Computer player should strategically drop and remove creatures in fights #741

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trollworkout commented May 15, 2016 edited

when 1 green imp fights 1 blue imp then green keeper will drop his entire army to kill that 1 imp which will result in blue keeper dropping his entire army as well. this will result in losing all units then slowly suiciding his low hp high level creatures never allowing them to heal up.

on top of it both keepers will cast call to arms that lingers on way longer than necessary so much so that when any of the two keepers try to drop creatures in training/research etc those creatures will leave the rooms and get attracted by call to arms and even gonna die doing it

proposing the following changes:

  • ai keepers should only handle/drop creatures that are above say 10-30% health AND if a creature is below that treshhold they should ignore it for a while unless battle happens then the check runs again
  • ai keepers should strive to preserve their highest level creatures by removing them from fights and not allowing them to die EVER
  • ai keepers should either cast a SMALL call to arms then drop creatures OR cast a big call to arms to gather all the creatures in the dungeon AND call to arms should be canceled 2-5 sec after fighting stopped so no time gets wasted
  • ai keepers should use offensive spells for small targets like fighting imps and only drop large armies for protecting rooms, for protecting heart, attaacking rooms, attacking heart and near gold/gems to fight over those resources
  • ai keepers should slowly remove low hp creatures from battle then put the war on hold for a bit and let creatures heal up before they try again UNLESS of course their rooms/heart are being attacked
  • ai keeper should drop RANGED creatures a few tiles farther from the battle than melee creatures. one of the biggest problem is he drops all his weak ranged creatures near bile demon and they all die instantly from poison gas.

For the CTA issue see #483

I'll edit your title so that this issue is about your suggestions for creature management in fights.

@Loobinex Loobinex changed the title from ai keeper makes bad combat decisions: call to arms lasts too long & suicides high level low hp creatures to Computer player should strategically drop and remove creatures in fights May 15, 2016

@Loobinex Thank you

morfin60 commented May 20, 2016 edited

I remember that in original DK if your imps are fighting enemy keeper imps he do not drop whole army to kill them. He usually kills your imps with lightning. But if his creature(non-imp) sees your creature he drops army(sometimes i abused that to do stuff like digging from enemy keeper dungeon to the heroes etc

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