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OpenUDS Is an Open Source Source multiplatform connection broker, created by Spanish Company ​Virtualcable S.L.U. and released under Open Source with the help of several Spanish Universities.
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actors fixed workers for 3.7 Aug 8, 2019
client fixed notifications Jul 18, 2019
guacamole-tunnel Update client-ui.js Jul 4, 2019
server upgraded os managers and typo fix Aug 20, 2019
ssh-tunnel/pam-http Fixed passwd May 20, 2019
udsProxy imported pam_http fix May 13, 2019
.gitignore fixes for python3 & type hinting Jun 5, 2019 Update May 14, 2019
TODO.txt Update TODO.txt May 14, 2019
VERSION testing client Apr 23, 2019

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OpenUDS (Universal Desktop Services) is a multiplatform connection broker for:

  • VDI: Windows and Linux virtual desktops administration and deployment
  • App virtualization
  • Desktop services consolidation

This is an Open Source Source project, initiated by Spanish Company ​Virtualcable and released Open Source with the help of several Spanish Universities.

Any help provided will be welcome.

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