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Apache Nutch plugins for TYPO3 CMS
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Apache Nutch plugins for TYPO3 CMS


What is TYPO3 CMS

TYPO3 CMS is an Open Source Content Management System and Framework, well suited for internet, intranet, and extranet applications and websites. Due to its flexible plugin architecture TYPO3 CMS offers a maximum of possibilities. This makes it one of the most popular Open Source CMS worldwide. TYPO3 CMS is backed by the TYPO3 Association.

What is Apache Nutch

Apache Nutch is an open source web-search software project. Stemming from Apache Lucene, it now builds on Apache Solr adding web-specifics, such as a crawler, a link-graph database and parsing support handled by Apache Tika for HTML and and array other document formats.

Apache Nutch can run on a single machine, but gains a lot of its strength from running in a Hadoop cluster

The system can be enhanced (eg other document formats can be parsed) using a highly flexible, easily extensible and thoroughly maintained plugin infrastructure.

Apache Nutch is a project of the Apache Software Foundation.

What is Apache Nutch for TYPO3 CMS

Apache Nutch for TYPO3 CMS is a set of Nutch Plug-Ins to enable easy integration of the Nutch crawler with TYPO3 and specifically the Apache Solr for TYPO3 extension.

The plug-ins provide the following features for use with Apache Solr for TYPO3:

  • Indexing of the access field – Access Rootline
  • Indexing of the endtime field
  • Indexing of keywords from meta tags
  • Indexing of the SiteHash field
  • Indexing of the uid field

See more about:

Systems requirements

  • TYPO3 CMS 4.5 - 6.2.x
  • EXT:solr Version 2.8.3 - 3.0.0
  • Apache Solr 3.6.x - 4.x
  • Ant 1.8+


For creating your own binaries please build Apache Nutch plugins for TYPO3 CMS with ant. Please visit the official Apache Ant website for getting more information:

  • build with ant
  • copy build/dist/apache-nutch-for-typo3-2.1.1.tar.gz and unpack it


Most of the settings are pre-configured already and should be ok for most scenarios. However, you still need to configure a few things. Open conf/nutch-site.xml

Here you need to set the URL and the API key of your TYPO3 site with the Apache Solr for TYPO3 extension. You can find the API key at the bottom of the Admin Tools → Search backend module.

The properties to change are typo3.baseUrl and typo3.api.key The sites to index must be added in urls/seed.txt, one per line.


Nutch 1.5.1

Use the following command to run Nutch 1.5.1:

bin/nutch crawl urls -solr <Solr URL> -dir crawl -depth <Indexing depth> -topN <Number of pages per level>

The place holders must be replaced by values fitting your environment of course.

-solr points to your Solr server (f.e. Http://localhost:8080/solr/core_en)

-dir dir names the directory to put the crawl in.

-depth depth indicates the link depth from the root page that should be crawled.

-topN N determines the maximum number of pages that will be retrieved at each level up to the depth.

Also, for more parameters see

Nutch 1.8

Use the following command to run Nutch 1.8:

bin/crawl <seedDir> <crawlID> <solrURL> <numberOfRounds>

Example: bin/crawl urls testcrawl http://localhost:8080/solr/core_en 2

The place holders must be replaced by values fitting your environment of course.

The use of bin/nutch crawl is deprecated since Nutch 1.7


The Nutch version used for developing the plugins is Apache Nutch 1.5.1. Version 2.0 has not been tested.

Development Environment Setup

Check out Apache Nutch (AN) from Apache SVN Check out Apache Nutch for TYPO3 (ANfT) from Github In your IDE link AN into ANfT to get code completion


The Apache Nutch for TYPO3 CMS project checkout provides an Ant build script. On the command line change to the project directory and simply run ant To build a distributable package. The distributable will be build in AnfT/build/dist/.

The Ant build script

  • checks out Apache Nutch
  • patches Nutch with the changes listed below
  • copies the TYPO3 plug-ins into the checked-out Nutch source directory
  • compiles Nutch
  • compiles the TYPO3 plug-ins
  • packages a distributable tar.gz file


The distribution includes the following changes: NUTCH-585: Allows to exclude certain parts of a HTML page from being indexed. nutch-585-excludeNodes.patch – 2011-09-18


Ingo Renner

Phuong Doan


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004


Please use the issues in Github for community support. Or contact dkd Internet Service GmbH for SLA based help.

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