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Monkeysphere test infrastructure

These are scripts to test various aspects of the Monkeysphere system.

Some notes about getting started working on the monkeysphere test

- the tests can and should be run as a non-privileged user.  since the
  tests do potentially destructive things (like wiping out and
  recreating gpg keyrings) they should definitely *not* be run as
  root.  it may even be advisable to run them as a different,
  dedicated user, so that any goofs you make while updating the test
  infrastructure don't compromise your main account.

- you do not need the monkeysphere package installed locally, though
  you will need the monkeysphere dependencies installed locally.

- the idea with this script is to do the following:

  - set up test server infrastructure
  - test the server setup
  - set up test user
  - test an ssh connection between test user and test server
  - modify server/user setup and rerun ssh_test to make sure it
    suceeds/fails as expected

- there are various FIXMEs in the script that outline some of the
  further testing that should be undertaken.

- good documentation in the code in the form of comments are needed.