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Distributed Soundboss

A distributed soundboard, using websockets!

Anyone with this webpage open will be able to spam others by playing short sound clips.


Getting started

Start the server:


Go to http://localhost:3000/


Run guard to automatically compile coffeescript and sass files.


To add sounds to the soundboard, create MP3 and Ogg Vorbis versions of your sample, and put these in the ./public/audio folder. Make sure to remove leading/trailing silence and normalize the volume so it's not too loud or soft compared to the other sounds.

Next, add a single line to the <ul> list in the ./public/index.html file, with a data-file corresponding to the files you created.

For example, to add a 'cool-whip' sample, create cool-whip.mp3 and cool-whip.ogg files, add them to ./public/audio, and add the following line in index.html:

<li data-file='cool-whip'>COOL WHIP</li>

To convert a sound to both .ogg and .mp3, run:

./script/convert /path/to/sound.wav

To add multiple versions of a sample, add a numeric suffix to the filenames (e.g. jobs1.ogg, jobs2.ogg, etc.), and add a data-versions attribute with the number of files to the HTML entry:

<li data-file='jobs' data-versions='11'>THEY TOOK'R JUBS</li>

A random sound will be played for every listener.

Audio tools

Some tools to use: