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#!/usr/bin/env python
import antlr3
from OpenAirLexer import OpenAirLexer
from OpenAirParser import OpenAirParser
import sys
fin = file(sys.argv[1])
s = ""
for i in fin.xreadlines():
s += i
char_stream = antlr3.ANTLRStringStream(s)
# or to parse a file:
# char_stream = antlr3.ANTLRFileStream(path_to_input)
# or to parse an opened file or any other file-like object:
# char_stream = antlr3.ANTLRInputStream(file)
lexer = OpenAirLexer(char_stream)
tokens = antlr3.CommonTokenStream(lexer)
parser = OpenAirParser(tokens)
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