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Time Blob is a time tracker
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ATTENTION: Time Blob is in early development; many parts of the prototype are not yet functional.

Time Blob

Time Blob is a free* time tracking web app. We are building it for Sandstorm, an open source platform for Linux servers. Once you install Time Blob on your server, you can then access the app via web browser from any computer or phone.

Once we have a working prototype (which we do not yet have), there are few things to note about how to get started using Time Blob. As a prerequisite you'll need your own Linux server. Then you'll need to install Sandstorm. Once Sandstorm is installed, you'll be able to go the Sandstorm App Market, find Time Blob, and click install. Then you should be seconds away from up and running.

We'd love it if you are interested in helping develop Time Blob. Contact David, or keep reading to dive right in.

How to develop

Clone the repo:

git clone
cd timeblob

You need the following things installed:

  • Python 2.7
  • Node.js
  • GNU Make
  • GNU/Linux or Mac OS

Run the following command to prepare your directory:

make prepare

How to develop locally (without Sandstorm)

For most development, Sandstorm's Vagrant startup is just too slow. If you can do your development without Sandstorm we highly recommend it.

Run tests

Timeblob has tests for the Django web service and for Angular. You can run all running:

make test

If you'd like to run just the Django tests, run:

make pytest

Or the Angular tests, run:

make jstest

Run Timeblob for testing

Run the following command:


You can then go to http://localhost:8000 and explore Timeblob

How to develop locally on Sandstorm

Follow instructions at to install vagrant-spk and its requirements.

Start up the dev version of Sandstorm:

vagrant-spk vm up

(You'll need to do that everytime you modify ./sandstorm/

You can access your dev version of Sandstorm at

Add Timeblob to your dev version of Sandstorm

vagrant-spk dev

* Open Source, AGPLv3, see license for details

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