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Threshold Indicator Taxa Analysis
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TITAN2 is the second R implementation of Threshold Indicator Taxa ANalysis. It is an R package source controlled with Git on GitHub and distributed on CRAN.

To learn more about TITAN2, check out the vignette here (you can click Download to view it in a separate window).

Note: a previous version of this readme stated that you could read the vignette; however, the vignette is not built when the package is downloaded from GitHub, so just access it as above.


You can install TITAN2 in either of two ways. At the present time, we recommend installing TITAN2 from GitHub, as it has several new features, e.g. plot_taxa_ridges().

  • From Github (dev version):
if (!requireNamespace("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")
  • From CRAN:


This work continues to be supported by the Department of Geography and Environmental Systems (UMBC), Department of Biology (Baylor), and Department of Statistical Science (Baylor).

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