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Hacker News Watch

A bot that watches HackerNews ( for newest comments, so as to track activity for users of interest. Includes a Sinatra application to view active postings, watched users and stream activity.

This can also be used as a template for a bot. Includes Sinatra, deployment, MongoMapper, RSpec, and Haml, all ready to go.


Dependencies and all configuration is done in config/environment.rb. Your database is also set up here.

Add your controller actions in application.rb. Views for these actions are placed in the views directory. Static files, including a stock stylesheet, go in the public directory. Models go in the lib directory and are auto-loaded.


Add your specs in spec; just require spec_helper.rb to pre-configure the test environment. A number of samples are provided (including a sample model, which can be removed). To run the specs:

rake spec

Getting Started

ruby application.rb