is now auto-generated by the script and is no longer included in the distribution.
* Accepted patch from Wesley Smith <>
which replaces CGI::escapeHTML with HTML::Entities::encode. Some
versions of CGI::escapeHTML seem to misbehave.
* Accepted patch from Wesley Smith <>
to indicate that the topic filename needs to be re-entered if there
is an input-field validation problem in the create topic screen and
a topic text file was specified.
* Fixed out-of-date help message for the "Topic text upload" field
reported by Darryl Okahata <>.
* Implemented suggestion by Darryl Okahata <>,
where repositories can be optionally mapped to different LXR
databases, rather than just specifying a single LXR database (as was
the case with previous versions).
This is a minor codestriker.conf syntax change that needs to be
addressed for all upgrades. The old $lxr_db, $lxr_user,
$lxr_password and $lxr_idlookup_base_url variables have now been
replaced by a single $lxr_map variable. See the codestriker.conf
file for more details.
* Fixed minor bug where the filename wasn't being properly retrieved
from a CVS diff when a binary file was being removed.
* Compressed output (see $use_compression in codestriker.conf) is now
working correctly.
* Set the project id in the cookie for the ListTopics screen, if the
search is only being conducted over a single project.
* Problem for creating new projects for MySQL fixed.
* Minor fix to the untaint code for start tag, end tag and module
name, to make it accept filename characters. That way, the module
argument can be a filename in a CVS repository, rather than a
Version 1.7.1
* The notion of "projects" has been integrated. Now every topic in
the system is associated with a single project. There are now
screens for creating new projects, and modifying their
names/descriptions. It is now possible to perform topic searches
and to limit it within specific projects. This has been added in to
support deployments where there is a large number of users working
on different projects. The create topic and view topic screens have
been modified accordingly.
Note there is a new configuration option in codestriker.conf called
$allow_projects. If this is set to non-zero, then the project
management screens will be accessible, otherwise they can't be
accessed. This can be convenient for those deployments which have
set their project data, and don't want it modified.
* Pserver repository type has been added, so that code reviews against
remote CVS repositories can be linked using :pserver. See the
codestriker.conf file for more information.
* When creating a review, instead of uploading a diff file, a start
tag, end tag and module name can be given as input. Codestriker
will fetch the review text and initialise the topic appropriately.
This better suited some development processes out there, where
separate branches were used for development, which needed to be
reviewed before collapsing to a trunk. These options are only
displayed if repositories are enabled ($allow_repositories == 1) in
* Support for parsing output from "cvs rdiff -uN -r TAG1 -r TAG2
module". This was required to support the "TAG input" method above.
* Make sure that topic text that has DOS line endings \r\n are
correctly parsed.
* Fixed a bug where searches over comment data wasn't returning
correct results.
* Minor changes to checksetup - make sure the template directory is
cleaned out to ensure the templates are regenerated when performing
an upgrade.
* Changed codestriker.conf to use single quotes rather than double, so
that there are no Perl escaping issues.
* Remove the topic textarea in the create topic screen. Now the only
way to generated reviews is to upload a file. The main motiviation
is in practice, the textarea was no longer used, and to get some
more real-estate for some newer features on this page in future
* Fixed silly bug which prevented repository-linked reviews from
working correctly.
Version 1.7.0
* Massive refactor so that the diff parsing and rendering code is
broken up into a number of clearly defined modules, which will
allow for the easier adoption of different SCM systems in the future.
* In addition to CVS and PATCH modules, which existed in previous
version of codestriker but have now been ported into the new
module structure, Subversion ( suppport
has been included.
* Modified HTML generation so topic view output is smaller, by using
javascript functions to reduce the HREF size for each filenumber.
Version 1.6.5
* Modified diff reader to handle diffs of the form:
cvs diff -uN -r TAG1 -r TAG2
This allows code reviews to occur for different development
practices, for example, if separate branches are used for
development, which are then reviewed, before collapsing into
the mainline branch.
* Also modified the pre-requisite Perl module version numbers.
Version 1.6.4
* Comments associated with a specific line in a review now have the
notion of state, which includes "Submitted" (the initial state),
"Invalid" (indicating an invalid comment) and "Completed" (indicated
that the comments have been addressed). The new screen "list
comments" allows an author of the review to see all the comments
appropriately listed (order by line, then date), and allows for the
mass changing of states.
This is likely to be easier to handle than wading through a mass of
emails. The screen also allows for replies to comments to be easily
made against existing comments.
Version 1.6.3
* In the topic list screen, it is now possible to selected multiple
topics and mass update their state, or delete them.
* Improved error message reporting when topics have been deleted and
they are trying to be viewed, or the state of a topic is attempted
to be updated when it has already been changed by another user (ie
the topic is "stale").
* The repository field in the create topic screen is replaced with a
drop-down list of valid repositories. The repositories are set in
codestriker.conf for the configuration variable @valid_repositories.
Version 1.6.2
* Fixed warnings in for MySQL databases, where "commits"
are ignored.
* If there are form elements not properly filled in the "create topic"
screen, redirect to that page with the error messages displayed,
with the previous form elements remembered. The only exception is
the filename in the file upload input box, since browsers usually
don't accept pre-defined for security reasons.
* Fixed minor warnings for topic list screen when the cc field is empty.
Version 1.6.1
* Modified to use Net::SMTP to allow Codestriker to run under Windows,
and to not hardwire the mail sending program to "sendmail".
* Allow for the list/search topics and topic deletion to possibly be
disabled. This is required for a codestriker server which is
handling "anonymous" reviews on a public site. This option is set
from the codestriker.conf file.
* Added a "repository" attribute associated with a topic. This is the
source code repository associated with the review, and by default is
set to the value of $default_repository in codestriker.conf. This
can be an absolute path, which indicates the CVSROOT of a local cvs
repository, or a cvsweb or viewcvs URL, followed by a space,
followed by the CVSROOT. Other repository types, such as pserver
CVS, BitKeeper, or Subzero can be added in the future.
For example, when reviewing a codestriker change, the repository
would be set as: /cvsroot
For a local repository, it could be just:
* Allow for the view file screen to be disabled (allows viewing of an
entire file before and/or after a proposed change). On some
deployments (eg, the sourceforge servers), the firewall has been
setup so that CGI scripts can't perform any remote HTTP connections.
This option is set from the codestriker.conf file.
* Added a configuration flag to indicate that email addresses should
be displayed in an "anti spam" form. Eg: -> sits@use...
This is required for a public deployment of Codestriker.
* Created header and trailer templates which appear on every screen,
to assist in customising a site's look.
* The submit comment and submit topic screens where changed to use
* Added a lot of on-line help for the create topic screen, to explain
what all the input form elements mean. Also added help for the
update topic status button in the view topic screen.
* Changed the look-n-feel slightly for the view topic and edit topic
Version 1.6.0
* Modified to use the "Template Toolkit" so that the HTML pages can be
easily customised without modifying any perl code. The templates
live in template/en/default, where they can be modified in-place.
* Modified the Apache configuration instructions to use <Directory>
instead of <Location>. Also modified so that the copying of the CSS
file into the site's main HTML area is no longer necessary, by using
an additional <Directory> directive.
Version 1.5.7
* Set the attachment field in the HTTP header when downloading the
topic text, to make IE happier, as the filename topicXXXX.txt.
* Handle CVS diffs which have whitespace at the start of the review.
Version 1.5.6
* Codestriker has been integrated with LXR, so that when viewing a
code review, those identifiers known to LXR will be automatically
hyperlinked. This is an enormous aid to the code reviewing process,
as you can quickly determine where a variable/function/method/class
is defined and where it is used quickly, while studying the proposed
See the README file for setting up LXR integration.
The LXR home page is located at The
integration has been tested with version 0.9.2.
Note the codestriker.css file has been modified slightly to support
LXR. Make sure you update this file if using LXR.
Version 1.5.5 (if upgrading, make sure you run, see below):
* Modified database schema for MySQL so that review text is not
limited to 64KB, but up to 24MB, by changing certain fields from
type "text" to "mediumtext". PostgreSQL and other databases are not
affected. Simply running in bin will automatically do the
migration for you. I highly recommend backing up your database with
the following command, in case there are problems, which should be
something like:
mysqldump -u codestriker -p --opt codestrikerdb > /tmp/cs.backup.sql
* Don't let IE cache the topic list and edit topic screens.
* Implemented a "delete topic" action.
* Put a "List open topics" link at the top of the view topic screen to
easily go to the current list of open topics.
* Don't set the Cc and Reviewer field from the cookie if it hasn't
been set in the create topic form.
* Handle patch files where the time stamps are in a different format
to the typical CVS diff format.
* After a comment is added, make sure the focus goes back to the
window that initiated the add comment action. This wasn't a
problenm for Mozilla, but for other browsers.
Version 1.5.4:
* When the topic state is updated, add a confirmation message to the
top of the view topic screen.
* If the uploaded file doesn't exist, output an appropriate error
* Fixed the table of contents display if a binary file is present.
Text files after a binary file weren't hyperlinked. This was a
database load problem, not a rendering problem.
Version 1.5.3:
* Further integration with Bugzilla. When a topic is created, or the
state is changed, a suitable comment is added to all bugs associated
with the topic. This allows important information to be available
within the context of displaying a bug. Support for other
bug-tracking systems should be easy to implement.
* Make sure topic titles are HTML escaped in the topic list view.
Version 1.5.2:
* Fixed minor rendering bug in view single file mode.
* Added Message-Id, In-Reply-To and References headers, so Codestriker
emails relating to the same topic will be displayed in the same
thread, for those email clients which supported threaded views.
Version 1.5.1:
* Fixed bug where viewing a file in a popup didn't work for those diffs
which contained empty lines.
Version 1.5.0:
* Just some documentation changes. No code changes from 1.5.0b3.
Version 1.5.0b3:
* Comments are now entered via a popup window. This means the
relatively heavy operation of loading the view topic screen can be
done just once initially, and many comments can be submitted, rather
than reloading the view screen after each comment submission.
Version 1.5.0b2:
* Fixed minor rendering bug in the coloured view mode.
Version 1.5.0b1:
* Broke up the system into a number of Perl modules to make future
work far easier to accomplish.
* Now uses a database for storing Codestriker's data. This simplifies
serching and updating of the data, compared to the previous
filesystem persistance.
* There is now a topic search screen, which displays its results in a
simple topic list screen. From here, individual topics can be
selected for display.
* Topic now has a simple notion of state. When a topic is created, it
is in state "Open". When a review has been done and the code has
been committed, the author changes the state to "Committed". If the
review is not to be committed, but needs to be resubmitted, the
author moves the topic to state "Closed". These states are useful
when displaying lists of topics in the system, to see what is
currently pending.
* A migration tool is available to automatically transfer <= 1.4.X
codestriker data into the database.
Version 1.4.5:
* Fixed minor rendering bug with line numbers.
* Fixed minor bug where adding a CC to a comment with more than one
person on that line failed.
* Support for the handling of binary files in diffs.
* Fix bug in popup parallel coloured-diff mode where the anchor names
weren't being generated properly, resulting in some browsers not
centering their view in the correct place.
* Fixed bug in pop parallel coloured-diff mode where changes right at
the end of the file weren't rendered.
* Support for parsing files generated with cvs diff -b.
Version 1.4.4:
* Made the CVS file data retrieve command expanded within an eval for
flexibility. Included example using the curl command in
* Can now view coloured diff mode either in monospace font (requires
more real-estate) or in variable-width font (harder to read code).
The choice can be made dynamically. [Note the monospaced diff mode
can be set for $default_topic_create_mode in codestriker.conf]
* Added a <BASE> tag which reduces the HTML size. Also used cookies
more intelligently so that the dreaded edit topic and other URLs
were cut down to size, which also helped reducing the output.
* Took the gzip compression code from CVSweb and plonked it in. Works
nicely with Mozilla/Netscape/Konqueror. If the Compress::Zlib
library is installed, that is used for compression, otherwise the
"gzip" executable is used (although this isn't an option if you are
running this script within mod_perl). [Note there are two new
options in codestriker.conf - $use_compression and $gzip]
* Codestriker now works under mod_perl successfully. Updated
installation instructions for use under mod_perl.
Version 1.4.3:
* New popup viewing mode "parallel". In addition to being able to
bring up a new window containing the contents of a file in its
original or new form, you can also set the popup display to be a
coloured diff, containing the contents of the original and the new
file side by side (similar to the main screen in coloured diff
mode). While this mode is more bandwidth intensive, this can also
aid considerably in the reviewing process.
* Tab width can now be changed dynamically between 4 and 8 to handle
varying review inputs. Tab expanision is also handled more
* Support for "diff -uNp", "diff -uN --show-function-line=regexp",
"cvs diff -uNp" and "cvs diff -uN --show-function-line=regexp".
* URLs entered in the description or in a comment will be rendered as
a link to that URL.
* Allow the bug field to accept multiple bug IDs.
* Introduced codestriker.conf, which isolates a site's configuration
into a single file. This simplifies upgrading.
Version 1.4.2:
* Can now handle diffs which end in: "\ No newline at end of file".
* Changed the HTML generation for popup windows displaying old/new
versions of a file to use <PRE> rather than a table, which cuts down
the loading time considerably. Note, the codestriker.css file had
to be changed.
Version 1.4.1:
* Popup windows were not resizable in IE due to a bug in the
javascript code. Has now been fixed.
Version 1.4:
* Clicking on an original diff block line heading will open a popup
window displaying colour-coded contents of the original file.
Clicking on a new diff block line heading will open a popup window
displaying colour-coded contents of the new file. In each case, it
is possible to click on topic lines to enter comments, which are
done in the main browser window.
* The file names for each file block is now optionally hyperlinked to
a CVS viewing system, such as cvs web.
* An optional bug number field is now a part of the topic creation
form. This is displayed in the view topic screen, with a link to
the appropriate bug tracking (eg bugzilla) page. Text within the
description of the form "[Bb][Uu][Gg]\s*\d+" is also rendered to the
appropriate bug tracking page.
* Comment emails sent now include the filename and line number
(where possible) that the comment was made against.
* Creation date for a topic is shown in the view topic screen.
* Can download topic text as "text/plain" from view topic screen.
Version 1.3:
* Included table of contents for coloured diff mode, which allows for
fast nagivation, and indicates what files are present in the review.
* Added better handling of patch files.
Version 1.2:
* Converted to use CSS to reduce the resulting HTML size and to enable
easier customisation.
* Coloured diff mode handles ordinary patches, CVS diffs, and ordinary
* Put in more newlines to make the resulting HTML more readable.
* Removed a stray <PRE> tag in coloured diff mode.
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