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AliceMayB commented May 30, 2016 edited

On Mt. Dragoon I encountered a problem where I was unable to research properly. Despite there being question marks still on the panel I got the message "There is nothing left to research" whenever I dropped creatures in the library. From hearing other peoples experience on this level, I know you're supposed to be able to research everything normally. For some reason I could only research maybe 3 spells.

Here is a link to my save with these problems, please tell me if you experience it in your game! -

My version is


Loobinex commented May 30, 2016 edited

Sorry, I first loaded the save in a wrong version. If I try your game I can reproduce your problem. Strange.

From heavylog:

Sync: creature_being_dropped: Job RESEARCH to be assigned to creature DRAGON index 1124 owner 0
Sync: creature_can_do_job_near_position: Starting for creature DRAGON index 1124 owner 0 and job RESEARCH
Sync: output_message: Message 46, delay 500, queue on
Sync: output_message: Playing prepared
Sync: creature_can_do_job_near_position: Cannot assign RESEARCH at (95,242) for creature DRAGON index 1124 owner 0; coord check not passed

In the Original script of Mount Dragoon there were some RESEARCH commands. However these would only allow you to research the spells/rooms you mention within the commands.
I've had it before on a level I made, just to see the effects, I set the research value of Destroy Walls to 10000, but then could only research Destroy Walls.
I had to put a RESEARCH command for every spell and room to be able utilise the command.
Also, I've mentioned this on the NewScriptCommands page, that RESEARCH_ORDER is obsolete because the script reads them in order, so say you had
it would research Hold Audience first.

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