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use 5.008;
use strict;
use warnings;
use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
sub parseversion
# grab the version number from the debian changelog file. I look for lines line
# libpackage-perl (0.03) unstable; urgency=low
# I parse out the 0.03 part
open DCH, 'debian/changelog' or die "Couldn't open debian/changelog";
my ($version) = <DCH> =~ /^\S+ \s* \( ([0-9\.]+) .*? \)/x
or die "Couldn't parse version from debian/changelog";
close DCH;
return $version;
# make sure we can run gnuplot before continuing
unless( open( my $pipe, '|-', 'gnuplot' ))
print STDERR <<EOM;
Error: "$!"
I tried to execute 'gnuplot' and it didn't work. Since this module is an is an
interface to Gnuplot, it must be installed for the module to be useful. Install
Gnuplot to continue. Use your package manager, or download the source from
# This exit is mostly for cpan testers to not tell me that my module is
# broken
exit 0;
sub MY::libscan
package MY;
my ($self, $file) = @_;
# Don't install the README.pod or any .pl file
return undef if $file =~ /\.pl$|^README.pod/;
return $self->SUPER::libscan ($file);
NAME => 'PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot',
AUTHOR => q{Dima Kogan <>},
VERSION => parseversion(),
ABSTRACT_FROM => 'lib/PDL/Graphics/',
($ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION >= 6.3002
? ('LICENSE'=> 'perl')
: ()),
PREREQ_PM => { 'Test::More' => 0,
'PDL' => 0,
'IPC::Run' => 0
dist => { COMPRESS => 'gzip -9f', SUFFIX => 'gz', },
clean => { FILES => 'PDL-Graphics-Gnuplot-*' },
# reroute the main POD into a separate README.pod if requested. This is here
# purely to generate a README.pod for the github front page
my $POD_header = <<EOF;
This is a Gnuplot-based plotter for PDL. This repository stores the history for
the PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot module on CPAN. Install the module via CPAN. CPAN
page at L<>
if(exists $ARGV[0] && $ARGV[0] eq 'README.pod')
open MOD, 'lib/PDL/Graphics/' or die "Couldn't open main module";
open README, '>README.pod' or die "Couldn't open README.pod";
print README $POD_header;
while (<MOD>)
if (/^=/../^=cut/)
{ print README; }
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