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I propose the ability for human players to create automated parties (similar to hero parties) using the same AI logic but created from the Barracks room instead.

Each creature gets a new variable called BARRACK_JOB which can be (these identical ai logic as the ones used by heroes in map scripting):
STEAL_GOLD = leader will go to enemy Treasure steal gold then attack dungeon heart
STEAL_SPELLS = leader will go to enemy Library steal spell then attack dungeon heart
ATTACK_DUNGEON_HEART = ldear will go and attack enemy dungeon heart
ATTACK_ROOMS = leader will go and attack enemy rooms
ATTACK_ENEMIES = leader will wonder about and attack any enemies encountered
DEFEND_PARTY = leader will wonder about and defend all it's followers

Leaving it blank will prevent the creature from becoming a leader (e.g. Skeletons, Hell Hound)

How to create a party:

  • Drop creatures in the Barracks.
  • After 200 game turns up to 7 creatures will team form a party and elect the most experienced creature as their leader
  • The leader's BARRACK_JOB becomes his objective and all other creatures will follow him
  • You can control the party's objective by dropping specific high level units as party leaders
  • Picking up and dropping the leader in a different part of the map OR possessing the leader will make his party mates follow him around
  • Creatures will temporarily no longer need to sleep or eat and will behave like heroes wondering about or fulfilling their goal.
  • A party leader's BARRACK_JOB overrides it's Primary and Secondary jobs
  • The party is broken up by giving the Leader any job including Hatchery or Lair or automatically after 1000-2000 game turns

Right now for possession this already works like this.

So you want these new things:

  • Be able to pick up the barracks leader to drop him somewhere and have the other creatures join him
  • Have the party stay together when they are not possessed
  • Be able to assign a specific job to the party - like STEAL_GOLD

The latter, how do you want the player to do so?

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Add a new variable to the config for each creature call it PARTY_JOB or BARRACK_JOB

There are two ways to control the party job:

  • Combine low level creatures with a higher level specific creature that you know is gonna have a specific party job (ex Thief STEAL_GOLD, Warlock/Wizard STEAL_SPELLS, Orc ATTACK ENEMY, Bile Demon DESTROY WALLS etc)
  • Combine creatures that never become party leaders with creatures that do (ex Skeletons or Hell Hounds + Thief will always STEAL_GOLD)
  • A third method would be to possess a specific creature and if that creature has a pre-defined PARTY JOB then the party stays together when you exit possession otherwise breaks up

How leader is selected

  • Highest level creature WITH party job is chosen as leader
  • If two or more creatures are same level WITH a party job then one is selected randomly
  • If no creature has a party job then only possessing one you can make a party that breaks up when you exit possession
  • Or leader is selected by player via possession spell

To disband a party

  • Assign a new job to the leader by dropping him into a room and the party/group will break apart

The bolded options were edited in later and LIKELY the easiest way to implement this new mechanic.

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