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PlantUML Redmine plugin

This plugin will allow adding PlantUML diagrams into Redmine.


  • Java
  • PlantUML binary


  • create a shell script in /usr/bin/plantuml
/usr/bin/java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar /PATH_TO_YOUR_PLANTUML_BINARY/plantuml.jar ${@}
  • copy this plugin into the Redmine plugins directory


  • go to the plugin settings page and add the PlantUML binary path /usr/bin/plantuml
  • PlantUML diagrams can be added as follow:
  Bob -> Alice : hello
  Bob -> Alice : hello
  • you can choose between PNG or SVG images by setting the plantuml macro argument to either png or svg

using !include params

Since all files are written out to the system, there is no safe way to prevent editors from using the !include command inside the code block. Therefore every input will be sanitited before writing out the .pu files for further interpretation. You can overcome this by activating the Setting.plugin_plantuml['allow_includes'] Attention: this is dangerous, since all files will become accessible on the host system.

Known issues


  • add image caching