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module GoogleCloud
open System
open System.Threading
open System.Threading.Tasks
open MonkeyCore
open Google.Apis.Services
open Google.Apis.Auth.OAuth2
open Google.Apis.Compute.v1
open Serilog
let private getCredential() =
let credential = Task.Run<GoogleCredential>(fun _ -> GoogleCredential.GetApplicationDefaultAsync()).Result;
if credential.IsCreateScopedRequired then
let private getComputeService =
let initializer = new BaseClientService.Initializer()
initializer.HttpClientInitializer <- getCredential()
initializer.ApplicationName <- "Google-ComputeSample/0.1"
let computeSrv = new ComputeService(initializer)
fun () -> computeSrv
let private resetInstance f =
let request = getComputeService().Instances.Reset(f.ProjectId, f.Zone, f.Instance)
let response = request.Execute()
Log.Logger.Information ("Instance {instance} was {action}", f.Instance, "Reseted")
// todo - check response for errors
let private stopAndStartInstance f =
let stopRequest = getComputeService().Instances.Stop(f.ProjectId, f.Zone, f.Instance)
let response = stopRequest.Execute()
Log.Logger.Information ("Instance {instance} was {action}", f.Instance, "Stopped")
let startRequest = getComputeService().Instances.Start(f.ProjectId, f.Zone, f.Instance)
let response' = startRequest.Execute()
Log.Logger.Information ("Instance {instance} was {action}", f.Instance, "Started")
// todo - check response for errors
let induce (f: Failure) =
let action = match f.Strategy with
| Reset -> resetInstance
| StopStart -> stopAndStartInstance
| NoAction -> fun _ -> ()
action f
| :? Google.GoogleApiException as ex -> Log.Logger.Error (ex, "Error during execution of {strategy} on {instance}", f.Strategy, f.Instance)
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