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@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ $VERSION = (qw$Revision: 0.82 $)[1];
Exporter::export_ok_tags( keys %EXPORT_TAGS );
+=encoding utf8
=head1 NAME
NetAddr::MAC - Handles hardware MAC Addresses (EUI-48 and EUI-64)
@@ -1046,16 +1047,16 @@ sub mac_as_tokenring {
Prior to 0.8 every error resulted in a die (croak) which needed to be caught.
As I have used this module more, having to catch them all the time is tiresome.
-So from 0.8 onwards, errors result in an undef and something being set.
+So from 0.8 onwards, errors result in an I<undef> and something being set.
-For objects, this something is accessible via B<<$self->errstr>> otherwise
+For objects, this something is accessible via B<$self-E<gt>errstr> otherwise
ther error is in B<$NetAddr::MAC::errstr>;
If you would like to have die (croak) instead, you can either set the global
B<$NetAddr::MAC::die_on_error> or set the B<die_on_error> option when creating
an object. When creating objects, the provided option takes priority over the
global. So if you set the global, then all objects will die - unless you
-specifcy otherwise.
+specify otherwise.
=head2 Global examples

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