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Commits on Oct 09, 2013
@dougforpres dougforpres Automatically store Jenkins + Hudson version numbers on each request,…
… add support for version number deconstruction and comparison
Commits on Oct 10, 2013
@dougforpres dougforpres Update build method to support variable timeout, plus callbacks for b…
…uild-queue progress and optional auto-cancel if build doesn't start within timeout period (for Jenkins post 1.519 release).

Retained backward compatibility with previous build method through check of Hash or True/False in 3rd param
@dougforpres dougforpres raise Timeout::Error on build timeout (compatibility) plus docs 603b102
@dougforpres dougforpres Fix formatting for new README joy 399794a
Commits on Oct 11, 2013
@dougforpres dougforpres Oops, forgot to change func_tests when I made it raise Timeout instea…
…d of return nil
@dougforpres dougforpres Merge branch 'queued_build' of…
…api_client into queued_build
Commits on Oct 21, 2013
@dougforpres dougforpres Handle 3-part version numbers ec1e32f
Commits on Nov 09, 2013
@larsch larsch Fix URI path/form escaping 6fe13e7
Commits on Nov 14, 2013
@dkerwin Method to get promotions of given job. Returns a hash with processes …
…and the promoted build numbers
@arangamani arangamani Make node functional spec pending
The node creation mainly uses the private key file to create nodes that use SSH.
The recent version of Jenkins got rid of the private key option and uses the credentials
plugin that creates SSH and username/password credentials. But the credentials plugin
doesn't have a REST interface that lets create credentials or obtain created credentials.
So node creation support in the API client requires that the credentials exposes the
functionality through the REST interface.

That's the story for disabling this test!
@arangamani arangamani Fix #stop and #build spec tests for Job
The recent version of Jenkins seem to have increased quiet period by default so increased
waiting time a little bit on the spec tests.
Commits on Nov 15, 2013
@dougforpres dougforpres Tidy up the inline docs to keep yard clean 26efd4a
@arangamani arangamani Merge pull request #106 from maestrodev/queued_build
Build version number support on pre-post 1.519 Jenkins, plus callbacks while waiting
@arangamani arangamani Merge pull request #112 from dkerwin/feature/promotion_support
Method to get promotions of given job
@arangamani arangamani Fixed deprecated rspec checks in client unit spec 8fb0ab6
@arangamani arangamani Some more rspec deprecation fixes 4564a66
@bitdeli-chef bitdeli-chef Add a Bitdeli badge to README 05f212d
@arangamani arangamani Merge pull request #113 from bitdeli-chef/master
Add a Bitdeli Badge to README
Commits on Nov 16, 2013
@arangamani arangamani Use parameters.size instead of arity 540d904
@arangamani arangamani Fixed a spec failure on Job#build
* Increased the wait for build start sleep time
* Created a method to wait for the job to finish
@arangamani arangamani Merge branch 'escape-2' of
@arangamani arangamani Added log file to gitignore 73c6b7b
@arangamani arangamani Point the Contributors page on [ci skip] 437d2d2
@arangamani arangamani Fix the encoding of user paths 6ff8739
@arangamani arangamani Updated changelog with proper links ba4c421
Commits on Nov 17, 2013
@arangamani arangamani Bump version to 1.0.0.beta.1 98d8f27
Commits on Nov 28, 2013
Sebastian Ludwig Fixed variable naming incosistency that lead to
NameError: undefined local variable or method `expected_build_number' for #<JenkinsApi::Client::Job>
	from /Users/Sebastian/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p327/bundler/gems/jenkins_api_client-98d8f27bc0aa/lib/jenkins_api_client/job.rb:919:in `block in get_build_id_the_old_way'

introduced in 94bd8b1 (merged pull request #106)
@arangamani arangamani Merge pull request #115 from sebastianludwig/master
Fixed variable naming inconsistency
Commits on Dec 18, 2013
@arangamani arangamani Minor updates
* Updated Vagrantfile to remove outdated configuration lines
* Cleaned up documentation a little bit
@arangamani arangamani Bumped version to 1.0.0.beta.2 08603ee