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Important Weights and Ratings
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Tracking Gauntlet

Last 10 nets vs 4 engines.

The tracking gauntlet now uses lc0 with defaults. Performance is 7513 nps. Also, as of ID352 the number of games per engine is 200 rather than 400. As of ID364, we are tracking every 10 nets.

Ratings Graph

The Self Play line uses the self play ratings adjusted with the formula (rating - 5800)/2. The 5800 brings the series into the same range as the rest of the graph, and the 1/2 correction brings the rather steep self play graph in line with an eyeball of the CCRL ratings, i.e. 0 is random play in both cases and 5900 is about 2900 CCRL. Close enough.

Old lczero Tracking Gauntlet

Ratings Graph

Rating diff vs Donna, Crafty, Cheng, sennpai, gull and Komodo 12 with a 10 ply opening book. Each opening is played twice, once by each side. TC is 0.25 seconds per move. Each gauntlet has 400 games per engine.

The graph shows how much better (or worse) than a particular engine Leela is by network ID. Positive numbers mean better. Error bars are generally a little over +- 30 elo. With the exception of ID238 and ID262, which are there for comparison, testing commenced with ID292 and tests every 4th network. ID238 and ID262 are thrown in for good measure.


  • Dropped Donna and Crafty
  • Added Komodo 12 and Gull


Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz GeForce GTX 1070 Ubuntu 16.04 1407 nps on v0.10 with 192x15 net

Important Network Weights


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