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EmberConf 2019 Links and Notes

A collection of links, notes and other resources from EmberConf 2019. This is based on the former conference repos from poteto and nucleartide:

Live Stream / Highlights


Day 0

Presentation Academy (Training) by Jennifer Wong and Marcos Iglesias

Modern Ember with Octane (Training) by Erik Bryn and Ryan Tablada

Build a Sketch-like WYSIWYG App with Ember (Training) by Spencer Price

Migrating to an Ember App in Stages (Training) by David Baker and Martyn Ling

Robust Data Fetching (Training) by EmberMap

How to Take Up Space so People Will Listen by Bear Douglas

Supercharging Ember Octane with Typescript! (Training) by Chris Krycho

Eat Your Greens: A Broccoli.js Tutorial (Training) by Oli Griffiths

Real-World Animations (Training) by EmberMap

BonusConf Talks

Ember Data - It's Not Just for JSON API Anymore by Robert Wagner

ember new indie-software by Ryan LaBouve

Learning Ember on the Job by Lily Beauvilliers

Maintaining an Ember Application at Scale by Chris Ng

Intro to Ember Editions & Octane by Robert Jackson

Day 1


Opening Keynote by Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale

Building a UI Styleguide in Ember by Frédéric Soumaré

Your Desktop, the Studio by Kate Ruggeri

Comparing Patterns in React and Ember by Preston Sego

Typed Ember: Strong Types for Better Apps by James C. Davis

Anatomy of an Addon Ecosystem by Lisa Backer

Developing an Ember Test Strategy by Todd Jordan

Crafting Web Comics with Ember by Jessica Jordan

Don't Break the Web by Melanie Sumner

Day 2


Dealing with Data in 2019 by Igor Terzic

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  • Links:

The State of Community Documentation by Kenneth Larsen

Communication and Convention by Julia Donaldson

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  • Links:

Ember is for Everyone by Kenigbolo Meya Stephen

Building Better Components by Dianne Eramo

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  • Links:

Composable Concurrency Tasks by Isaac Ezer

New to Ember: What ARE All These Things? by Jennifer Wong

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  • Links:


How to Grow or Save your Favorite Open Source Project by Jen Weber
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mono Repo by Hassan Abdel-Rahman
  • Video
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From Mainframe to Mainstream: A Case Study in Emberification by Ryan Mark
  • Video
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How to build a Blog Engine in 15m with Ember and NodeJS by Chris Manson
  • Video
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What's Behind Ember Observer's Scores? by Katie Gengler
Broccoli Update by Oli Griffiths

No Bad Legos: A Toy Box for Everybody by Howie Bollinger

Closing Keynote by Sarah Allen

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  • Links:
    • Sarah's blog post about deciding to speak at EmberConf


EmberConf 2019 links and notes






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