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In KeeperFX v0.4.6 r1826 patch, git fa8eb4c, dated 2016-02-14 14:42:24 the creature panel stays empty when it should show your imps.

To reproduce start campaign level 1, navigate to the creature panel, and notice it shows you having no creatures at all.

When you get other creatures it shows those. Also, when you make more imps they will show up on the panel, until you drop to the number you started the level with. (So the number differs on every map!)

HkLuna commented May 3, 2016 edited

If i may add to this issue, If you actually lose one imp when you have the number with wich you started the level with, the Price for imp creation Jumps to 38000+
Sorry for my bad english, Im from chile and english is not my primary language
In the picture above, the map has just started, nothing has been done to the imps, no more imps have been created
2016-05-03 1
In the picture above, im showing the actual price of create imp spell
2016-05-03 2
And after killing one imp, without creating a single imp before, The price jumps to 38400
Hope this helps Understand this bug


this is a bug in the new version. it only happens with imps for me. reverting to 0.4.6 fixed this.

Loobinex commented May 13, 2016 edited

Feel free to use v0.4.6 r1821 that works fine.


@Loobinex I will try . How do I get an executable for that version?


@Loobinex same issue with imps not showing up. i have 4 imps but says i have none until i create a new one then all the sudden 5 show up.


@trollworkout Are you sure you tried r1821?
I originally said r1826 as a typo, and quickly corrected.


@Loobinex you are right i tried r1826. Yes r1821 works 👍 Also the mouse wheel now also works!

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