Dungeon KeeperFX missing sprites/textures? Teleporting AI minions? #746

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Hello, just wanted to talk about my little bug in Dungeon KeeperFX. Whenever i'm not centered to something and using forced perspective view (not the one with curved walls and stuff) i get missing sprites/textures not sure which one they are called. For the teleporting AI minions occurs whenever AI casts call to arms spell and suddenly all of AI minions teleport to that flag. Didn't take screenshot of that but it was so hard to beat it since i had to get 8 minions at a time and drop them at the battlefield. Managed to win the battle by using chicken spell on enemy high level minions :D

But the missing sprite/texture is a little annoying sometimes. They work well with the curved walling but not with the forced perspective (which i like better)


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