A site generation tool (and then some) for .NET platforms
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A simple, pluggable site generation tool for .NET developers and Windows users (with Mono support planned I think)

Pretzel follows the same conventions as Jekyll and should be compatible with basic Jekyll websites. If you are not familiar with Jekyll, have a read at http://jekyllrb.com/docs/usage/


The principal commands are the following but more informations are available on the wiki

Create is used to create the folder structure for a new site.

pretzel create

If the site should be at a specific folder, this can be specified as a parameter:

pretzel create C:\path\to\folder

Bake is used to generate a site based on the contents of a folder.

To scan the current directory for a website and detect the content to process, run:

pretzel bake 

To scan a specific folder and parse the contents, run:

pretzel bake C:\path\to\folder

To explicitly specify the input - we should support inferring the input based on the files found anyway - run:

pretzel bake --engine liquid

Taste is for testing a site locally - make a change, and pretzel should handle regenerating the page when a file changes.

To test a site locally, run:

pretzel taste 

To specify the port to serve the site from (default will be 4000), run:

pretzel taste --port 5000

To stop the site, press q.

More infos on the wiki

Getting started

Getting started with Git and GitHub

Once you're familiar with Git and GitHub, clone the repository and run the .\build.cmd script to compile the code and run all the unit tests. You can use this script to test your changes quickly.

Discussing ideas

  • Trello Board - add ideas, or claim an idea and start working on it!
  • JabbR Chatroom - discuss things in real-time with people all over the world!


All PRs are welcome but don't forget the tests with your new shiny feature.



Pretzel” symbol by Edward Boatman on The Noun Project, from The Noun Project collection.