Python module for using Vimeo's API v2
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This a python module for using Vimeo's API.

This is a complete rewrite of the previous version. Support
for v2 API is underway. Currently, do not expect anything.

For debugging purprose, I heavily rely on hurl (
The author of this website is also the author of the python module for oauth used here.


Regular python distutils:

 $ python install prefix=/somewhere/in/the/universe

You can also create debian package:

 $ dpkg-buildpackage


Not yet ! But you can check the and script.
They should (at least, I plan to) fulfil most requirements.

Thanks :)

mishk (for the 99% patch that reduced amazingly the code while still improving it greatly!)
Bengt Sj�l�n
Okke Formsma
"aseppala" on github