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This is the ChangeLog covering gnuplot development between
November 2009 (4.4-rc1) and November 2011 (split off 4.6 stable branch)
2011-11-22 Ethan A Merritt <>
* Branchpoint for 4.6 (cvs tag -b branch-4-6-stable)
2011-11-22 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/contour.c (contour): Format contour labels using gprintf rather
than sprintf so that LC_NUMERIC and "set decimal" are honored.
* term/js/gnuplot_svg.js: Try to correct for coordinate offset due to
scrollbars. The fix is unfortunately browser specific.
2011-11-22 Peter <>
* term/svg.trm: "standalone" option includes gnuplot_svg.js mousing
support directly in the output *.svg file rather than linking to it
as an external resource.
2011-11-18 Daniel Leidert <>
* demo/html/ demo/html/ demo/html/
Use perl5 native routine ctime() rather than perl4 external module.
* src/datafile.c term/epson.trm term/post.trm:
* Check for lua5.1.pc if lua.pc is not found.
* man/gnuplot.1: Add some needed character escapes.
2011-11-18 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgdiplus.cpp src/win/wgdiplus.h src/win/wgnuplib.h
src/win/wgraph.c src/win/wresourc.h: Antialiasing of fill patterns.
* src/win/wgraph.c (CopyPrint): Use Print Setup dialog since the Page
Setup dialog does not offer a possibility to change printer. Do not
use antialiasing on printers.
2011-11-15 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgnuplib.h src/win/wgraph.c term/win.trm: Store current
text encoding in list of drawing ops.
2011-11-15 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/axis.h src/axis.c (parse_range, parse_named_range)
src/axis.c (save_writeback_all_axes check_axis_reversed)
src/fit.c src/plot2d.c src/plot3d.c src/stats.c src/unset.c:
Replace axis-related macros with equivalent subroutines.
2011-11-14 Ethan A Merritt <>
* config/ demo/ m4/
tutorial/ term/
Make sure that the generated files and
do not end up non-writable by the owner, which caused build cleanup
problems while packaging. Bug #3419881
2011-11-14 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/plot2d.c (store2d_point): Fix for 4-column mode of
BOXPLOT style which did not handle log scale correctly.
2011-11-14 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgnuplib.h src/win/wgraph.c src/win/winmain.c
src/win/wtext.c: Localisation support for menu and help files.
Files are loaded according to current language settings from
files named "wgnuplot-LL.mnu" and "wgnuplot-LL.chm", where LL is
the abbreviation of the current language. Fall back to
"wgnuplot.mnu" and "wgnuplot.chm" if localised files don't exist.
Defaults may be overwritten by new entries "MenuFile" and
"HelpFile" in wgnuplot.ini.
Choose appropriate default fonts in Japanese environments.
src/show.c (show_version) src/win/winmain.h: List correct names
of menu and help files on Windows.
src/win.trm (WIN_set_color): Immediately translate palette color
values to RGB instead of passing them on. This makes it possible
to use more than one palettes in multiplots and in different
graph windows. Test e.g. with pm3dcolors.dem
* src/win/wgraph.c src/win/wresourc.h src/win/wgnuplib.h: Add a
separate switch to toggle antialiasing of polygons.
* src/win/wgraph.c (Draw_XOR_Text): Implement a 10 year old FIXME:
Use proper raster operation instead of double inversion.
2011-11-12 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* src/win/ src/win/wgnuplot-ja.mnu: Update and sync
with wgnuplot.mnu
2011-11-12 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/set.c (set_degreesign): Windows implementation using a Windows
API call since iconv() does not understand locales as returned by
* src/command.c (help_command): HTML help window need to occlude
the text window.
* term/win.trm (WIN_filled_polygon): Use boxfill for filled polygons
which are actually rectangles.
* src/win/wgnuplib.h src/win/wgraph.c: Add support in windows terminal
for toggling individual plots on/off by clicking on the corresponding
key sample in addition to toggling via toolbar buttons.
2011-11-11 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/set.c (set_degreesign): More attempts to work around oddities in
Solaris locale handling.
2011-11-10 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/gnuplot-ja.doc docs/term-ja.diff: Sync to docs version 1.699.
* docs/gnuplot.doc term/be.trm term/cairo.trm term/context.trm
term/win.trm: Fix typos.
2011-11-09 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/axis.c src/command.c src/eval.c src/gadgets.c src/graphics.c
src/internal.c src/tables.c src/unset.c src/util.c src/util.h
term/post.trm: Fix or remove some FIXMEs.
2011-11-09 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* doc/gnuplot.doc: New terminal driver epscairo.
* term/gd.trm: Don't use gd font pointer variables for builtin fonts.
2011-11-08 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/set.c: Use nl_langinfo(CODESET) to find the encoding.
This hopefully works around non-standard encoding names used by Solaris.
* src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp: Toggle for "plot ... with circles"
2011-11-08 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* doc/gnuplot.doc [New features]: Document new cairolatex and
revised windows terminal.
2010-11-08 Tatsuro Matsuoka <>
* src/set.c (set_degreesign): Move include of iconv.h to top level.
2011-11-07 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* term/fig.trm: Update help on font option.
* term/context.trm: Avoid use of round() because MSVC is still not
New terminal driver cairolatex, which uses the cairo EPS or PDF
backend for graphics output and LaTeX text created by functions
shared with the epslatex and pslatex terminals.
* term/cairo.term term/post.h term/post.trm term/pslatex.trm: New
terminal driver cairolatex.
Patch #3413095
2011-11-06 Mojca Miklavec <>
Add a context terminal, which creates output suitable for ConTeXt.
* docs/doc2texi.el docs/gnuplot.doc docs/
src/makefile.all src/makefile.awc src/term.h term/context.trm:
New terminal driver context.
Patches #1654807 and #1503836. Feature Request #2815867.
2011-11-05 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.h
src/wxterminal/wxt_term.h term/wxt.trm:
Add support in wxt terminal for toggling individual plots on/off
by clicking on the corresponding key sample.
2011-11-04 Ethan A Merritt <>
term/wxt.trm src/wxterminal/wxt_term.h src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp:
Add a term->layer() entry point for the wxt terminal.
* src/mouse.c src/term_api.h: TERM_LAYER_BEFORE_ZOOM
2011-11-02 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/util.c src/util.h src/set.c (set_encoding set_degreesign):
Provide an internal char sequence degree_sign[] appropriate for the
current encoding. Use iconv(), if available, to translate it into the
environment's locale after `set encoding locale`.
* src/show.c (show_decimalsign): Show the degree sign also, mostly
so that people can report problems with the encoding code above.
2011-11-01 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wmenu.c src/win/wtext.c: Use proper dropdown menu for
Options toolbar item.
2011-10-30 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* INSTALL: Update Windows section.
* config/makefile.mgw: Superseded by config/mingw/Makefile. Removed.
2011-10-30 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* config/config.nt config/makefile.nt: Windows console apps support
2011-10-30 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* config/config.cyg config/config.mgw config/config.nt
config/config.oww: Enable stats command.
2011-10-28 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/color.c (make_palette): Fix segfault caused by initializing a
terminal with an "infinite" color palette (colors == 0) when previous
terminal had merely a large color palette (e.g. WIN_PAL_COLORS 4096).
Bug #3429772
2011-10-24 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/axis.c src/axis.h src/datafile.c src/fit.c src/mouse.c
src/plot2d.c src/plot3d.c src/save.c src/set.c src/setshow.h src/show.c
src/stats.c src/tabulate.c src/unset.c term/canvas.trm term/svg.trm:
Change the axis structure field from TBOOLEAN axis.is_timedata to an
enum {DT_NORMAL, DT_TIMEDATE} field axis.datatype. This is preparation
for adding code to implement a new mode DT_DMS (degrees, minutes,
seconds) that tracks x and/or y as geographic coordinates.
There is no change to the behavior of the current code.
2011-10-22 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/svg.trm: Friendlier error message, add a <title> tag at the
top of the output svg document.
2011-10-17 Christoph Bersch <>
* docs/doc2texi.el: Handle presence of three nodes with the same key.
2011-10-14 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/specfun.c (humlik):
Re-order code to avoid accessing an unitialized variable.
* term/emf.trm (EMF_put_text):
Re-order code to avoid accessing an unitialized variable.
* src/command.c (else_command): An else clause might either be
processed by if_command() or else_command(). The latter was not
correctly updating c_token.
* src/misc.c (lf_load): Tie maximum depth of load commands to
2011-10-13 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc docs/titlepag.tex: Revise the sections that
describe function plots to mention `set samples`. Allow the table of
builtin functions to split across pagebreaks in the TeX documentation.
* src/wxterminal/gp_cairo.c: Decrease linewidth used by pdfcairo
terminal for pattern fill. This works around what seems to be a pdf
bug in libcairo versions through at least 1.10.
* src/fit.c (error_ex): Exit via int_error() so that it can walk
through the list of XXX_reset_after_error() routines.
2011-10-10 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/hidden3d.c: Bump default QUADTREE_GRANULARITY from 10 to 30.
At 10, 24% of the CPU time for all.dem is spent in hidden line removal.
At 30 this decreases to 12%, for roughly a 10% speed increase overall.
2011-10-10 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/datafile.c src/datafile.h src/gadgets.h src/graphics.c
src/graphics.h src/plot2d.c src/save.c src/set.c src/show.c
demo/boxplot.dem docs/gnuplot.doc:
Add new mode for the "with boxplot" plot style.
If there is a 4th column in the using spec, the values in it it will
be interpreted as the discrete levels of a factor variable. As many
boxplots will be drawn as there are different values in the factor
column, each boxplot representing part of the dataset. These boxplots
are optionally labeled and sorted. New options "separation", "label",
and "sorted"/"unsorted" to "set style boxplot" govern the behavior of
this new mode. The demo "boxplot.dem" is extended to showcase the new
2011-10-09 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* src/internal.c (f_sprintf): More complete MSVC++ snprintf() patch.
2011-10-09 Adam Strzelecki <>
* src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.h src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp:
Work around a number of issues compiling and running wxt with wx 2.9
using 64-bit Cocoa on OSX Lion. All changes are #ifdef __WXOSX_COCOA__.
These may not be necessary once Cocoa reaches a stable release.
(1) use wxToolbar AddStretchableSpace rather than AddSeparator
(2) wx Cocoa does not support logical operators such as wxDC inverse
(3) wx Cocoa toolbar icons are blurry unless they are 24x24
(4) wx Cocoa does not define _Bool even though it says it does
2011-10-07 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/color.h src/command.c src/getcolor.c src/gplt_x11.c src/save.c
src/set.c src/show.c src/tables.c src/tables.h term/post.trm
term/x11.trm demo/pm3d.dem docs/gnuplot.doc:
New palette option "cubehelix". The is a family of palettes with the
general property of combining N cycles of a color-wheel with a monotonic
increase in overall intensity. This feature was suggested by Ingo Thies.
See: D A Green (2011) "A colour scheme for the display of astronomical
intensity images"
2011-10-06 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* src/internal.c (f_sprintf): Always null-terminal a string written by
the non-ANSI compliant MSVC++ routine _snprintf().
2011-10-03 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* term/win.trm (WIN_options): When searching the list of graph windows
the correct test is for window Id.
2011-10-03 Rich Seymour <>
* term/svg.trm: Look for strings " Bold" and/or " Italic" in font name
and set the corresponding properties if found. Patchset #3058920.
2011-10-03 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* term/post.trm (PS_options): Properly contain new variable in a
block. Bug #3417716
* src/Makefile.maint: New target makefile.awc.
* src/makefile.all src/makefile.awc: Regenerated to include stats.c.
2011-10-02 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/ src/command.c src/command.h src/show.c
src/stats.c src/stats.h src/tables.c docs/gnuplot.doc:
New command to generate a statistical summary of the data in a file.
stats "datafile" [using col1[:col2]] [nooutput] [name "PREFIX"]
Data is read from the input file under the control of the same options
used for 'plot' commands (e.g. xrange, yrange, using, index, every).
The min/max/mean/stddev/quartiles of data from one or two data columns
are printed to the terminal and stored in named variables. These
variables can be used to modify subsequent plot commands.
This code was developed primarily by Philipp Janert and Zoltán Vörös.
* demo/html/Makefile demo/html/Makefile.svg demo/html/Makefile.canvas
demo/stats.dem demo/all.dem: New demo to exercise stats code.
2011-10-01 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* term/cairo.trm: Depending on the version, Cairo defaults to cropping
eps files to the minimal bounding box. This patch adds support for the
{no}crop option to the epscairo terminal. Cropping is prevented by
putting two points in background color in opposite corners, or by
directly setting the bounding box for Cairo newer than 1.11.0.
* config/mingw/Makefile: Include epscairo terminal.
2011-10-01 Christoph Bersch <>
* term/post.trm term/pslatex.trm: New options `background` and
`nobackground` for terminals postscript, epslatex, pstex and pslatex.
Patch #3415158
2011-09-29 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/color.c src/graph3d.c src/graphics.c: User-specified axis tick
labels should override auto-generated tick labels in 3D plots just as
they already do in 2D plots.
* src/plot2d.c: In `plot with labels`, skip labels for which the x,y
coordinates are UNDEFINED.
Bug #3415454
* term/js/gnuplot_mouse.css: Opera is picky about missing units.
2011-09-27 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/emf.trm term/fig.trm term/metapost.trm term/tgif.trm:
Prefer the new syntax set term ... font "<name>,<size>" in the
documentation. This does not change the terminal input, only the docs
and the options string echoed back by "show term".
* term/canvas.trm: Implement set term canvas ... font "<name>,<size>".
Currently the name is ignored.
2011-09-23 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc src/plot2d.c: Defer interpretation of newhistogram
linetype until the histogram itself is drawn.
2011-09-21 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* demo/borders.dem: Use loop instead of `reread`.
* demo/image2.dem: Explicitely `reverse` axes.
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawhraph) [W_filled_polygon_draw]: Transparent
pattern fill actually fills with white background since 2011-05-15.
* src/win/wgnuplib.h src/win/wgraph.c (WndGraphProc) term/win.trm
(WIN_options, WIN_update_options): Update term options on changes via
graph window/menu. Track font face and size as read from ini-file.
* src/stdfn.c|h (gp_basename) term/pslatex.trm (PSTEX_common_init):
Move code from pslatex.trm to new function gp_basename which takes
two different directory separators into account and does not change
its argument.
2011-09-16 Peter Hedwig <>
* term/lua/gnuplot-tikz.lua: Modify the commands used for rgb color
selection so that they are compatible with context as well as tikz.
Bug #3401068
2011-09-16 Oliver Jennrich
* term/lua/gnuplot-tikz.lua: Update syntax used for setting line join
Bug #3410554
2011-09-12 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* config/mingw/Makefile: Fix building and gnuplot.pdf.
Include figures in gnuplot.pdf. Define new targets 'console', 'windows'
and 'pipes' to build different versions of gnuplot. Use separate
file extensions for each version. Let 'make all' build all versions.
Match 'install' target to Tatsuro Matsuoka's packages.
2011-09-09 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/doc2tex.c docs/titlepag.tex: Tweak format of TeX documentation
(no section numbers in table of contents, text width appropriate for
paper size).
2011-09-09 Bastian Maerkisch <>
src/win/wgnuplib.h src/win/wgraph.c src/win/wresourc.h term/win.trm:
Add a toolbar to the graph window. Currently, it offers icons for Copy,
Print, Save and Options. Additionaly, plot elements can be temporarily
hidden, ie. without a `replot`. This is much like what can be done
using canvas and svg terminals and is implemented using term->layer.
2011-09-08 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (plot_image_or_update_axes): "with image" from a
function may not make sense, but at least it should not segfault.
Bug #3406642
2011-09-07 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/parse.c (parse_sum_expression): Simplify construction of summation
action table.
* src/command.c (undefine_command) src/eval.c (del_udv_by_name):
Break out the guts of undefine_command into a utility routine that can
be called internally.
* src/hidden3d.c (build_networks): Valgrind found a test against an
uninitialized field.
2011-09-06 Ethan A Merritt <>
* cairo_ps_surface_set_eps is only supported by cairo
version 1.6.0 or later.
2011-09-05 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/term.c term/canvas.trm: Allow canvas and svg terminals to provide
mousing even if gnuplot itself is built without USE_MOUSE.
* src/gplt_x11.c src/ gnuplot_x11 --version
2011-09-04 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/readline.c (fn_completion, tab_completion, isdoublewidth)
src/win/screenbuf.h (sb_calc_length) src/win/wcommon.h (open_printer,
close_printer) src/win/wgraph.c (UnicodeText) src/win/winmain.c
(ShutDown, CheckMemory) src/win/wmenu.c: Add missing prototypes,
make local functions static.
* src/alloc.c src/alloc.h src/ansicheck.h src/command.c src/command.h
src/plot.c src/scanner.c src/stdfn.c src/syscfg.h src/term.c:
Remove conditional code for Atari Pure C and Borland C compilers.
* src/axis.c src/command.c src/datafile.c src/getcolor.c src/misc.c
src/pm3d.c src/variable.c: Remove unused variables and prototypes.
2011-09-03 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/svg.trm term/canvas.trm term/js/gnuplot_mouse.js
term/js/gnuplot_svg.js: Add support for time coordinates to the mousing
code used by svg and canvas terminals. In this initial implementation,
only the primary X axis is checked, and there is no provision for a
user-supplied format.
2011-09-02 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/cairo.trm: Check for the presence of cairo-ps.h
before trying to build the epscairo terminal.
2011-09-02 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* docs/makefile.ami docs/old/README.ami docs/old/
src/gnuplot.prj src/linkopt.ztc: Removed.
* config/makefile.unx docs/ src/ Remove
references to obsolete files.
2011-09-01 Ethan A Merritt <>
* Yet another rewrite of the installation path rules for
TeX files.
Bug #3401370
* Remove some obsolete status messages.
2011-09-01 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* term/emf.trm (EMF_put_text): Use iconv to handle Shift_JIS encoding.
2011-08-31 Ethan A Merritt <>
* m4/apple.m4: Revert change of 2011-07-23 (aquaterm LIBS)
* Rewrite the installation path rules for TeX files.
Bug #3401370
2011-08-29 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/winmain.c (_WIN32_IE): MinGW64 headers require IE >= 501.
Bug #3398189
2011-08-29 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/gplt_x11.c src/stdfn.h src/getcolor.c: Make "assert" statements
trigger int_error() rather than abort(), so that debugging is easier.
2011-08-28 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/gnuplot-ja.doc docs/term-ja.diff: sync to docs version 1.688
2011-08-28 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/plot2d.c (get_data): Revert yesterday's change to this file
because it broke stringvar.dem.
2011-08-27 Ethan A Merritt <>
* PORTING src/makefile.all src/makefile.awc src/term.h configure.vms
config/config.cyg config/config.dj2 config/config.mgw config/config.nt
config/config.os2 config/config.oww config/makefile.unx
Remove obsolete mgr terminal driver. The mgr window system offered a
terminal sort of like xterm+graphics in the era of Sun3 (i.e. early-mid
1990s). Source for the mgr server has apparently disappeared from the
net. Gnuplot's mgr.trm supported only text and vector commands, so
even if an operational installation of mgr could be found, features
added to gnuplot since about version 3.7 would be irrelevant. Let it go.
2011-08-27 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/datafile.c (expect_string) src/eval.c src/eval.h docs/gnuplot.doc:
Add patch #3397007 to complete the support for named columns with the
"labels" style. The following now works:
plot 'data' using "A":"B":"labels" with labels
Update the documentation.
* src/datafile.c (f_timecolumn) src/plot2d.c:
Track the current using spec to ensure that the timecolumn function
gets the right timeformat. (fixes part of bug #3163386)
* demo/timedat.dem: Remove the relative date demo because it was
misleading and incorrect.
* src/set.c (set_tics): For some options set_tics()
didn't act on all axes.
* src/graphics.c (boundary): Fix (?) boundary calculation for
"set xtics rotate".
2011-08-25 René Haber <>
* term/cairo.trm: New terminal epscairo using the shared cairo/pango
code to produce and export an eps surface.
* term/term.c: Allow "set term eps" as short for "set term epscairo".
* term/cairo.trm: Test for and skip empty vectors.
2011-08-24 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/command.c src/command.h src/win/winmain.c: "raise/lower <id>"
command for windows terminal.
* src/command.c (rlgets): Restore code for builtin readline which was
deleted by accident.
2011-08-23 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/datafile.c (f_stringcolumn) docs/gnuplot.doc:
Implement 'stringcolumn("string")' in using specs to allow named columns
for the "labels" style too. The more natural
plot 'data' using "A":"B":"labels" with labels
still doesn't work: document this fact.
2011-08-23 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/command.c (rlgets): Removing duplicate entries trashes command
line history when using editline. Just suppress adding the same command
to history repeatedly.
* src/history.c (history_find_all): editline's version of
history_set_pos() does not work, so traverse history list manually.
History indices are reversed compared to GNU readline. Fixes history ?.
Patch #3186010
* term/emf.trm (EMF_put_text): Use iconv (if available) to convert
UTF-8 encoding to UTF-16 and store using wide characters.
Bug #3021779
* config/config.mgw config/mingw/Makefile: add support for libiconv
2011-08-22 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graph3d.c: Honor 'set key maxrows N' in 3D plot key.
Bug #3396501
2011-08-19 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/commands.c src/misc.c docs/gnuplot.doc:
The old-style if/else syntax cannot be mixed with the new syntax using
{ and } to enclose blocks of commands, possibly spanning several lines.
Add stronger warnings to the documentation and issue an error message
if an old-style if statement is encountered inside a bracketed clause.
Bug #3393631
2011-08-15 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (WndGraphProc): Restore text window on space key:
also show terminal window if it is currently minimized.
* src/command.c (pause_command) src/win/wgnuplib.h (GW) src/win/wgraph.c
src/win/winmain.h src/win/winmain.c term/win.trm: Support multiple
graph windows. All state variables of graph windows were contained
in a single struct already. Replace all references to this struct
(graphwin) by pointers and dynamically allocate new instances when
required. Do not pass on mouse and key events from inactive windows.
Note: Since a single number passed to `set term win` is now interpreted
as window identifier, the old and fontsize options are no longer
supported and the `font` keyword is now required. This is consistent
with other terminals (e.g. x11 and wxt).
* src/win/wgnuplib.h src/win/wgraph.c: Make GraphChangeFont static.
2011-08-15 Reinier Heeres <>
* src/win/pgnuplot.c: Detect termination of wgnuplot. Slightly enhanced
version of SF patch #2373741.
2011-08-09 Ethan A Merritt <>
* PORTING config/config.cyg config/config.dj2 config/config.mgw
config/config.nt config/config.os2 config/config.oww
config/makefile.unx configure.vms docs/
docs/doc2texi.el docs/gpcard.tex src/ src/makefile.all
src/makefile.awc src/rgipgnu src/term.h term/rgip.trm
Remove code specific to the rgip terminal (Redwood Graphics Interface
Protocol). The company (uniplex) supporting this protocol no longer
exists. The terminal itself no longer compiles cleanly, and valgrind
shows many buffer overflows and alloc/free errors.
19 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 841 deletions(-)
2011-08-02 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/plotstyles.gnu docs/gnuplot.doc term/be.trm term/canvas.trm
term/cgm.trm term/ai.trm term/aquaterm.trm term/cgi.trm:
Documentation updates
* src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp (OnCreateWindow): It is not acceptable
to have every new plot window occlude the center of the screen.
2011-08-01 Micha Wiedenmann <>
* src/eval.h src/eval.c (get_udv_by_name free_at) src/show.c (disp_at)
src/internal.h src/internal.c (f_sum) src/parse.c (parse_sum_expression)
docs/gnuplot.doc demo/bivariat.dem:
New expression type for summation:
sum [<var> = <beg> : <end>] <something>
2011-07-30 Stefan Reiser <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (WriteGraphIni): Fix spelling of "Antialiasing"
field. Bug #3382732
2011-07-27 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (plot_impulses): Skip UNDEFINED points.
Bug #3382469
2011-07-28 Bastian Maerkisch <>
*src/win/wgraph.c (GraphEnhancedOpen, GraphEnhancedFlush): Fix sign
error in placement of rotated enhanced text with sub-/superscripts.
2011-07-27 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/svg.trm: Handle multiple overprint characters, albeit not
the way people probably expect.
Bug #3371782
2011-07-25 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/svg.trm: Remove size limit on svg plot dimensions.
2011-07-24 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp: Fix MSWin breakage from yesterday's patch
due to conditional code block damage.
Bug #3376861
* src/datafile.c (df_readbinary): Allow "using ... xticlabels()" for
binary files as well as ascii files. Only string-valued functions
are valid in this case, as no string can be read from the binary
datafield itself.
* src/graph3d.h src/hidden3d.c src/misc.c src/misc.h src/plot3d.c:
Re-work assignment of color and line type to top/bottom hidden3d
surfaces. Keep the user-requested linetype in a new field of the
splot structure, since otherwise linetype definitions would overwrite
2011-07-23 Adam Strzelecki <>
* src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.h m4/apple.m4:
OSX support for wxt terminal. For OSX, switch to using single-threaded
hybrid GUI & console event loop at wxt_waitforinput().
Add -framework ApplicationServices to the apple-specific
configuration flags.
2011-07-23 Mojca Miklavec <>
* m4/apple.m4: Replace -laquaterm with -Wl,-framework -Wl,AquaTerm
which is supposed to make the Macports version of aquaterm install
2011-07-22 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/parse.c src/parse.h plot2d.c plot3d.c set.c unset.c command.c:
Revise iteration-over-plot mechanism to handle edge cases of nested
iteration correctly.
2011-07-20 Peter Hedwig <>
* term/lua/gnuplot-tikz.lua: Point types 10 and 11 were upside down.
Bug #3368877
* fill paths now have a pensize > 0 to have slight overlap of tiles to
avoid rendering artifacts
* path building was broken and showed interrupted lines on certain plots
e.g. plot '+' u 1:($1**2):($1**2) with lines palette lw 3 title '$x^2$'
* a new terminal option (tightboundingbox|notightboundingbox) is added
2011-07-20 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c: Allow binary data for plot style fillsteps
Bug #3371199
* term/gd.trm: Prevent infinite loop on unrecognized terminal option
2011-07-14 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (plot_boxes): Correct positioning of bars in clustered
histograms when some values are missing.
Bug #3360882
* src/datafile.c (df_open plot_option_using df_readascii f_column)
src/datafile.h src/parse.c (create_call_column_at extend_at) src/parse.h
src/eval.c src/eval.h src/plot2d.c src/plot3d.c docs/gnuplot.doc:
Implement column selection based on matching a leading substring of the
column header.
plot 'foo' using (column("A")):(column("B"))
plot 'foo' using "A":"B"
plot for [value in "Weight Height"] 'foo' using "Age":value
2011-07-12 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/command.c src/term.c: Fix crash of 'test' after an
unsuccessful 'set term'
Bug #3347683
* src/parse.c src/parse.h docs/gnuplot.doc: Add nested iteration in plot
and other commands: constructs like 'plot for [i=1:5] for [j=1:5] foo'
are now valid
* src/axis.c src/axis.h src/color.c src/graph3d.c src/graphics.c
src/save.c src/set.c src/show.c src/unset.c docs/gnuplot.doc:
Allow explicit justification for tic labels, e.g. set xtics right
2011-07-11 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (plot_steps): Don't pass negative heights to t->fillbox
Bug #3358185
2011-07-03 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/term.c (term_apply_lp_properties): Handle the case where
LT_COLORFROMCOLUMN is passed through as a linetype along with a color.
Bug #3350570
2011-06-30 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/hidden3d.c (draw_edge): Do not apply the default top/bottom
colors to line segments belonging to the plot border.
Bug #3344103
2011-06-28 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/svg.trm: Pattern-fill definitions must initialize both fill and
stroke style; otherwise the most recent setting may bleed through.
Bug #3334216
2011-06-28 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/gnuplot-ja.doc docs/term-ja.diff: sync to docs version 1.677
2011-06-21 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics (plot_histeps): Fix range-checking of log-scaled y.
Bug #3323828
2011-06-20 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/getcolor.c term/x11.trm src/gplt_x11.c:
Remove a set of routines in getcolor.c used only by the x11 terminal
to pass a color gradient description through the pipe to gnuplot_x11.
They packed four doubles (value; RGB color) into 8 bytes, losing
precision and failing to round. Now we instead use 12 ascii characters
Bug #3322975
2011-06-19 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/command.c src/command.h src/misc.c src/misc.h src/parse.h
src/scanner.c src/scanner.h src/tables.c src/util.c docs/gnuplot.doc:
Extend the line input processing to include blocks of commands enclosed
by curly braces, possibly spanning multiple lines. This syntax is used
by new commands:
if (<cond>) { ... } else { ... }
do for [...] { ... }
while (<cond>) { ... }
2011-06-18 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c src/gplt_x11.c src/plot2d.c src/set.c src/util.c:
Remove dead code sections. Most of these have been commented out for
many years.
* src/command.c (do_line): Macro expansion must be done before calling
scanner() to identify specific tokens.
* src/command.c src/command.h: Export string_expand_macros().
* src/command.c (read_line): Prepare for block-structure work by adding
a parameter to allow extending, rather than replacing, the input line.
2011-06-17 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/getcolor.c (quantize_gray)): Remove a possible discontinuity at
the boundary of defined palettes with a small number of segments.
Bug #3317746
2011-06-17 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/time.c (gstrptime): The correction for the difference in epochs
(2000 - 1970) was incorrect when reading times in %s format.
Bug #3163386
2011-06-16 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/pm3d.c (z2cb): If cb is log-scale, then limit result to positive
Bug #3316616
2011-06-14 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (plot_histeps): Allow data points with y=0 even if log
scaling is active.
Bug #3316112
2011-05-31 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/emf.trm: Reset line and text colors at the start of each plot.
* config/config.cyg config/config.dj2 config/config.mgw config/config.nt
config/config.os2 config/config.oww config/makefile.dj2
config/makefile.emx config/makefile.unx config/makefile.vms
docs/doc2texi.el docs/ docs/term-ja.diff
src/makefile.all src/makefile.awc src/show.c src/term.c src/term.h configure.vms INSTALL PORTING NEWS
term/gnugraph.trm term/unixplot.trm:
Remove obsolete terminal drivers gnugraph and unixplot. The underlying
gnu plotutils library is itself more than 10 years out of date (last
release July 2000) and the terminal drivers haven't been upgraded for
longer than that. In any event, current gnuplot has better native
terminal drivers for the devices supported by unixplot/gnugraph.
2011-05-27 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c (df_open df_determine_matrix_info):
Add a keyword '[s]plot ... nonuniform matrix'
This provides an ascii input option parallel to 'binary matrix'.
nonuniform matrix: ascii; y coords in row 1, x coords in column 1
binary matrix: binary; y coords in row 1, x coords in column 1
matrix: ascii; uniform grid of x/y coords
binary general: binary; uniform grid of x/y coords
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Reorganize the description of data file contents.
More reorganization is still wanting.
2011-05-25 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* docs/windows/doc2html.c: Encoding of gnuplot.doc is UTF-8.
2011-05-24 Christoph Bersch <>
* term/cairo.trm: PDF documents normally behave as if they had a
transparent background. Modify the pdfcairo terminal to do this by
default, but also to accept the keywords {no}transparent.
2011-05-24 Harald Koenig <>
* src/Makefile.maint: Use dd rather than head to update last-modified
date since not all platforms support "head -c".
2011-05-24 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/titlepag.tex, docs/gnuplot.doc: Add Peter Juhasz,
Bastian Maerkisch, and Shige Takeno to the list of contributors. UTF-8.
2011-05-22 Ethan A Merritt <>
* parse.c (check_iteration next_iteration empty_iteration) parse.h
plot2d.c plot3d.c set.c unset.c: Rather than using a single set of
global iteration bookkeeping variables, require that each iteration
user pass in a structure for bookkeeping. This allows nested
iteration, so long as two different iteration structures are used.
* command.c (do_line): Strip trailing comments from input lines as
they are read, since there is no point in storing what we are going
to ignore later. Minor cleanup of #ifdef nesting.
2011-05-16 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/specfun.c (humlik): Initialization would fail whenever y = -1.
2011-05-15 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/wxterminal/gp_cairo.c (gp_cairo_draw_fillbox): Width of filled
box was off by one unit.
* src/win/wgraph.c (GetMousePosViewport): Window size is zero for
minized windows on Vista. Fixes crash when closing plot window in
minimized state e.g. via taskbar.
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph): [W_boxfill] Fix inversion of
transparency. [W_filled_polygon_draw]: Fix transparency in case of
aliased solid white polygons.
2011-05-14 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/axis.h src/axis.c src/gadgets.c src/gadgets.h src/graphics.c
src/hidden3d.c src/internal.c term/README: Fix incomplete and incorrect
initializers found by gcc.
2011-05-14 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph) [W_image]: Clip images as requested.
* src/win/wgraph.c (WndGraphProc) [WM_KEYDOWN]: Handle VK_CONTROL key
events again. Fixes ctrl-mousedrag rotation of splots.
* src/mouse.c (event_keypress): MinGW's toupper() masks out high bits
required for special keys. Only call for 8bit characters. Fixes
accelerated rotation with keys (e.g. shift-left) for wxt and windows
* src/win/wgdiplus.c|h src/win/wgraph.c: Extend support for
antialiasing of line segments and point symbols. Omit border of
non-antialiased solid filled polygons.
2011-05-13 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graph3d.c (draw_3d_graphbox): Avoid use of round() because
MSVC is still not C99-compliant.
2011-05-13 Allin Cottrell <>
* src/wxterminal/gp_cairo.c (gp_cairo_convert): Make the WIN32 font
work-around (2009-11-06) conditional on cairo < 2.10. Needs more
2011-05-13 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (WndGraphProc): Cycle through mouse-modes by
clicking on status bar. Suggestion by
* src/plot.c (main): Print messages concerning codepages only in
interactive sessions.
* src/win/wgnuplot.rc: Give the MSVC compiler a chance to create the
manifest itself.
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph): Fix image regression.
* term/win.trm: Help text for antialiasing.
2011-05-12 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc src/set.c src/mouse.c: Update documentation for the
mouse format modes, which has been incorrect since approximately forever
(predates CVS repository).
2011-05-10 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c (expand_df_column): Provide a shared routine for
dynamic allocation of space to hold input data lines. This replaces
three separate instances, only one of which did proper initialization.
* src/graphics.c (finish_filled_curve): Consolidate duplicated code.
* src/graph3d.c (draw_3d_graphbox) src/set.c (parse_label_options)
src/gadgets.h src/show.c src/save.c
docs/plotstyles.gnu docs/gnuplot.doc:
The X-axis and Y-axis labels in 3D plots can be aligned parallel to the
respective axis using the command `set [xy]label rotate parallel`.
2011-05-10 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* term/gd.trm (PNG_options): Init font pointers before using them.
2011-05-09 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/eepic.trm: New terminal option {size XX,YY}
Bug #3170746
* src/graphics.c (boundary): Add a sanity check to make sure that the
plot size is not so small that the boundary limits go negative.
Implemented as int_warn(), but maybe it should be int_error().
Bug #3154401
* src/term_api.h src/term.c src/util.c src/util.h: Remove dead code.
2011-05-07 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/command.c (help_command) src/win/wgraph.c (WndGraphProc)
src/win/winmain.c (WinExit, WinMain) src/wxtterminal/wxt_gui.cpp
(wxtPanel::RaiseConsoleWindow, wxt_atexit): For console gnuplot on
Windows, remove dependency on struct textwin, which represents the
non-existant text window. Fixes e.g. overwriting of text window
settings in wgnuplot.ini. Console gnuplot no longer depends on wtext.c
and screenbuf.c.
* src/standard.c (fn_asin, fn_asinh): Fix calculation for complex
arguments. Make sure that asin(sin(z))==z. Bug #2879772.
* config/README: Update to current status.
* config/config.mgw config/config.oww: Sync with config.h created
by autoconf tools.
2011-05-06 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* src/graph3d.c: Make "notitle" suppress contour line key entries in
addition to the surface key entry. This makes it possible to draw any
combination of surface, contours, and key entries.
2011-05-06 Benjamin Lindner <>
* docs/plotstyles.gnu docs/gnuplot.doc: Add an illustration of the
'newhistogram' command.
2011-05-06 Ethan A Merritt <>
* INSTALL: Update the description of readline options and mention
the ./prepare script.
2011-05-06 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* config/makefile.nt: Add missing support for GDI+. Bug #3298244
2011-05-06 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* config/msvc/Makefile: New file for Microsoft Visual C++. Builds
out of tree. Intended to eventually replace config/makefile.nt.
config/ ( Add new Makefile.
2011-05-05 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.h src/datafile.c src/plot2d.c src/plot3d.c:
Change prototype of df_set_key_title_columnhead() to match that of
2011-05-05 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* term/win.trm (WIN_set_font) src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph): Defer
determination of default font name and size. Fixes bug addressed
by change of 2010-02-22, but without the need for do_string_replot()
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph): New variable fill_color to track
color of fills. Use cached color brush for transparent solid fills
instead of creating a new one.
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph) src/win/wgdiplus.c|h: Add support for
antialiased solid filled (transparent) polygons.
* src/win/wpause.c (WndPauseProc): Use default dialog font instead of
fixed width font for pause dialog.
* src/readline.c (readline): Tab is a printable character in some
locales, ie. isprint(TAB)>0.
* src/win/wgraph.c (MakeFonts): Reduce size of tics and point symbols
by 20%.
2011-05-04 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* config/mingw/Makefile: Build support for lua tikz related TeX files.
Use Makefile.maint to update version.c. Update install target to match
directory layout of distribution and include share/lua/, share/LaTeX/,
contrib/, demo/, README, NEWS, Copyright and ChangeLog.
2011-05-02 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/variable.c (locale_handler): If built-in readline character input
is to recognize UTF-8 characters via wcwidth(), it is necessary to
initialize the CTYPE locale on entry. "set encoding utf" is not
2011-05-02 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/readline.c (tab_completion, fn_completion, readline) NEWS:
Cycling variant of filename tab-completion for builtin readline.
* src/stdfn.c|h (strnlen, strndup) config/config.nt
config/config.mgw config/config.oww: Support functions used by
tab-completion code.
* src/stdfn.c|h (opendir, closedir, rewinddir): Add Kevlin Henney's
POSIX directory browsing functions and types for Win32.
* src/readline.c (mbwidth, isdoublewidth) Determine
on screen width of utf8 encoded characters with wcwidth() if
provided by the system.
* src/readline.c (delete_previous_word): Overprint with exact
number of spaces, add NUL at eol.
2011-04-30 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/readline.c (clear_eoline): More efficient clear line algorithm.
2011-04-29 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/mouse.c (apply_zoom): Prevent double-free of custom font for tic
Bug #3294915
2011-04-28 Bastian Maerkisch <>
Support for (optional) antialiasing in windows terminal via GDI+.
* config/config.mgw, config/config.nt: Compilers have support for
GDI+: define HAVE_GDIPLUS. Note: OpenWatcom might not support GDI+
* config/mingw/Makefile: Include new files wgdiplus.h|cpp in build,
add library gdiplus.
* src/win/wgdiplus.cpp src/win/wgdiplus.h: New files. C interface
to Windows GDI+ library. Currently supports polylines and circles.
* src/win/wgnuplib.h src/win/wgraph.c src/win/winmain.c
src/win/wresourc.h: Implement antialiasing for lines and and most point
shapes. Add option to LPGW, wgnuplot.ini and popup menu to toggle
antialiasing on and off. Default to oversampling off now that we have
proper antialiasing. Wrap all GDI+ code in #ifdef HAVE_GDIPLUS.
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph) [W_fillstyle, FS_PATTERN]: Fix cycling
of pattern styles.
* src/wxterminal/gp_cairo.c|h (gp_cairo_default_font)
src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.c: New function to determine default font.
Default is "Sans" on all systems but Windows where this alias might
not work work in all cases.
2011-04-27 <>
* src/graphics.c: The autotitle option for column-stacked histograms
should honor "set key maxrows N".
Bug #3281635
2011-04-27 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/command.c (help_command) src/win/winmain.h src/win/winmain.c
(WinExit, ShutDown, WinCloseHelp, WinMain): Work-around for apparently
well known html help bug, which causes spurious crashes on exit. Keep
track of help window handle and try to close the window as soon as
possible. New function WinCloseHelp.
Extensive update to color, linetype and fillstyle handling in windows
terminal. Fixes several bugs and implements new options.
* term/win.trm (WIN_id, WIN_opts, WIN_options): Add options "solid",
"dashed", "background", "fontscale" and "linewidth". Call new function
GraphInitStruct to initialize graphwin. Inlcude font in term_options.
* term/win.trm (WIN_point, WIN_filled_polygon): Handle dashed lines
in drawgraph, not here. (WIN_filled_polygon): Use generalized
W_fillstyle call, shared with WIN_boxfill. (WIN_boxfill): Pass second
corner as parameter, not width and height. Fixes spurious rounding
errors during translation to graph coordinates. (help text): Document
new options.
* src/win/wgnuplib.h (GW): Reorder entries according to function.
* src/win/wgraph.c (pattern_bitmaps): Fix double cross-hatch.
(GraphInitStruct): New function. (MakePens, DestroyPens): Account for
linewidth and sampling and create an additional "null" pen which is
used for filled polygons and boxes. (MakeFonts, GraphEnhancedOpen)
Account for fontscale. (draw_new_pens, draw_new_brush) New functions
to (re)create brushes and pens. Always create a "solid" partner for
the possibly "dashed" pen. Called by drawgraph.
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph): Reorder variables according to
function. [W_line_type]: Save last LOGPEN instead of pen index. Make
use of draw_new_pens. Select background brush for line-type <=
LT_NODRAW (fix by Shigeharu Takeno, Bug 3192205). [W_fillstyle]: Unify
code for filled boxes and polygons. Use draw_new_brush. [W_boxfill]:
Fillstyle is now set by previous call to W_fillstyle. Change interface
from relative (width, height) to absolute position to avoid off by one
rounding errors. Deselect brush use for transparent fill before
deleting it. [W_line_width] Scale by linewidth option. [W_setcolor]
Use save LPOGEN to create pens with new color. Use draw_new_brush and
draw_new_pens to recreate brushes and pens. [W_filled_polygon_draw]
Fillstyle is now set by previous call to W_fillstyle. Use "null" pen
to avoid drawing a border around filled area. [W_image] Avoid static
variables. [W_plus,...] Use solid pen. Fixes point symbols drawn with
dashed lines. Adresses Bug 1952364.
2011-04-26 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/readline.c: Revise the built-in readline code to handle UTF-8
encoded character input. The revised code is only active if the user
has explicitly done "set encoding utf8" or "set encoding locale", but
probably it should be the default in a UTF-8 locale.
* src/readline.c (clear_line): More efficient clear line algorithm.
2011-04-25 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot.c (main) src/misc.c (load_file): Initializing c_token to an
illegal value is not a good idea.
Bug #3292512
2011-04-23 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/gnuplot-ja.doc docs/term-ja.diff: sync to docs version 1.664.
* docs/ (wxhelp/doc2html.o): Add missing space.
2011-04-22 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/readline.c docs/gnuplot.doc: Built-in readline did not recognize
the character sequence produced by the DEL key on many keyboards. Trap
this sequence for interpretation as "forward delete", which is what the
same key does under windows and gnu libreadline. This does not affect
keyboards or xmodmap configurations where the DEL key produces another
sequence entirely.
2011-04-22 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/readline.c: The behavior of ^W was not consistent with the
documentation. Change it to match gnu libreadline (delete previous
partial or full word).
2011-04-20 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/gplt_x11.c: Most of the messages passed via the title bar
of the X Display window are controlled by #ifdef TITLE_BAR_DRAWING_MSG.
Do the same for the "allocating colors..." message.
2011-04-19 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* config/ ( Additional files to become
part of the distributed tarball. Reindented.
2011-04-19 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c (f_columnhead df_set_key_title) src/datafile.h
src/eval.c src/plot2d.c (eval_plots) docs/gnuplot.doc:
New function columnhead(N) that returns a string containing column N
from the first line of a data set. 'plot ... title columnhead(i)'
was previously implemented as a keyword; making it a function instead
allows, for example,
'plot for [i=3:6] ... title "Results of ".columnhead(i)'
2011-04-19 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* docs/ (wxhelp/doc2html, gnuplot.htb): Ooops.
Yesterday's directory name change to windows was wrong. Undoing
2011-04-18 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* term/ Use $< where applicable.
($(srcdir)/lua/ Make workable outside the
source tree. Use $< and $@ where applicable.
* docs/ (CLEANFILES): Fix broken directory name;
(gnuplot.htb): Fix broken directory name. Make workable in
out-of-source builds.
(windows/wgnuplot.html, windows/doc2html.o, windows/doc2html): Fix
wrong directory name.
* Makefile.maint (amfiles): Missing semicolon.
2011-04-18 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph): Fractional solid fill based on SF
Patch 2905570 by Shigeharu Takeno. Remove halftone brushes.
Eliminate static variable to keep track of pm3d brushes.
2011-04-17 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* config/mingw/Makefile: Use $^ and $< where applicable. Patch by
Benjamin Lindner, SF Patch 2468650. Set TARGET only if it's not
already defined. GNUPLOT_LUA_DIR was included twice in
TERMOPTIONS. GNUPLOT_PS_DIR is required by show.c. [wgnuplot.chm]
Avoid changing directory via shell which seem not to work reliably
on all systems.
2011-04-17 Ethan A Merritt <>
* config/ Fix package-build breakage.
2011-04-17 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
Building the three different types of executable for Windows
was quite cumbersome (change make variable, make clean, build,
all that thrice). Compiling to three different object file name
extensions helps with that.
* config/watcom/Makefile (VARIANT): New macro to choose among
New macros for settings particular to one variant.
(DEFAULT_TARGETS): Changed definition to use new per-variant
(ALL_TARGETS): New macro listing all things that can be built.
(all): New target building all variants without the need to make
clean in between.
(OBJS): Add $(WINOBJS) here instead.
(CONSOLE_OBJS, PIPE_OBJS): Copies of $(OBJS) with different object
filename extension.
Use $(O) in favour of fixed .obj, to allow renaming trick.
(.EXTENSIONS): Add .cobj and .pobj to list of recognized file name
(.c.cobj): New implicit rule to compile sources for the console build.
(.c.pobj): New implicit rule for pipe-enabled build.
(wgnuplot.exe): $(WINOBJS) is contained in $(OBJS) now.
(wgnuplot_pipes.exe): Use $(PIPE_OBJS) instead of $(OBJS)
(gnuplot.exe): USE $(CONSOLE_OBJS) instead of $(OBJS)
(term.cobj): New explicit rule to compile term.c for the console build.
(term.pobj): New explicit rule to compile term.c for the pipe build.
(.c): Added windows source subdirectory to VPATH search list.
(w*.obj): Removed unnecessary explicit rules for Windows-specific
(clean): Remove object files with new names.
* config/watcom/.cvsignore: Add new file name extensions to ignore.
2011-04-17 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* config/makefile.cyg config/makefile.mgw config/makefile.unx
cygwin/Makefile mingw/Makefile: Remove dependencies on
wgnuplot.def and wgnuplib.def.
* src/wgnuplib.def: Removed
2011-04-16 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* config/config.amg config/makefile.msc config/term.pc.h
config/ config/makefile.ztc src/win/wgnuplot.def
src/win/wgnupl32.def: Remove build files for no longer supported
platforms DOS16, WIN16, Amiga and compilers.
* src/ansicheck.h src/command.c src/eval.h src/stdfn.h
src/syscfg.h src/term.c src/term.h src/makefile.all
src/makefile.awc docs/ term/fg.trm : Remove suport for
the Zortech compiler and the no longer available Flash Graphics
2011-04-15 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (plot_steps) src/gp_types.h src/graph3d.c
src/tables.c docs/gnuplot.doc docs/plotstyles.gnu:
New plot style "with fillsteps" is identical to "with steps" except
that the area between the stepped line and the baseline at y=0 is
filled using the currently active fill style.
* src/graphics.c (plot_fsteps, histeps_vertical)
(histeps_horizontal): Simplify the code to use clip_line() rather
than lots of in-line tests.
* term/dumb.trm docs/gnuplot.doc: Updates
2011-04-15 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/readline.c (msdos_getch, readline), src/win/winmain.c
(ConsoleGetch): Don't quit on DEL on an empty line. Map DEL key to del
character 127 instead of ^D, but keep old behaviour of deleting current
character on platforms Windows, MSDOS and OS/2. SF Bug #3285571
2011-04-13 Peter Hedwig <>
* term/lua/gnuplot-tikz.lua: Fix "charsize" option.
2011-04-13 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/canvas.trm term/gd.trm term/svg.trm term/x11.trm src/misc.c:
Stricter checks that the red component of RGB colors stays in range.
2011-04-13 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (WndGraphProc), src/win/wtext.c (WndTextProc):
Enable access to popup menu via status bar and keyboard.
2011-04-12 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wtext.c (WndParentProc) [WM_SIZE]: Ignore requests to set
window size to 0,0. Fixes crash on Vista if Windows-D is pressed.
2011-04-11 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/js/gnuplot_common.js: Fix the clipping of filled rectangles
when zoomed.
2011-04-11 Petr Mikulik <>
* src/config/mingw/Makefile: Fixed relative directories in RCFLAGS.
2011-04-10 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/term/win.trm, src/win/wgraph.c, src/win/wgnuplib.h: Renew text
handling: Process enhanced text in drawgraph(), new functions
GraphEnhancedOpen(), GraphEnhancedFlush(), revised GraphGetTextLength().
This most notably fixes behaviour when resizing the graph window. Collect
static variables used for the internal state of enhanced text processing
into a struct. Move code out of main loop of drawgraph: New functions
draw_put_text(), draw_text_justify(), draw_enhanced_text(). Fix baseline
alignment of normal and enhanced text. Text position was moving in wrong
direction for rotated enhanced text (fix replaces change dated
2011-02-11). Remove unused function GraphGetFontScaling(). Fix text
positioning of enhanced text with oversampling.
* term/win.trm (WIN_graphics): Update character and window size.
* src/win/wgraph.c (WndGraphProc): Remove another Win16 relict.
* term/win.trm, src/win/wgnuplib.h, src/win/wgraph.c: Remove LPGW.resized,
rename commands no longer exclusively used for pm3d.
* src/win/wgraph.c (UnicodeText): Add codepage 1250.
* term/win.trm (WIN_Init), src/win/wgraph.c (GraphInit): Move loading of
* term/win.trm (WIN_scale): Removed.
* term/win.trm (WIN_options), src/win/winmain.c (WinMain): Eliminate need
for static variable WIN_gtitle.
* term/win.trm (WIN_set_pointsize), src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph)
[W_pointsize]: Don't pass size as string.
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph) [W_line_type]: Only init LOGBRUSH lb
if it is used.
* term/win.trm, src/win/wgraph.c: Various small code cleanups.
2011-04-09 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/svg.trm term/js/gnuplot_svg.js: Draw all grid lines with
attribute class="gridline". Add an icon to toggle on/off lines with this
attribute. Move both this icon and the mouse coordinate tracking box to
the end of the output *.svg file so that they cannot be occluded by plot
* term/svg.trm (SVG_PathClose): Firefox 3.x fails to render purely
vertical lines. This is particularly noticeable because all vertical
grid lines are missing. Work around this by adding 0.01 to the final
x coordinate.
2011-04-08 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/svg.trm: Adjust enhanced text placement, removing some kludges
that appear not to be necessary with the current generation of browsers.
* term/svg.trm term/js/gnuplot_svg.js: Implement mouse tracking
2011-04-07 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/term.h term/svg.trm demo/html/ demo/html/Makefile.svg
demo/html/Makefile.svg: Add bitmap image handling to the svg terminal
using the same mechanism of external png files used by the canvas and
tikz terminals.
* term/svg.trm(SVG_init): Konqueror (KDE 4.5) crashes if the xlink to
gnuplot_svg.js fails to load. Work around this by adding a test for the
presence of gnuplot_svg before initializing.
2011-04-06 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* term/win.trm, src/win/wgnuplib.h, src/win/wgraph.c: Use UINTs
instead of DWORDs in struct GWOP.
* src/win/wgraph.c, src/win/wgnuplib.h: Move static flag for
unsupported encodings to struct LPGW. This ensures that errors
are reported only once.
2011-04-06 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graph3d.c src/graphics.c src/term_api.h: Add layering flags
* term/js/gnuplot_svg.js term/svg.trm: Elementary mousing support for
the svg terminal based on Patches #2477391 #2478169 (yeah, those are
from 2 years ago). Toggle plot on/off in response to mouse click on
the corresponding key entry.
* demo/html/Makefile.svg demo/html/index.svg demo/html/
Revise the svg demo set to use mousing.
* src/graphics.c (do_plot) src/term_api.h (TERM_LAYER_RESET_PLOTNO)
term/svg.trm term/canvas.trm: The "set key opaque" option was causing
mismatched begin/end plot pairs in output from the svg and canvas
terminals (begin/begin/end). Revise this so that the plot and the key
sample numbering is out of sync.
2011-04-05 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/color.c (ifilled_quadrangle): See note in the code. For some
reason this fixes rendering of pm3d surfaces in the svg terminal.
2011-04-04 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/canvas.trm demo/html/mousebox.template term/js/gnuplot_mouse.js:
Incorporate the plot name (from 'set term canvas name "foo") into the
flag used by the toggleVisibility() routine so that plots in other
canvas elements on the same page are not affected.
2011-04-03 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/term.c src/term.h term/ term/lua.trm
term/write_png_image.c: Move the routine write_png_image() out of
lua.trm so that it can be shared by other terminal drivers.
It requires support from either libgd or cairo, and provides bitmapped
image support to the lua terminals and (in prospect) to the HTML5
canvas terminal.
* src/save.c: Echo most recent range of autoscaled axes on "show" but
not "save". This simplifies the output of gpsavediff in most cases.
* gnuplot-cvs/term/js/gnuplot_mouse.js term/js/gnuplot_common.js
gnuplot-cvs/term/canvas.trm (CANVAS_image):
Implement support for image handling in the canvas terminal using the
HTML5 canvas primitive drawImage(). Image data is written to a png file
in parallel to generation of the main plot. The png image can then be
loaded from the javascript handler for the plot it belongs to.
* demo/html/Makefile demo/html/Makefile.canvas demo/html/index.canvas
demo/html/mousebox.template: Update the demo collection to show the new
image handling.
2011-04-01 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/canvas.trm demo/html/
Add HTML5-conformant doctype and meta-information to output html.
* src/graph3d.c:
Wrap pm3d surfaces and hidden3d ensembles in BEFORE_PLOT/AFTER_PLOT
flags via term->layer(). This allows them to be toggled on/off like
other plots in HTML canvas output.
* src/term.c(null_layer) src/graphics.c src/graph3d.c:
Provide a null_layer() routine for all terminals that do not provide
term->layer(). This allows us to remove explicit checks for support by
the current terminal.
2011-03-30 Ethan A Merritt <>
* demo/html/index.canvas demo/html/Makefile.canvas
demo/html/mousebox.template demo/html/
Separate make targets for 2D and 3D plots. Add buttons for toggling
individual plots. Default to mousing enabled for all demo plots.
* term/canvas.trm:
Wrap each component plot in a test for (gnuplot.hide_plot_N).
Add plot-toggling buttons to the standalone mousebox.
Report gnuplot version in each plot generated.
* term/gnuplot_common.js term/gnuplot_mouse.css term/js/canvas_help.html
term/gnuplot_mouse.js (popup_help(URL) toggle_plot(N)):
Add version number to shared javascript code modules.
Add support for linking help button to plot-specific URL.
Add support for toggling individual component plots on/off.
2011-03-30 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* term/gd.trm: Don't try to reuse names of gd font pointers for
local variables. Fixes build with MinGW and DLL version of libgd.
* config/mingw/Makefile: Optionally, use pre-built DLL version
of libgd. Use environment variable PROGRAMFILES to access help
2011-03-29 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgnuplib.rc, src/win/wgnuplot.rc, src/win/wresourc.h:
Use standard dialog font. Remove obsolete DS_3DLOOK.
* src/win/winmain.c (WinMain): Sync About Dialog box with
output of "show version".
* src/win/wmenu.c (SendMacro), src/win/wgnuplot.mnu: Add
About dialog to Help menu.
* src/win/wmenu.c (SendMacro), src/win/wgnuplot.mnu: Add
Options menu to toolbar.
2011-03-28 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot2d.c (get_data): Fix array bounds underflow if every
point in a data file is invalid.
Bug #3254653
2011-03-28 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wtext.c: Always update complete lines of text instead
of drawing single characters, since character boxes might
overlap when using ClearType.
* docs/README: Document recent changes to Windows help.
* src/win/wgnuplib.h, src/win/wcommonh.h, src/win/wtext.c:
Continue to make more stuff module-local.
* src/win/wgnuplib.h, src/win/wmenu.c: Move definition of
* config/config.nt: Sync with config.h created by autoconf.
2011-03-26 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* term/gd.trm (PNG_put_text ENHGD_FLUSH gd_iconv): Invoke the
SJIS/UTF8 conversion for both enhanced and non-enhanced text.
EAM - and collapse the shared code into a subroutine.
2011-03-26 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* config/mingw/Makefile: Add missing paths to wxt/cairo/pango
files. Update build instructions. WX_LOCATION is no longer
required since gnuplot has its own manifest file now and the one
supplied by wxWidgets is no longer included. htmlhelp.lib is
included in LDLIBS not TERMFLAGS. Replace '=' by ':=' for shell
commands. Filter out drive specifications "c:" in results from
pkg-config which would confuse make.
2011-03-25 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/pm3d.c docs/gnuplot.doc: Allow pm3d plots to use the fourth
column of data as "rgb variable" rather than "palette z".
2011-03-25 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* src/win/wtext.c: Make more stuff module-local. Resolve several
signedness conflicts introduced by functions in new screenbuf.c
2011-03-25 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/plot.c (main), src/win/winmain.c (WinMain, WinExit),
src/win/wcommon.h: The code which changes the codepages for
console gnuplot is only compiled in if CONSOLE_SWITCH_CP is
defined. Otherwise gnuplot will only display a warning if
codepages differ. Handle the case when codepages already match.
2011-03-24 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/Makefile.maint: Fill in the "last modified" date from the most
recent entry in the ChangeLog rather than the using the current date,
and only then if the VERSION or PATCHLEVEL has been changed.
Caution: tested only under linux with gnu make.
2011-03-22 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/graphics.c (do_plot, plot_points): Test wether the terminal
actually supports set_color. Fixes crashes with terminal dumb.
2011-03-21 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (WIN_image): Fix regression: rotation of images
with reversed axis was not working since rev. 1.92.
2011-03-20 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/util.c (equals): Test here for token index in range, rather than
trusting all callers to get it right.
* src/command.c src/parse.c: Token index range test is now redundant.
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Document that ^D from an empty line acts as EOF.
2011-03-20 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgnuplib.c|h, src/win/wgraph.c, src/win/winmain.c,
src/win/wmenu.c, src/win/wpause.c, src/win/wtext.c: FAR pointers are
no longer required.
* src/win/winmain.c (WinExit): Explicitly close help window on exit.
Fixes hangs of gnuplot when it is closed via the Windows taskbar
and help window and graph window open.
* src/win/wmenu.c (LoadMacros), src/win/wgnuplot.mnu ([Button]): Add
icons to the text-window toolbar.
* docs/windows/doc2html.c (process_line): Don't include '=' items in
index. This avoids duplicate entries which caused wgnuplot to stall
when an e.g. 'set term png; help "png"' was issued.
2011-03-18 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wtext.c (TextCopyClip): Fix copying of last line of a
marked region in case the marking exceeds the length of that
* src/win/wgnuplib.rc, src/win/resourc.h: Remove dialog resource
which was only used on Win16.
* term/gd.trm (PNG_init): On Windows, set GDFONTPATH to %windir%\Fonts
if not set previously.
* src/plot.c (main), src/win/winmain.c (WinMain, WinExt): Always use
the ANSI codepage (instead of OEM) to ensure sure that the console
of gnuplot.exe and the graph window use the same codepage. Warn
users that raster fonts won't display all characters correctly and
restore the codepage on exit.
2011-03-17 Ethan A Merritt <>
* axis.c(gen_tics): Make sure the axis tic label format string is
long enough to hold enhanced text markup. Fixes buffer overflow.
2011-03-16 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (UnicodeText): new function to convert a string
to UTF-16
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph, GraphGetTextLength) NEWS: support
"set encoding" for all currently defined encodings
* src/win/wtext.c (ReadTextIni): select default font according to
the Windows version. Avoid font "Terminal" since it might not
contain all glyphs of the current character set.
* src/win/wgnuplib.h, src/win/wgraph.c, term/win.trm: use child
window for status bar, allow right button mouse click on status
bar to activate the `graph-menu` popup. Change name of
GW.statuslineheight for consistency with TW.
2011-03-15 Ethan A Merritt <>
* axis.c(copy_or_invent_formatstring): If the default tic format has
insufficient precision to distinguish the two extremes of the axis
range, increase the precision.
2011-03-14 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c: Auto-placement of the left margin of the plot
was failing to allow room for "set key outside left".
* term/post.trm: Add a %%Page statement in *.eps files, as current
versions of standard tools seem to expect it.
Bug #3046700
2011-03-13 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgnuplot.rc, src/win/wgnuplot.exe.manifest: add new
manifest for wgnuplot to enable visual styles
* src/win/wmenu.c, src/win/wtext.c: remove unused variables to
make compiler happy, avoid C++ style comments
* src/win/wtext.c (TextInit), src/win/wmenu.c, src/win/wgnuplib.h,
src/win/wresourc.h: add a statusbar to the text window,
reduce size of text area accordingly
* src/win/wtext.c (WndParentProc): [WM_GETMINMAXINFO] use active
font to calculate minimum window size; take menu, toolbar and
statusbar into account
2011-03-13 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* config/cygwin/Makefile (LDLIBS): Add newly needed library.
2011-03-13 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* config/config.nt, src/alloc.c, src/alloc.h, src/command.c,
src/eval.c, src/fit.c, src/gpexecute.c, src/plot.c, src/syscfg.h,
src/win/wcommon.h, src/win/wgnuplib.c, src/win/wgnuplib.h,
src/win/wgnuplot.mnu, src/win/wgnuplot.rc, src/win/wgraph.c,
src/win/winmain.c, src/win/wmenu.c, src/win/wpause.c,
src/win/wprinter.c, src/win/wtext.c, term/win.trm:
Remove Win16 support.
* src/win/winmain.c (WinMain): init common controls
* config/mingw/Makefile, config/magefile.mgw, config/makefile.nt,
conig/watcom/Makefile: add library comctl32
* src/win/wmwenu.c (LoadMacros, CloseMacros, MenuBottonProc): use
common controls toolbar, remove MenuBottonProc
* src/win/wgnuplib.h (MW): add handle for toolbar, remove pointer
to MenuBottonProc
* src/win/wresourc.h: add ID for toolbar
* src/win/wtext.c (WndParentProc): [WM_SIZE] forward msg to toolbar,
[WM_PAINT] remove completely
* src/win/wingraph.c (UpdateStatusLine, DisplaySatusLine): use common
* src/win/winmenu.c (IShellFolder_BindToObject),
(IShellFolder_GetDisplayNameOf): protect definition by #ifdef,
(SendMacro) use newer variant of directory dialog
2011-03-11 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/makefile.nt: implement suggestions by Shigeharu Takeno:
Do not use "+=" to be compatible with Visual C++ 2005; add/update
links wo libgd and wxWidgets; add a scheme to easily select options
[GDLIB, PDFLIB, WXT]; use linker option files for compilation of
wgnuplot.exe and gnuplot.exe
2011-03-11 Ethan A Merritt <>
* Check for iconv library and iconv.h, since gd uses iconv
to convert between UTF-8 and SJIS encodings if it is available.
* term/svg.trm: Demarcate plot elements using the svg <title> and
<g id=foo> elements rather than <a xlink:foo>
Bug #3205257
* src/misc.c src/wxterminal/gp_cairo.c src/wxterminal/gp_cairo.h
src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp src/wxterminal/wxt_term.h term/cairo.trm
term/canvas.trm term/cgm.trm term/emf.trm term/gd.trm term/svg.trm
term/wxt.trm term/x11.trm:
Add option to specify a background color in "set term".
NB: Not yet implemented for terminals: win post qt pm
2011-03-11 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* term/gd.trm: libgd can be customized for Japanese use such that
it prefers SJIS encoding rather than UTF-8 encoding. Add code to
check which encoding the local libgd prefers, and convert strings
to that encoding if necessary.
2011-03-10 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/command.c (test_palette): tmpfile() always fails on a modern
Windows. Open a file in the user's temp directory instead.
* src/win/winmain.c (WinExit): add missing void parameter
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph): add missing init
2011-03-09 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* config/makefile.nt: add chm help (update of SF patch 3191892 by
Shigeharu Takeno), (HCWPATH, HHWPATH) use PROGRAMFILES variable
instead of hard coded path
2011-03-08 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* config/cygwin/Makefile (WINOBJS): Add new object file screenbuf.
(screenbuf.$(O)): Rule for new object file.
2011-03-08 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* config/makefile.nt: fix copy/paste errors
2011-03-07 Bastian Maerkisch <>
revised implementation of Windows text window, SF patch 1973569,
Feature Request 992352
* src/win/screenbuf.c|h: new files, implement dynamic buffer to
hold screen contents
* src/win/wtext.c: use data structures and methods from
screenbuf.c|h; optionally wrap long lines which don't fit on
screen [TextWrap]; add menu item to toggle this setting; save/load
size of text buffer to/from wgnuplot.ini [TextLines]; avoid
erasing the window area to avoid flicker during window resize;
coloured output is not yet implemented.
* src/win/wgnuplib.h: change definition of struct TW accordingly
* src/win/wresourc.h: new menu item "Wrap long lines"
* term/win.trm: update help texts on `text-menu` and `wgnuplot.ini`
* config/makefile.nt, config/makefile.mgw, config/mingw/Makefile:
include screenbuf.c|h in build process
2011-03-07 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* docs/ add new target 'htb' to create help file
compatible with wxWidgets help viewer
* docs/windows/doc2html.c (main): change command line options,
(convert, header, footer) optionally split html files manually
[SPLIT_FILES] (Note: this will produce ~500 files!), optionally
create index file manually [CREATE_INDEX], always use hard-coded
links as none of the open source viewers seem to support k-links
* config/makefile.mgw, config/watcom/Makefile, config/mingw/Makefile:
change command line accordingly
2011-03-06 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* config/watcom/.cvsignore: Set up list of files to be ignored.
* config/watcom/Makefile (clean): Remove GIF help files.
* config/watcom/Makefile (wgnuplot_pipes.exe, gnuplot.exe): Add
missing library msimg32.
2011-03-05 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* config/makefile.nt (OPTIONS, LDFLAGS, TERMFLAGS): Grouped for
easier disabling of optional terminals (gd, pdf, wx).
(gnuplot.exe): Change name of console gnuplot to the common one.
Drop wgnuplot_pipes.exe in the process.
(pgnuplot.exe): Re-use this name for the original program that had it.
(HCWPATH): New. Help compiler need not be on PATH.
(CC): Remove /c option. Put that into calls that only compile,
instead. Allows to use $(CC) instead of verbatim "cl" in more
(LDFLAGS): Remove /subsystem option. Put it into calls instead,
because it's different for different builds.
(CBASEFLAGS): Adapted to current version of MSVC.
(O): Missing macro needed for makefile.all.
(linkopt1.msw, gnuplot.exe): Add recently needed library msimg32.
2011-03-03 Peter Hedwig <>
* term/lua.trm: If the cairo terminal is not available to make a
bitmap image, use libgd instead.
2011-02-28 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc docs/plotstyles.gnu: Add a polar-mode example
to the set of plotting style figures (even though it is not really
a "plot style").
2011-02-28 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* docs/xref.c (refs): Only emit start and stop strings if we
write any items at all.
Request by Mojca Miklavec
* docs/windows/doc2html.c: Include list of subtopics. Optionally
use hard links instead of index lookup (HTML_HARDLINKS).
Feature Request #874572
* term/win.trm src/win/wgraph.c src/win/wgnuplib.h
src/win/wresourc.h: Add double buffering to the windows terminal
to avoid flicker on redraw. Add a poor man's version of antialiasing:
draw on a bitmap twice the size of the window on screen, then
scale down using halftone mode. Both settings are optional and can
be changed via the `graph-menu` and `wgnuplot.ini`.
2011-02-26 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/ Don't try to install TeX files for lua
if we didn't build lua support.
2011-02-26 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* config/mingw/Makefile, config/cygwin/Makefile: New files. Work
like config/makefile.cyg and config/makefile.mgw, respectively,
but without spilling files into the source tree.
* config/makefile.oww: Dropped. Superseded by
2011-02-26 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph): handle the case of transparent
fill with color from linetype: save color to variable last_color
on all changes and create solid brushes when required
2011-02-25 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* term/win.trm (WIN_image, WIN_filled_polygon) src/win/wgraph.c
(drawgraph: W_boxfill, W_pm3d_setcolor, W_pm3d_filled_polygon)
(W_image): support transparency and alpha channel for boxes,
images and polygons. Use memory bitmaps to draw and then use
AlphaBlend() and TransparentBlt() to copy to the screen. Fix
clipping of images.
* config/makefile.mgw(LDLIBS): additional GDI library file
* docs/gnuplot.doc: update `set style fill transparent`
* term/win.trm: update and reformat windows help text
2011-02-24 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/gnuplot-ja.doc: sync to docs version 1.651
2011-02-24 Peter Hedwig <>
* term/lua/gnuplot-tikz.lua term/lua.trm: Make full bitmap
support conditional on HAVE_CAIROPDF. Necessary in order to
build lua without the cairo terminals.
2011-02-24 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* share/LaTeX/ (${lua_files}): Missing $(top_srcdir)
broke out-of-source-tree build.
2011-02-23 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/lua/gnuplot-tikz.lua term/lua/
Fix redundant definitions that broke TeX-based documentation.
* term/ Regenerate term/lua/
2011-02-23 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc: correct typos; revive some "html" anchors
2011-02-23 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc: add link from `rand` to `random` and use
proper table format in random section
* term/lua/ term/lua/gnuplot-tikz.lua: balance
backquotes in gnuplot help.
* src/win/wgraph.c: reorder entries of the graph popup menu
* src/win/winmain.c(IsWindowsXPorLater) src/win/wcommon.h: add a
function to detect if gnuplot is running on Win XP or later.
* src/win/wtext.c(TextMakeFont) src/win/wgraph.c(Makefonts):
select ClearType or Proof quality depending on OS version to
improve rendering quality
2011-02-21 Peter Hedwig <>
* term/lua/ term/lua/gnuplot-tikz.lua
term/lua/NEWS term/lua/README term/lua/TODO term/lua.trm:
Re-work the lua terminal to support ConTeXt and plain TeX in addition
to TikZ. Requires TikZ >= 2.0
* share/LaTeX/ Regenerate the lua terminal *.tex and *.sty
files from the Makefile rather than keeping them in cvs.
2011-02-21 Bastian Maerkisch <>
Windows HTML help, SF patch set #3186000.
* docs/gnuplot.doc: changes for windows html help: update
titlepage, comment out old html anchor definitions and links, and
add html replacements for tables
* docs/plotstyles.gnu: new variable winhelp used to switch between
PDF output for "make pdffigures" and PNG output for windows html
* docs/windows/doc2html.c: New help file format converter derived
from docs/doc2rtf.c and docs/doc2html.c (Attic)
* docs/windows/wgnuplot.hhp: New file. HTML help project file.
* docs/windows/wgnuplot.hhk: New file. HTML help stub index file.
* docs/windows/wgnuplot.stp: New file. HTML help negative list for
search index generation. Caution: maximum size 512 bytes.
* src/command.c (help_command): issue error message if helpfile
could not be opened, fix table of contents command ("help")
* src/win/winmain.c (WinExit) [WITH_HTML_HELP]: no need to close
help window
* config/makefile.mgw: Optionally modify settings to build and use
SF patch set #3186010.
* history.c (write_history_list history_find history_find_all):
use ANSI C definitions
* command.c (history_command): mention editline in message for
missing history support
* readline.c(getc_wrapper): generalize code used for editline
2011-02-20 Ethan A Merritt <>
* Revised configuration tests for lua support.
Variable arrowstyle for vector plots.
* src/gadgets.c src/gadgets.h src/set.c src/term_api.h:
Add tag field to arrow_style_type
* src/misc.c (arrow_parse) src/misc.h (arrow_use_properties):
Parse "arrowstyle variable", export a routine to apply it.
* src/plot2d.c (get_data): Allow 5 column "with vectors" style.
* src/graphics.c (plot_vectors) src/graph3d.c (plot3d_vectors):
Check for arrowstyle variable, apply to each vector if needed
* demo/arrowstyle.dem: Modify last plot to show arrowstyle from column
2011-02-20 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* config/config.oww [WITH_HTML_HELP]: Change helpfile name.
* src/command.c [WITH_HTML_HELP]: Include <htmlhelp.h>.
(help_command) [WITH_HTML_HELP]: Use HTML help instead of classic
WinHelp32 helpfile system.
* config/watcom/Makefile (HELP_EXT, HHC_DIR, HHC, WD, HHP_PROJ)
(HELPFILE, CPPFLAGS, LDLIBS) [HELP_EXT==chm]: Optionally modify
settings to build and use HTML help.
(wgnuplot.chm, $(HHP_OUTPUT), $(HHP_INPUT) $(HHP_CONTENT))
(doc2html.exe) [HELP_EXT==chm]: New targets.
(clean, realclean): Delete files generated for HTML help.
* term/win.trm (WIN_enhanced_flush): Replace C99-ism by simpler cast.
2011-02-20 Bastian Maerkisch <>
* src/win/text.c(DragFunc): Support drag and drop of directories
onto the windows terminal emulator.
* plot.c(main): init rl_library_name before first call to
editline, otherwise .editrc does not work
2011-02-17 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/internal.c (f_calln): Limit recursion depth for multi-variable
functions in the same manner as for single-variable functions.
Bug #3184671
* docs/gnuplot.texi: This file is generated from gnuplot.doc. The copy
in cvs is perennially out of date, so remove it. "make gnuplot.texi" to
regenerate it when needed.
2011-02-12 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/cairo.trm: Add missing TERM_ALPHA_CHANNEL flag for pdfcairo
2011-02-11 Benjamin Lindner <>
* term/win.trm(WIN_enhanced_flush) src/win/wgraph.c(GraphGetTextLength):
Adjust position of enhanced text to account for terminal aspect ratio.
2011-02-10 Benjamin Lindner <>
* term/win.trm (WIN_set_font) src/win/wgraph.c (GraphChangeFont):
Do not initialize to an empty font name.
2011-02-10 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/lua.trm (LUA_set_color): Initialize rgb_color for the case TC_LT.
term/lua/gnuplot-tikz.lua: Work around failure to handle LT_NODRAW
and LT_BACKGROUND. This prevents a freeze, but is not a complete fix.
* src/save.c (save_linetype): save/show variable linecolor correctly.
* src/misc.h src/misc.c (parse_colorname): Split out color name
interpretation into a separate routine.
* src/graphics.c (filter_boxplot) src/graphics.h
src/plot2d.c (boxplot_range_fiddling):
Sort and filter points contributing to a boxplot at the point we pick
the auto-range limits rather than waiting till when we draw it.
Bug #3155750
2011-01-26 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/emf.trm (EMF_filled_polygon): Explicitly set a zero-width
same-color border for filled polygons, otherwise it inherits a border
line style.
Bug #3165902
2011-01-25 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/set.c (set_encoding): Check result of "set encoding locale"
to see if we have just loaded an sjis (codepage 932) locale.
2011-01-25 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* src/term.c src/term_api.h term/post.trm term/svg.trm NEWS
"set encoding sjis" allows characters in Shift-JIS Japanese encoding to
survive enhanced text processing by the postscript and svg terminals.
2011-01-23 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graph3d.c (xtick_callback ytick_callback ztick_callbacke):
Revert change made 2011-01-20 because it breaks hidden3d.
* src/util3d.c (map3d_xy_double): Instead revise the map3d_xy() code
path to share the coordinate transformation used by map3d_xyz().
Bug #3157712
2011-01-22 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* src/win/wgraph.c: Fix typo in previous definition of _WIN32_WINNT.
2011-01-21 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (plot_boxplot): Handle some corner cases
(all points have the same value, fewer than 4 valid points).
Bug #3162872
2011-01-20 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graph3d.c (xtick_callback ytick_callback ztick_callbacke):
Gnuplot uses two different pathways to convert 3D coordinates in user
space into 2D coordinates in the terminal coordinate space. One of
these goes via map3d_xyz() and TERMCOORD(); the other uses map3d_xy().
Unfortunately it seems the two paths can differ by +/- one pixel in the
final terminal coordinates. This discrepancy is particularly
noticeable in the grid and axis tic placement of 3D plots after
"set view map" (Bug #3157712).
This patch switches the tick_callback() routines to use the map3d_xy()
pathway, which fixes the problem case described by the bug report.
It would be to make both pathways share the same underlying code
so that the discrepancy doesn't occur in other conditions.
Bug #3157712
2011-01-19 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (place_raxis): If the polar axis maximum is autoscaled,
draw the raxis all the way to that maximum value.
Bug #3153406
* term/post.trm: Replace a use-once character array by a literal string.
2011-01-18 Mojca Miklavec <>
* src/wxterminal/gp_cairo.c: Cast size_t arguments to (int).
2011-01-17 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* src/win/wgraph.c: Pass mouse wheel events through to the core
mousing code so that interactive pan/zoom works from the windows
2011-01-16 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/set.c (set_logscale set_autoscale) src/unset.c (unset_autoscale)
src/axis.h docs/gnuplot.doc: Remove macro INIT_AXIS_ARRAY.
"set logscale" should not affect pseudo-axes.
Bug #3159062
2011-01-14 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot2d.c (eval_plots): Minimum value of polar axis always
auto-scales to 0 (already documented but implementation lacked).
2011-01-10 David Kuehling <>
* term/linux.trm: Makes linux.trm work with all SVGAlib video modes,
not only 16 and 256-color modes.
* src/term.c (init_terminal): Correct the auto-selection of terminal
type vgagl or linux. Only select vgagl if lib3dkit is present.
2011-01-08 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* src/internal.c (f_time): Don't use a local variable of the same
name as a function you're trying to call.
2011-01-07 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/unset.c (reset_command):
"reset" didn't restore default for "set raxis"
2011-01-03 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/internal.c (f_time) src/stdfn.h docs/gnuplot.doc:
Fix breakage caused by the previous update
2011-01-02 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/internal.c (f_time) docs/gnuplot.doc:
Modified time() so that type of result depends on type of argument
2011-01-01 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/eval.c src/internal.c src/internal.h:
New time() function to get the current system time
* docs/gnuplot.doc demo/timedat.dem:
Documentation and demo for time()
2010-12-29 Daniel Sebald <>
* src/specfun.c (ranf): Place more restrictions on seed values
used by rand(seed).
* docs/gnuplot.doc (rand): Updated documentation of rand()
function with details about algorithm and allowable seeds.
2010-12-29 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/specfun.c: Make all the numerical routines f_whatever()
retrieve their argument via pop_or_convert_from_string().
* src/specfun.c (ranf): Disallow fractional seed values since
truncation to an integer produces an invalid seed value of zero.
2010-12-17 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c: Use t->set_color() rather than t->linetype() to
set the fill color for pointinterval < 0 and for opaque key.
Needed for windows terminal [any others?].
2010-12-17 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* term/win.trm: (WIN_point WIN_filled_polygon):
Always draw point symbols using a solid line, even if the current
line type is dashed. Unfortunately this fix is limited to monochrome
Bug #1952364
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph): Selecting linetype 16 caused
corruption of the color and pen assignments in mono mode.
2010-12-14 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* config/watcom/Makefile, config/watcom/config.h: New version of
Makefiles for OpenWatcom that builds outside the src tree.
* config/config.oww (pclose, popen): New defines need to compile
pipe-enabled version on OpenWatcom.
* docs/ (pdffigures): Make indirect target depending on
pdffigures.tex, to avoid unconditional rebuild.
(pdffigures.tex): New, renamed copy of previous target pdffigures.
(figures): Set loadpath for demos; allow this to work from
out-of-source builds.
* docs/gnuplot.texi: Regenerated.
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Clean up blank-only lines.
* src/win/wtext.c, src/win/wprinter.c, src/win/wpause.c,
src/win/wmenu.c, src/win/winmain.c, src/win/wgraph.c
{HAVE_CONFIG_H}: Add "config.h" include.
* src/syscfg.h {MSVC}: Add missing include (was hidden in MSDOS
section, which the Win32 build doesn't touch).
* src/makefile.awc (COREOBJS): Add missing entry for tabulate.c
* term/PostScript/prologues.h (): Regenerated. prologue_cp1251_ps
was missing completely, among other lapses.
2010-12-13 Tatsuro Matsuoka <>
* term/emf.trm: Create special point types 70-74 to be filled polygons,
just as they are for the postscript terminal.
2010-12-12 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graph3d.c: Honor "set key tc <foo>" in 3D plots. Bugfix.
2010-12-06 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/term-ja.diff docs/gnuplot-ja.doc:
Sync Japanese documentation to gnuplot.doc rev 1.641
2010-12-06 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/fit.x (fit_command): Do not use axis_array[SECOND_Z_AXIS] as
temporary storage, because leaving junk in it can cause an erroneous
free() operation later on.
Bug #3130115
2010-12-04 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/gadgets.c src/save.c src/set.c src/show.c src/tables.c
src/tables.h src/unset.c docs/gnuplot.doc: 'set pointintervalbox'.
2010-12-03 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/axis.c (gen_tics): Casting to a float may have been clever, but
we can't afford the loss of precision (fails for time coordinates).
* src/pm3d.c (pm3d_depth_queue_flush): Restore deleted code needed for
extended color support. (There are still some svga users after all!)
* term/emf.trm:
Use the EMR_ELLIPSE primitive to draw point types 6 and 7.
Make point types 4 and 5 slightly larger (looks better on MSWin).
Switch to using linecap=flat and linejoin=miter by default,
but add option "rounded/butt" to toggle this.
2010-11-29 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/set.c (set_decimalsign): Possible fix for problem with
numeric locales on Windows. Bug #3120819.
2010-11-28 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/gadgets.c src/gadgets.h src/graphics.c demo/dashcolor.dem:
Fix breakage to the pointinterval property that was caused by
opaque key support. Add a demo plot illustrating pointinterval.
2010-11-26 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/canvas.trm demo/html/
term/js/gnuplot_common.js term/js/gnuplot_dashedlines.js:
Add support for dashed lines and rounded/butt line properties.
2010-11-24 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/canvas.trm term/js/gnuplot_common.js term/js/gnuplot_mouse.js:
Revamp the javascript support for the HTML5 canvas terminal.
Move all global variables into a single object "gnuplot" declared in
gnuplot_common.js. This revision also adds polar mode mousing support.
* demo/html/Makefile.canvas demo/html/index.canvas
demo/html/mouseable.dem demo/html/mousebox.template
Revamp the demos and build scripts to use the new javascript syntax.
See tracker item #3058147
2010-11-23 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/js/gnuplot_common.js: Rotated text should be zoom-able also.
* term/js/gnuplot_mouse.js: Konqueror (webkit?) implementation of ctx
does not like negative values of width or height.
* src/eval.c (fill_gpval_axis) term/canvas.trm:
Export polar axis limits and logscale status for external mousing.
2010-11-20 Casey Carter <>
* demo/html/index.canvas demo/html/ demo/html/index.svg
term/canvas.trm: syntax error in link record of standalone mode.
2010-11-18 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/axis.c src/axis.h src/command.c src/eval.c src/graphics.c
src/misc.c src/mouse.c src/plot2d.c src/save.c src/set.c src/setshow.h
src/show.c src/tables.c src/tables.h src/unset.c
demo/polar.dem demo/poldat.dem docs/gnuplot.doc:
Improved support for polar coordinate mode.
The polar axis gets syntax and properties equivalent to the x/y/z axes.
- set/unset raxis (always drawn through the origin)
- set rrange controls the extent of the axes and of the plot itself;
the xrange and yrange are set to match, but can be changed afterward
- set rtics (drawn to right of origin; optionally mirrored to the left)
- set log r (does not affect scaling on x or y)
- polar coordinate readout from mousing
- filledcurves bounded by constant r
- polar.dem (turn off rtics so the demo output remains as before)
poldat.dem (add a plot showing raxis, rtics, and log scaling on r)
* src/set.c (set_grid): Clean up the option parsing for set grid.
* src/save.c: save output for "set view" could not be read in.
2010-11-16 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/gadgets.c (clip_line): When draw_clip_line() was made into a
wrapper for clip_line() in May 2000, they differed in a single test.
The version of the test from clip_line() was kept. But this broke
the case clip_line(x, ymin, x, ymax+eps), which clipped to ymin,ymin
rather than to ymin,ymax. I do not know if there were any callers of
clip_line() at the time that needed the variant test, but if so they no
longer exist. There is now only one other caller of clip_line().
Restore the test to the version that is correct for draw_clip_line().
* src/graphics.c (place_grid xtick2d_callback plot_impulses)
src/term.c (do_arrow): Simplify these routines to use draw_clip_line().
2010-11-13 Ethan A Merritt <>
* INSTALL src/ src/term.c src/term.h:
The copyright notice in bitmap.c is more restrictive than the gnuplot
license. The new configuration option --without-bitmap-terminals
omits this code from the gnuplot executable and also disables all
terminals that depend on it. These are:
epson.trm hp500c.trm hpljii.trm hppj.trm pbm.trm
This affects HP deskjet-era printers, but not HPGL or PCL5 printers.
* src/set.c: Replace unnecessary memcpy() calls with direct assignment.
* docs/ Add gnuplot.pdf to the distributed package.
Install it in the same directory as gnuplot.gih.
2010-11-12 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc command.c (help_command) util.h:
"help" was collapsing all text to lower case, which broke "help 3D".
Remove a vestigial call to lower_case(). Also make sure it is indexed.
2010-11-07 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/axis.c src/axis.h src/set.c src/unset.c:
Re-arrange the order of axes in the axis_table[] array so that all the
parametric axes are at the end. This makes it easy to iterate over only
those axes that make sense for the "set/unset logscale" commands.
Previously, commands like "set logscale tuv" were silently accepted,
leading to strange internal state.
* src/plot2d.c: Issue an error message if the user tries to plot in
polar mode with a style that is not supported.
Bug #3072150
* src/axis.h (AXIS_INIT2D) src/set.c (set_logscale):
Keep AXIS.log_base in sync with AXIS.base.
Otherwise calls to AXIS_DO_LOG or AXIS_UNDO_LOG prior to the first plot
command cause divide-by-zero or other math errors.
2010-11-07 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/datafile.c (df_readascii): The "labels" style did not work with
pseudocolumns (e.g. "using 1:2:0"). Now it correctly handles pseudocolumns
0, -1, -2.
* term/cairo.trm: Documentation fix: the section on the default size
for the pngcairo terminal was incorrect.
2010-11-06 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/plot3d.c src/plot3d.h src/set.c src/show.c src/save.c
docs/gnuplot.doc demo/kdensity2d.dem: New option "kdensity2d" for
"set dgrid3d" to create two-dimensional kernel density plots.
2010-11-03 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc: typos
* docs/term-ja.diff docs/gnuplot-ja.doc:
Sync Japanese documentation to gnuplot.doc rev 1.633
2010-11-02 Michael Murphy <>
* share/LaTeX/gnuplot-lua-tikz.sty: Change the tikz default linetype 0
axis style from dashed to dotted, and the color from black to 35% black.
Tracker item #3098162
2010-10-31 Petr Mikulik <>
* demo/pm3dcolors.dem: Added first page with multiple palettes. Show
color ranges in [0:1].
2010-10-28 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (plot_boxes): Prevent out-of-range boxes from creating
degenerate invisible boxes in the output file. Can reduce file size for
vector format output.
Bug #3096750
* src/axis.c: The custom routine dbl_raise() was failing to handle NaN
correctly, causing an infinite loop from e.g. set yrange [*:NaN]
Replace it with a call to the C library routine pow().
2010-10-26 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/misc.c (parse_fillstyle): Allow "border" as a keyword without
necessarily having an immediately following linetype or color.
* src/plot2d.c (eval_plots): fillcolor was not taking into account
user-defined linetypes.
* src/plot3d.c src/misc.c: Simplify calls to load_linetype()
* lisp/gnuplot.el: Emacs 24 does not have make-local-hook
contributed patch #3095458
* ChangeLog.2: Split off ChangeLog at the point 4.5 was tagged.
* docs/gnuplot.texi: regenerate from gnuplot.doc v 1.633
2010-10-23 Ethan A Merritt <>
* The AC_CHECK_LIB macro apparently always appends
to LIBS (despite what the documentation says). We want to accummulate
readline-associated libraries in TERMLIBS rather than LIBS,
so save and restore LIBS around the checks.
2010-10-21 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot2d.c (boxplot_range_fiddling): trap and report an error
if the x coordinate of a boxplot is undefined.
Bug #3092435
* src/plot2d.c (get_data): Up until now this routine has returned
the number of lines from which data were read, including lines
containing undefined points. Change this to return the number of
well-defined data points. That way a file of junk is recognized as
empty if read with either 'using 1:2' or 'using ($1):($2)'.
Bug #3092435
2010-10-20 Graham Reed <>
* src/alloc.c: Test at configuration time whether the
local implementation of malloc(0) returns 0 rather than a pointer.
If so, work around it in gp_malloc(). Replaces alpha-specific fix
of 2010-10-04.
2010-10-18 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot2d.c (box_range_fiddling) src/graphics.c (plot_boxes):
Catch a couple of corner cases of "plot ... with boxes".
Bug #3075938
2010-10-14 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/axis.c (gen_tics): A smart (or maybe that's dumb) compiler may
optimize out our tests for step size less that the machine precision.
Try to forestall this by marking the steps as (float)(volatile double).
Bug #3085168
2010-10-12 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/pm3d.c: Reduce the size of the pm3d surface quadrangle structure
by removing a redundant copy of the vertex coordinates. Add a pointer to
track the current plot's line color.
Bug #2997853
2010-10-11 James R. Van Zandt <>
* src/specfun.c src/specfun.h src/eval.c docs/gnuplot.doc: Adding
support for the exponential integral E_n(x) as gnuplot function expint(n,x).
2010-10-10 Tatsuro Matsuoka <>
* src/stdfn.c (not_a_number): Bit-pattern definition of NaN for MINGW
2010-10-09 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/lua.trm (LUA_options): Null-terminate the "set term lua ..."
command string at the first semicolon before passing it to lua.
* src/fit.c src/fit.h src/set.c docs/gnuplot.doc:
New option "set fit quiet" prevents fit information sent to the log
file from being echoed also to stderr.
Bug #2355210
2010-10-07 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/gplt_x11.c: Protect against the case that the x11 colormap is not
partitioned identically to the palette.
2010-10-06 Marco Cammarata <>
* docs/psdoc/ps_symbols.gpi: "set angle radian"
2010-10-06 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/color.c src/pm3d.c src/pm3d.h set.c show.c docs/gnuplot.doc:
Simplify the syntax for "set pm3d hidden3d". A linestyle is no longer
required. If no linestyle is given, the line properties are taken from
the plot command line.
Bug #2997853
2010-10-05 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/getcolor.c (quantize_gray) src/getcolor.h src/gplt_x11.c:
Continuation of defined palette revamp (2010-10-01). Break out the
new code into a separate subroutine that can be shared with gnuplot_x11.
* src/color.c (draw_inside_color_smooth_box_bitmap):
Assign colors to component colorbox rectangles by rounding the pixel
coordinate up rather than down. This empirically gives better results
in gd.trm, and doesn't seem to hurt other terminals.
* term/post.trm term/pslatex.trm term/svg.trm term/PostScript/
src/term_api.h src/term.c docs/gnuplot.doc: Add support for codepage 1251,
an alternative 8-bit Cyrillic encoding.
2010-10-04 Matthew Biggar <>
* src/ src/alloc.c: Architecture (Alpha) specific work-
around to insure that gp_malloc() does not fail on error if 0 bytes are
successfully allocated.
2010-10-02 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/stdfn.c (not_a_number): Although DJGPP version 2.04 is reported
to support atod("NaN"), this version is not universal. Switch to using
an explicit bit pattern for NaN.
2010-10-01 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot2d.c (cp_free): Prevent use-after-free error if a plot
structure containing dynamically allocated data is reused for a later
* src/color.c (make_palette) src/getcolor.c (rgb1maxcolors_from_gray)
Revamp the interaction of `set palette maxcolors` and defined palettes.
Up until now, `set palette maxcolors N` meant both "allocate N colors"
and "divide the color range into N equal parts". This meant that a
user-defined palette that used unequal divisions of the total range
interacted badly with a limited number of palette colors. Now we
guarantee that in the case of defined palette ranges, a gray value is
never mapped to a color outside its proper range even if the ranges
are very unevenly spaced. If more color ranges are defined than the
value of maxcolors, this may (or may not) result in increasing the
effective value of maxcolors. Outboard terminals that enforce maxcolors
(e.g. x11) do not yet benefit from this change.
* src/datafile.c src/eval.c src/plot.c src/show.c
term/lua.trm: Remove conditional flag HAVE_ISNAN.
Apparently we have been getting along OK with an unprotected call
to isnan() since Oct 2009. That would seem to be good evidence
that we can remove the #ifdef protection elsewhere as well.
2010-09-30 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/plot2d.c (store_label eval_plots): Fix bug introduced by my patch
of 2010-09-08 (references to uninitialized variables were found by
2010-09-29 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/color.c (draw_inside_color_smooth_box_bitmap):
The color box is constructed from 128 segments. If any of these
straddles a boundary within a defined palette, split it into 2 segments
so that discrete color transitions are described with pixel accuracy.
This does not fix imprecision in the palette itself, which can result
if too few colors are allocated (set palette maxcolors).
2010-09-28 Petr Mikulik <>
* docs/titlepage.ipf docs/titlepage.tex: Years updated.
2010-09-28 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (plot_image_or_update_axes): Add support for log-scale
transformation of 2D image data.
* src/hidden3d.c: Disentangle variable color from the direction of
arrows. Bug #3074212
2010-09-28 Volker Dobler <>
* src/axis.c (load_one_range load_range) src/axis.h
src/parse.c src/parse.h src/save.c src/set.c src/unset.c src/util.c
demo/all.dem demo/autoscale.dem docs/gnuplot.doc:
Introduce a mechanism for constraining the axis limits chosen during
autoscaling. For example:
set yrange [* : 100<*<200]
constrains autoscaling on y such that the upper range limit must fall
between 100 and 200.
2010-09-27 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/datafile.c (f_stringcolumn): The stringcolumn function didn't
recognize columns 0, -1, and -2. Now it treats them the same as the
column function does.
2010-09-27 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (apply_head_properties): Simplify the arrowhead code.
* src/graph3d.c src/hidden3d.c src/util3d.c src/util3d.h: Provide a
3D wrapper apply_3dhead_properties() that dummies up an x-axis scale so
that the 2D routine apply_head_properties() can be shared by 3D code.
Bug #3074212
* src/term.c (do_arrow): To do proper foreshortening of 3D arrowheads
would require a new approach. As an approximation, assume that any short
arrow with a big arrowhead is the result of foreshortening.
This affects 2D arrows also, but the visual effect is not bad.
2010-09-26 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/command.c (replotrequest): Once we have started to replot, the
previous data no longer exists. Therefore we must set refresh_ok = 0.
2010-09-23 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/axis.c (axis_checked_extend_empty_range): When extending from
an empty range, don't invert the axis direction by accident.
Bug #3074365
2010-09-20 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot2d.c (store2d_point): Allow the use of "with circles" in
polar coordinate mode.
* src/plot2d.c (get_data): The combination of smoothing and variable
color cannot work in general. Disable variable color for all smoothed
curves. Later we may add back support for the case of lc palette z.
Bug #3063366
* src/graphics.c (fill_between): Fix filled curve clipping error.
Bug #2963485
2010-09-19 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (edge_intersect): If for some reason we fail to find
find the intersection points of a vector both of whose ends are out of
range, issue a warning, pick an edge, and continue.
I can't see any good reason to treat this as a fatal error.
Bug #2824879
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Clarify the section on linetypes and linestyles.
2010-09-18 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/eval.c src/internal.c src/internal.h docs/gnuplot.doc:
New function value("X") returns the value of a variable named X.
A = "foo"
value("A") returns "foo"
value(A) returns NaN, because there is no variable named foo
value(2) returns 2 (numeric expressions have a natural value)
Among other things, this allows you to read variable names from
a data file and use the current value of those variables in a plot.
* src/util.c (gprintf): Handle formats x/X/o/O for values that
overflow (int) by switching to llx/llX/llo/llO and (long long).
NB: This does _not_ extend the representation of negative numbers
to 64 bits unless the representation overflows 32 bits.
2010-09-16 Ethan A Merritt <>
* tutorial/eg2.plt tutorial/eg6.plt tutorial/test_tikz.plt
tutorial/ tutorial/header.tex tutorial/tutorial.tex:
Update the LaTeX tutorial a bit. More could be done.
2010-09-15 Ingo Thies <>
* src/graph3d.c src/graph3d.h src/mouse.c src/set.c src/unset.c:
Switch the middle button left/right mouse zoom behaviour in 3D plots
so that the zoom response is logarithmic.
2010-09-15 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* term/gd.trm: As of libgd 2.0.36 you can now specify a TrueType font
using either Fontconfig syntax or using the font file name directly.
But switching from one form to the other was only possible as an
option of "set terminal". This patch enables us to specify these two
forms of the font name in "set title", "set xlabel", and so on.
2010-09-15 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/term_api.h src/term.c (strlen_tex): Add a special-case routine to
estimate the true number of output characters in a LaTeX string
containing markup. This is not a real LaTeX parser, but even a poor
estimate is better than just calling strlen().
Bug #1603348 and others
* term/latex.trm term/lua.trm term/pslatex.trm: Set flag TERM_IS_LATEX
so that strings passed to these terminals are sent to strlen_tex()
rather than the normal enhanced text string length estimation.
2010-09-10 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (boundary): When calculating the horizontal space
required for x axis tick labels, we must ignore ticks that are outside
the current axis range.
* src/mouse.c (apply_zoom): Tick labels generated by
'using xticlabels(N)' may have changed while the plot was zoomed, so we
must preserve them when un-zooming.
2010-09-08 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c (df_close): Free matrix data that was stored in memory
during input. Otherwise we leak memory after every plot of matrix data.
* src/color.h src/gadgets.c src/gadgets.h src/misc.c src/term.c
src/term_api.h: Repair some lp_style_type definitions and initializers
that were incorrect or incomplete.
2010-09-08 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/plot2d.c (store_label eval_plots): Extend variable color support
for LABELPOINTS style by allowing "with labels tc X lc Y" where X, Y is
one of "lc variable", "lc palette z", or "lc rgb variable".
* src/misc.c (lp_parse): Revert the patch of 2010-07-08 because
it accidentally disabled the coloring option "lc N".
* src/graph3d.c (key_sample_line_pm3d key_sample_point_pm3d):
More correct fix to bug #3026477: the functions above failed to call
the simpler key sample routines in case of plots with coloring option
"lc N" and "lc rgb 'color'".
2010-09-06 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/term-ja.diff docs/gnuplot-ja.doc:
Sync Japanese documentation to gnuplot.doc rev 1.623
2010-09-04 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/set.c (set_logscale): Removed arbitrary limitation for log base
(was >= 1.1, now > 1.0)
2010-09-03 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/readline.c (readline): Fix Windows breakage (failure to
recognize ^M as newline) caused by error in OSK code removal.
2010-08-31 Petr Mikulik <>
* src/os2/gnupmdrv.rc: Removed menu item Commands to clipboard.
* src/gpexecute.c (gp_execute): Removed bSend2gp and call to
* src/mouse.c (alert): Use DosBeep under OS/2.
* os2/gclient.c: Removed unused #define GNUPMDRV.
2010-08-30 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/show.c (conv_text):
Until now, the "show" and "save" commands have replaced all non-ascii
characters with a byte-by-byte octal escape sequence. This makes any
labels, variables, titles, etc not human-readable if they contain UTF8
encoded characters. Now we simply pass them through as-is if the current
encoding is UTF-8. I think this is the correct thing to do for other
8-bit encodings as well, but I can't test those easily.
2010-08-25 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot2d.c (eval_plots): Allow "fc <colorspec>" as an in-line
option to the plot command for plot styles that use a fill.
2010-08-14 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/gplt_x11.c: The gnuplot_x11 side of Shige's fix.
2010-08-14 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* term/x11.trm: The last font used inside an enhanced text string was
not being cleared on exit.
2010-08-13 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/ansichek.h src/gplt_x11.c src/plot.c src/readline.c src/show.c
src/stdfn.h src/syscfg.h term/x11.trm: Remove conditional code for
another obsolete platform (OSK/OS9, used for example on TRS-80).
2010-08-12 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/command.c: OSX history command could segfault if there was no
previous history file.
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Reorganize documentation for binary files.
2010-08-09 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot.c: More work to enable autoconfigue on OSX.
2010-08-08 Olivier Mehani <>
* src/util.c docs/gnuplot.doc: Add ISO-IEC-80000 prefixes
(ki Mi Gi etc) as gprintf format specifiers %b and %B, which are
respectively the mantissa and exponent. Also fix an out-of-range
formatting bug.
2010-08-07 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot2d.c: Do not create a data record for a blank line at the end
of the input stream.
* src/plot2d.c (eval_plots): Update GPVAL_DATA values after plot in
tabulate mode just as for normal plotting mode.
Bug #3041233
* docs/gnuplot.doc src/gadgets.h src/graphics.c src/save.c src/set.c
src/show.c src/tables.c src/tables.h:
New option "set key opaque". If requested, the code makes two passes
over each 2D plot command. The actual graph is drawn during the first
pass, and the key box with plot samples is drawn during the second pass.
2010-08-05 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/command.c src/history.c src/mouse.c src/plot.c
Finally a work-around for the broken libreadline on OSX, which is really
a wrapper for some version of libeditline. Test for each potentially
missing function in configure and deal with it if it's missing. There
may still be an issue with autoconfiguring support for the history
Bug #1839048 and others
2010-07-30 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/command.c src/command.h src/eval.c src/fit.c src/gp_types.h
src/plot.c src/readline.c src/stdfn.c src/syscfg.h src/term.h:
Remove vestigial tests for DOS16 or DOS386
2010-07-29 Allin Cottrell <>
* src/term.c src/term_api.h term/emf.trm term/svg.trm docs/gnuplot.doc:
Add support for codepage 950, which is Microsoft's version of Chinese
Big5 encoding. Only the emf terminal (and maybe svg) do anything useful
with it. "set encoding cp950"
2010-07-28 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/estimate.trm: Always estimate escaped characters as requiring
one character width.
Bug #3036010
2010-07-27 Tim Mooney <>
* If lua.pc is not present but is found
anyhow, then set HAVE_LUA and LUA_LIBS explicitly.
Bug #3035608
2010-07-26 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* term/win.trm src/win/wgraph.c: Yet another windows terminal font fix.
Bug #2972307
2010-07-25 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/canvas.trm: "set term canvas fontscale <fs>"
* src/graphics.c (do_plot do_key_layout): Separate out the code that
allocates space for the graph legend, and collect the key sample code
into a single place.
2010-07-15 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc: typos
* docs/term-ja.diff docs/gnuplot-ja.doc:
Sync Japanese documentation to gnuplot.doc rev 1.617
2010-07-14 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/hidden3d.c: Remove magic number -3 and the test (foo>=-2) in
favor of LT_NODRAW and test (foo!=LT_NODRAW).
* src/hidden3d.c: #define PT_ARROWHEAD and PT_BACKARROW
* src/hidden3d.c (make_edge draw_edge build_networks) src/util3d.c
Handle arrow heads and other arrow style parameters in hidden3d mode.
For surfaces, indicates whether this edge is seen from the
top or the bottom. Coopt this flag for VECTOR plots to indicate
whether the vector points up (positive z) or down (negative z).
Separate flag is needed because the end points are sorted on z.
2010-07-11 Peter Juhasz <>
Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/util3d.c (draw3d_point_unconditional): Remove incomplete local
color handling; the shared code in term_apply_lp_properties now does a
more complete job.
* src/graph3d.c (do_3dplot): Simplify the key sample code for contour
plots with style "points". Set a default color sequence for contours
belonging to a surface drawn with "lc variable".
2010-07-10 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graph3d.c (do_3dplot): Fix bug introduced by patch of 23-Mar-2010.
If the linetype of a 3D surface used "lc ..." then all contours of the
surface were stuck with that same coloring rather than incrementing
through successive line types.
2010-07-09 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/term.c (term_apply_lp_properties): Yet another bandaid fix for
problems with "lc var". If the higher level code has failed to resolve
LC_COLORFROMCOLUMN (or LT_DEFAULT) into an actual color, use LT_BLACK.
Bug #3026477
2010-07-08 Ingo Thies <>
* src/gadgets.h src/mouse.c src/set.c: Allow continuous rotation of 3D
plots when mousing; i.e., do not limit rotation angle to 0<rotx<180
2010-07-08 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/misc.c (lp_parse): The coloring option "lc N" should not set a
use_palette flag. I think the option "lc variable" shouldn't either.
Bug #3026477
2010-07-07 Peter Juhasz <>
* src/datafile.c src/gadgets.c src/gadgets.h src/gp_types.h
src/graph3d.c src/graphics.c src/graphics.h src/plot2d.c src/save.c
src/set.c src/show.c src/tables.c src/tables.h src/unset.c:
* docs/gnuplot.doc docs/plotstyles.gnu demo/all.dem demo/ellipses.dat
demo/ellipses_style.dem demo/orbital_elements.dat demo/orbits.dem
New plot style "with ellipses". Demos and documentation to match.
2010-07-07 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/PostScript/ Add a default definition
/g {setgray} def
so that a missing palette initialization will result in normal
grayscale rather than an invalid PostScript file.
Bug #3026477
2010-07-06 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graph3d.c (boundary3d): Prevent infinite loop or divide-by-zero
if the requested plot is so small that x or y dimension goes to zero.
Bug #3026145
2010-07-05 Akira Kakuto
* term/win.trm: More fixes to font initialization.
Bug #2972307 #2993504
2010-07-02 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* term/win.trm: Explicitly initialize font.
Bug #2972307
2010-07-01 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c (df_readbinary): Regardless of the current timefmt
setting, if we are reading time data from a binary file it will come in
as a floating point value rather than as a string. So we can treat it
like any other binary value.
Thanks to Thomas Sefzick for pointing this out.
* src/datafile.c (df_readbinary): In binary mode, string-valued
functions were silently ignored. Fix this, thus allowing binary files
to be plotted "with labels". For example:
plot 'foo' binary format='%double' using 0:1:("A") with labels
2010-07-01 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc src/axis.h src/command.c src/datafile.c src/gp_time.h
src/internal.c src/time.c:
Track time coordinates to sub-second precision.
Time data read using the %S format specifier in "set timefmt" is now
treated as a floating point number rather than an integer. This affects
data read from an input file ("set xdata time"), the axis range and tic
locations given for an axis using time coordinates ("set xrange",
"set xtics"), and time conversions performed via calls to strptime().
Time data output formats ("set format" strftime()) now accept a
precision modifier to the %S format. For example, "%H:%M:%.3S" will
print hour, minute, seconds to a precision of milliseconds.
gnuplot> print strftime("%Y %D %H:%M:%.3S", 12345.6789)
2000 01/01/00 03:25:45.679
The maximum precision allowed for output is 6 digits (microseconds).
6 digit accuracy is possible for absolute dates through the year 2550.
2010-06-30 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot2d.c (get_data): Add back the rather useless code that handles
four columns of data for styles LINESPOINTS and POINTSTYLE, even though
the variable color handling no longer needs it. It is still called
(foolishly) if the plot command is issued with no using spec at all.
2010-06-29 Peter Juhasz
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Document variable color for plot styles that were
not previously supported.
* src/plot2d.c: The final piece of "with labels tc variable"
2010-06-29 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/set.c (parse_label_options) src/plot2d.c (store_label)
src/pm3d.c (set_plot_with_palette):
Finish variable color support for text color in LABELPOINTS.
2010-06-28 Peter Juhasz
* src/graphics.c demo/varcolor.dem: Finish variable color support
for plot style CANDLESTICKS. Expand the demo.
2010-06-28 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/color.h: New flag TC_VARIABLE (only used for textcolor)
* src/misc.c (parse_colorspec) src/set.c (set_key)
src/graphics.c (do_key_sample): Accept "set key tc variable"
2010-06-27 Peter Juhasz
* src/graphics.c src/plot2d.c: Remove dead code supporting the old way
of handling variable color. Make "lc palette z" work.
Since the new variable color mechanism frees up space in struct
coordinate, use this to clean up the data storage for "with circles".
* demo/varcolor.dem: General demo and debugging tool for the expanded
support of variable color across almost all plot styles.
* src/graphics.c src/plot2d.c: Implement variable color for
2010-06-27 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.h src/graphics.c plot2d.c: Maintain a dynamically-
allocated array of per-datapoint color values in the header of each 2D
plot. The array is allocated only if the plot uses variable color.
* src/plot2d.c: Store variable color data in the plot->varcolor[] array
* src/graphics.c (check_for_variable_color): Convert this routine to
check and load variable color using the new mechanism.
Add variable color support for BOXXYERROR, BOXERROR
2010-06-26 Peter Juhasz
* src/plot2d.c: In plots style "with circles", let a negative value for
the radius indicate that the default radius should be used.
2010-06-24 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/gadgets.c src/gadgets.h src/graphics.c src/plot2d.c src/save.c
src/set.c src/show.c src/tables.c src/tables.h src/unset.c
New style element "set style circle radius <R>" specifies a default
radius for function plots or 2-column data plots drawn "with circles".
2010-06-16 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot2d.c (eval_plots): Function plots should not be affected by
the current setting of "boxwidth" unless they really do contain boxes.
2010-06-15 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c: Do not allow xticlabels(foo) in association with
style BOXPLOT, since there are no x coordinates.
* src/gadgets.h: Add in missing fields of object initializers.
2010-06-11 Peter Juhasz
* src/graphics.c (boundary): More correct fix for distorted
vertical size of subplots in a multiplot.
2010-06-10 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (boundary): Fix a type that can distort the
vertical size of subplots in a multiplot.
2010-06-02 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/misc.c (need_fill_border): The fillstyle border color was not
taking account of linetype redefinitions.
2010-05-30 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Document recently added %s time format
(seconds since start of 2000).
2010-05-24 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graph3d.c (do_3dplot): Remove a restriction that limited depth-
sorting of pm3d surfaces to those which were adjacent in the splot
command. If there was a reason for the original restriction, that
reason is now not remembered.
Bug #3004793
2010-05-23 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/emf.trm: Revise the enhanced text mode, especially text rotation.
2010-05-22 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/canvas.trm (CANVAS_graphics ENHCANVAS_FLUSH):
Fix a bug in applying the baseline of rotated enhanced text.
Provide a dummy gnuplot_init() routine if a standalone html
file with no mouse support is created.
2010-05-20 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/estimate.trm (ENHest_writec strlen_utf8)
src/term.c (estimate_strlen):
Teach estimate_strlen() to handle UTF-8 encoded strings. The estimate
is imperfect, but then again the estimate is already imperfect for any
proportional font. To truly do this more accurately would require
customized implementations for each terminal type. Any unicode code
point below 0x3000 is treated as requiring one character width; code
points above 0x3000 are treated as requiring two character widths.
2010-05-16 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/hidden3d.c (draw_edge): Add support for coloring lines in
hidden3d mode using 'lc variable' or 'lc rgb variable'.
2010-05-13 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/cairo.trm (cairotrm_options): The "noenhanced" option was
broken by the patch of 2009-07-03. Fix it.
* term/cairo.trm (cairotrm_put_text): Enhanced text was applying
the fontscale twice. Fix it.
2010-05-11 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/eval.c (magnitude): Optimize for the predominant case
(no imaginary component).
2010-05-10 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/post.trm (PS_set_font): set ... font ",size" was not working
for non-enhanced text. Now it is.
* src/plot2d.c (parametric_fixup) src/plot3d.c (parametric_3dfixup):
Delete vestigial code for auto-generation of a parametric plot title.
2010-05-09 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* src/eval.c (magnitude): Yesterday's change breaks if the complex
argument is {0,0}.
2010-05-08 Hans-Bernhard Broeker <>
* src/eval.c (magnitude): Make implementation robust to overflows
and underflows.
2010-05-06 David Marx <>
* src/syscfg.h: Tweaked version of _bool support for Sun/Solaris
2010-05-06 Ethan A Merritt <
* term/cairo.trm (cairotrm_graphics): Handle the special case of
streaming pdfcairo output to stdout. (Requires cairo version >=
1.2) Bug #578311
2010-05-05 Ethan A Merritt <
* term/post.trm src/term.c: Move a global declaration out of post.trm so
that gnuplot can be built without including the postscript terminal.
2010-05-02 Thomas Sefzick <>
* src/gadgets.h src/graphics.c src/save.c src/set.c set/show.c
src/tables.c src/tables.h docs/gnuplot.doc:
New options "set key maxcolumns N maxrows M" to manually adjust the
automatic layout of items in the figure legend. Implemented for 2D
plots only.
2010-05-02 Ethan A Merritt <
* src/save.c src/set.c src/show.c src/unset.c src/fit.c
src/fit.h docs/gnuplot.doc config/config.os2 config/config.wc
config/config.nt config/config.dj2 config/config.oww config/config.cyg
config/config.amg config/config.mgw:
Remove conditional flag GP_FIT_ERRVARS, default to "set fit errorvar".
Tracker item #2985752
* src/misc.c (lp_parse): "lc variable" was being lost in some cases.
2010-04-24 Ethan A Merritt <
* config.mgw config.cyg config.os2: Enable HIDDEN_QUADTREE by default.
Tracker item #2990173
2010-04-20 John Naylon <>
* src/gp_types.h src/interpol.c src/plot2d.c src/tables.c
docs/gnuplot.doc: New option "smooth cnormal", equivalent to
"smooth cummulative" with automatic normalization to the range
2010-04-12 Ethan A Merritt <
* term/post.trm: Correct a typo that leads to serious problems with
font size and placement (introduced by the fontscale code).
2010-04-04 Ethan A Merritt <
* term/cairo.trm: The cairo terminals were forgetting fontscale
after the initial application.
* src/wxterminal/gp_cairo.c term/cairo.trm: Use-after-free error caused
a segfault on certain enhanced text strings.
Bug #2947223
2010-03-28 Ethan A Merritt <
* docs/gnuplot.doc: State explicitly that the timefmt %y interprets
a 2 digit year number as being in the range 1969-2068.
2010-03-24 Ethan A Merritt <
* term/tgif.trm (text_angle): Handle text rotation -270 same as +90.
2010-03-23 Guy Mann <>
* term/js/gnuplot_mouse.js (mouse_update):
Repaint current canvas before each incremental update of the zoom box.
2010-03-22 Ethan A Merritt <
* src/misc.c (lp_parse): Re-write the lp_parse() routine to prevent the
loading of a user-defined linetype from undoing other linestyle
properties given earlier in the same command.
* src/util3d.h src/util3d.c (draw3d_line_unconditional)
src/hidden3d (draw_edge draw_line_hidden): The code was passing in
top and bottom colors for the hidden3d routines as integer linetypes.
But loading a whole linetype lost any line properties given explicitly
in the splot command. Change this so that the top and bottom colors are
passed as t_colorspec structures instead.
2010-03-21 Tommaso Vinci <>
* Provide Humlicek's approximation to the Voigt/Faddeeva function
voigt(x,y) = \frac{y}{\pi} \int{\frac{e^{t^2}}{(x-t)^2+y^2}}dt
2010-03-20 Ethan A Merritt <
* NEWS src/hidden3d.c src/plot3d.c src/graph3d.c docs/gnuplot.doc:
Add support for 'with impulses' in hidden3d code. Previously the manual
said 3D impulses were drawn "from the xy plane" but the code did not
follow this, drawing instead from zmin. Now the 3D code always draws
impulses from z=0 just as the 2D code always draws from y=0.
2010-03-18 Ethan A Merritt <
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Add index entries and update description of mouse
scrolling and hotkeys.
2010-03-17 Ethan A Merritt <
* plot.c (main): Initialize c_token to a legal value at the start of
interactive input.
* docs/gnuplot.doc src/set.c src/term_api.h src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp
src/wxterminal/wxt_term.h term/cairo.trm term/emf.trm term/gd.trm
term/pdf.trm term/post.h term/post.trm term/wxt.trm:
New terminal option "fontscale <scale>". This scale factor is applied
to the nominal font size before use, so that you can scale the font
size up or down in parallel with scaling the output page up or down.
This is mostly relevant for hardcopy output or embedded figures.
2010-03-14 Ethan A Merritt <
* INSTALL config/README config/makefile.amg config/makefile.ami
config/makefile.dj2 config/makefile.unx config/term_pc.h
docs/ docs/README docs/gnuplot.doc src/
src/Makefile.maint src/amiga.c src/command.c src/command.h src/graph3d.c
src/graphics.c src/graphics.h src/makefile.all src/makefile.awc
src/plot.c src/scanner.c src/stdfn.c src/stdfn.h src/syscfg.h src/term.c
src/term.h src/variable.c term/amiga.trm:
Remove code specific to amiga platforms.
30 files changed, 43 insertions(+), 1941 deletions(-)
* config/makefile.dj2 config/makefile.unx config/term_pc.h docs/doc2texi.el src/eval.c src/eval.h src/makefile.all
src/makefile.awc src/plot.c src/syscfg.h src/term.c src/term.h
term/apollo.trm term/gpr.trm:
Remove code specific to support of Apollo workstations.
The final gnuplot version in the apollo archives was gnuplot 2.0 (1996).
15 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 1211 deletions(-)
* src/pm3d.c src/tables.c src/term.c term/gd.trm term/pm.trm
term/post.trm: Remove bits of dead code.
2010-03-13 Ethan A Merritt <
* config/makefile.286 config/makefile.msc config/makefile.msw
config/ config/makefile.wc config/makefile.unx
src/ src/alloc.c src/alloc.h src/eval.c src/gnuplot.def
src/graph3d.c src/help.c src/hidden3d.h src/misc.c src/plot.c
src/plot2d.c src/set.c src/show.c src/syscfg.h src/term.c
src/term_api.h src/unset.c src/util3d.c term/cgm.trm:
We have not supported 16-bit DOS or WIN since version 4.0.
Remove the old cruft that was wrapped in conditional flags
23 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 324 deletions(-)
2010-03-13 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/util.c (getusername): Fix segfault if neither USER or USERNAME
are present in the environment.
2010-03-09 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/gplt_x11.c (preset): Fix compilation error if XAPPLRESDIR is not
externally defined.
2010-03-08 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/README docs/ docs/pdffigures.tex docs/titlepag.tex:
Split out dependence on the packages graphicx and picins into a separate
file (pdffigures.tex) that is only needed by target "make pdffigures".
2010-03-07 Ethan A Merritt <>
* share/ Give up on figuring out a universally agreed on
place where x11 app-defaults files should be installed. Place ours in
2010-03-06 Tatsuro Matsuoka <>
* INSTALL config/makefile.mgw config/makefile.cyg:
Consolidate the instructions for building using mgw and cygwin into
their respective makefiles.
2010-03-06 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot2d.c (get_data): Both curves in 'with filledcurves' must
use the same y axis properties.
Bug #2941257
* src/util.c config/config.cyg config/config.dj2
config/config.mgw config/config.ntconfig/config.os2 config/config.oww:
Remove the test for pwd.h, the configuration flag HAVE_PWD_H, and the
conditional code that copies GECOS information from the password file
into the header of PostScript and PDF output files. This addresses
reported issues of privacy and reported problems with building a static
2010-03-05 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/internal.c (eval_reset_after_error f_call) src/internal.h
src/util.c (int_error) eval.h (STACK_DEPTH):
Add a recursion depth limit for calls to a user-defined function.
Bump the maximum depth from 100 to 250.
Bug #2954383
2010-03-05 Christoph Junghans (ottxor)
* src/ Fix broken target "make clean"
2010-03-04 Thomas Sefzick <>
* src/svg.trm: Make sure to reset ENHsvg_string_state after each use.
2010-03-03 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/pdf.trm: Remove requirement that the 'size' option must be the
last option given.
2010-02-27 Ethan A Merritt <>
* graph3d.c (check_for_variable_color) plot3d.c (get_3ddata)
plot3d.c (plot3d_impulses plot3d_lines plot3d_points):
The presence of variable color was being tracked by a shared variable,
rgb_from_column, but it was not being updated in some circumstances.
Get rid of the variable and test the plot header directly when needed.
* term/emf.trm: Tweak empirical corrections for character widths.
Additional thin character -, really thin chars i,.:;|!
2010-02-24 Peter Juhasz
* src/save.c: The 'save' command was not correctly handling plot styles
circles, image, or rgbimage.
Bug #2958235
2010-02-24 Alexander Taschner <>
* src/command.c src/win/wgraph.c term/win.trm: Move declarations to
conform with ANSI C.
2010-02-24 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/cgm.trm (find_nearest_color): When looking for RGB colors, check
both the user-loaded colors and the default set of colors. Otherwise
RGB fails if the user has loaded no colors.
* term/gd.trm: Documentation for the mechanism for setting line colors
in the 'set term' command is out of date, and anyhow the mechanism is
needed only for the terminal background. Line colors can now be handled
in terminal-independent commands. Revise the docs accordingly.
2010-02-23 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/specfun.c (ibeta) docs/gnuplot.doc:
The approximation used for the function ibeta(a,b,x) was taken from
Abramowitz & Stegun. However we failed to document that it is only
usable on the domain x < (a-1)/(a+b-2). Add this warning to the docs
and make sure that the function itself returns a consistant error
value (-1) if the domain or range is invalid.
Bug #2957184
2010-02-22 Don Taber <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (SelFont): After a font change, call
do_string_replot("") so that it is immediately visible.
2010-02-18 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/svg.trm: Use dynamic allocation for all font names. This prevents
buffer overflow problems for very long font names.
* term/post.trm: Truncate over-long font names rather than allowing
buffer overflow.
2010-02-17 Christoph Junghans (ottxor)
* plot.c: New configuration option to add local packager to
list of contacts for bug reporting.
Bug #2951583
2010-02-17 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/term.c (do_arc): Avoid calling trunc() because some compilers
are still back in the dark ages (pre C99).
* Change default installation directory for x11 resources
to /etc/X11/app-defaults.
Bug #1953742
2010-02-17 Benjamin Lindner <>
* src/plot.c (interrupt_setup): Ctrl+C crashes windows console build.
SF Patch #2848002
2010-02-16 Peter Juhasz
* src/graphics.c src/plot2d.c src/term.c docs/gnuplot.doc
demo/circles.dem demo/energy_circles.dat: Extend plot style
"with circles" to allow optional start and end values for each arc.
2010-02-15 Benjamin Lindner <>
* src/win/wgnuplib.h src/win/wgraph.c term/win.trm: Add the option
"close" to the windows terminal driver. Update documentation
2010-02-15 Benjamin Lindner <>
* term/win.trm: Fix for windows terminal ignoring explicit fontname and
size for labels.
2010-02-15 Benjamin Lindner <>
* src/win/wmenu.c (SendMacro): Bugfix in call to _getcwd.
2010-02-15 Benjamin Lindner <>
* term/win.trm: Add the options "size" and "position" to the windows
terminal driver. Update documentation accordingly.
2010-02-15 Benjamin Lindner <>
* src/win/wgraph.c src/win/wresourc.h: Add the possibility to
save the current graph window as EMF file. Add a Ctrl+S shortcut for
the graph window and add an entry to the window's system menu.
* term/win.trm: Update documentation accordingly.
2010-02-15 Benjamin Lindner <>
* src/win/wgraph.c: Update code to copy to clipboard as enhanced
metafile, add Ctrl+C shortcut for graph window.
* term/win.trm: Update documentation accordingly.
2010-02-15 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc src/gadgets.h src/graphics.c src/save.c
src/set.c src/show.c: New style option (candlesticks or
financebars) for 'with boxplots'. Apply the current setting of
'set bars' to boxplots drawn in candlestick style.
2010-02-12 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/set.c (set_obj): Sanity check start and end angles of arc.
2010-02-11 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (plot_boxes): Amazingly old bug that fails to apply
absolute boxwidth in the case where previous point was undefined.
2010-02-10 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/gnuplot-ja.doc docs/term-ja.diff:
Sync Japanese documentation to gnuplot.doc rev 1.598
2010-02-07 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Clarify the documentation for xticlabels().
* docs/ Use htlatex to generate html docs
2010-02-07 Christoph Junghans (ottxor)
* share/ src/ src/gplt_x11.c
src/variable.c: Configurable X11 application resource path.
Bug #2931287 #219323
2010-02-07 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (boxplot_range_fiddling) src/plot2d.c (plot_boxplot):
Make boxplot handling ignore any undefined points in the data set.
2010-02-06 Ethan A Merritt <>
* NEWS docs/gnuplot.doc src/save.c src/set.c src/show.c src/tables.c
src/tables.h src/term_api.h src/unset.c src/variable.c term/post.trm:
Revise the search order for PostScript prologue files
1) directory given by 'set psdir' [new command]
2) directory given by environmental variable GNUPLOT_PS_DIR
3) built-in header if present, otherwise default system directory
4) loadpath [pretty useless, but that's what it did before]
2010-02-05 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (plot_boxplot): Fix off-by-one error in calculating
quartile boundaries.
2010-02-03 Christoph Junghans (ottxor)
* share/LaTeX/ Fix a logic error in testing the need
to call texhash.
2010-02-03 Tatsuro Matsuoka <>
* src/command.c (pause_command): Loop of waitforinput() for "pause -1"
in console mode of Windows.
2010-02-02 Christoph Junghans (ottxor)
* share/LaTeX/
kpsexpand was used in share/LaTeX/ even if it was not
installed. Add --texdir=DIR option to configure
Bug #2934829
2010-02-02 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/term.c (test_term): Iniitialize linetype structure before loading
dynamic linetypes.
Bug: points all showed as dots if user linetypes were not defined
* src/syscfg.h: Attempt to fix build problem under Sun Studio (no
definition for _Bool).
Bug #2915835
2010-02-01 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/canvas.trm: Fix typo in javascript output.
Bug #2943778
2010-02-01 Petr Mikulik <>
* src/command.c (pause_command): Use the default message for Windows
pause dialog.
2010-01-31 Tatsuro Matsuoka <>
* src/command.c (pause_command): Fixes for pause on Windows with wxt.
* src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp (wxt_waitforinput): Fix for Windows.
2010-01-29 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/scanner.c (scanner): There was no scanner rule covering a token
starting with '.'. This caused ambiguity in the interpretation of '.E1'.
Is it a strange representation of 0, or concatenation of a string
variable E1? Resolve this with a new rule that a number with an initial
'.' must continue with a digit.
2010-01-28 Petr Mikulik <>
* src/command.c (pause_command): Fix "pause mouse" for gnuplot.exe on
2010-01-25 Ethan A Merritt <>
* INSTALL: Add section explaining the libreadline problem on OSX.
2010-01-25 Petr Mikulik <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph pattern_bitmaps): Synchronize fill
patterns of the Windows terminal with other terminals.
2010-01-16 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/variable.c (loadpath_handler): Have "show loadpath" also list
the environmental variable GNUPLOT_PS_DIR.
Bug #2933345
2010-01-15 Christoph Junghans <>
* src/ demo/
"make check" needs help if we did ./configure --program-suffix=FOO
In this case make a temporary symlink so that 'make check' can find
Bug #2926141
2010-01-12 Alexander Täschner <>
* src/win/winmain.c (MyVFPrintF): Microsoft Visual C does not use
va_copy() and va_end().
2010-01-12 <>
* share/ Do not install LaTeX support files
if there is no latex on the system. Add configuration option
Bug #2928310
2010-01-12 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/pdf.trm: Always start a new path with a moveto.
Bug #2930705
* src/plot2d.c (eval_plots): In generating points for a function plot,
only x and y were guaranteed to be initialized. Now to be safe we
initialize all fields.
Bug #2930705
* src/plot2d.c (store2d_point): steps, fsteps, and histeps were
incorrectly auto-scaling to yhigh (which is really variable color).
Bug #2929314
2010-01-10 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc docs/plotstyles.gnu demo/boxplot.dem
src/datafile.c src/gadgets.c src/gadgets.h src/gp_types.h
src/graph3d.c src/graphics.c src/plot2d.c src/save.c
src/set.c src/show.c src/tables.c src/tables.h src/unset.c:
New plot style "with boxplot" and corresponding "set style boxplot".
2010-01-10 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* docs/gnuplot-ja.doc docs/term-ja.diff:
Sync Japanese documentation to gnuplot.doc rev 1.595
2010-01-10 <>
* share/ Do not install x11 appdefaults file if no
X11 support is selected. Bug #2928271
2010-01-06 Alexander Täschner <>
* config/config.nt src/datafile.c src/eval.c src/plot.c src/stdfn.c
src/stdfn.h: Define a generic function not_a_number() in which we can
hide platform-specific implementations. Add a support for initializing
NaN and GPVAL_NaN on Windows.
Bug #2925544
2010-01-03 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c (df_readascii): Further revision to maintain the old
behaviour of the string variables demo. The demo uses a very unusual
method to read time strings from the input file, but let's not break
it unless necessary.
2010-01-02 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c (df_readascii): Time format "%s" should be able to
handle any numeric input. Convert input of the form 'using ($1)' or
'using (f($1))' to a string so that it can be passed to gstrptime().
Bug #2899511
2010-01-01 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/PostScript/ term/PostScript/prologues.h:
Update version in PostScript headers.
Define a user-configurable flag SuppressPDFMark.
* term/post.trm: Re-arrange stuff in the prolog so that users can either
set SuppressPDFMark to true in an individual file or make a permanent
change by setting it in the shared prolog file.
2009-12-31 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/command.c src/gadgets.c src/gadgets.h src/graph3d.c src/graphics.c
src/misc.c src/plot2d.c src/plot3d.c src/set.c src/show.c src/tables.c
src/tables.h src/term_api.h src/term.c src/unset.c src/util3d.c
demo/ docs/gnuplot.doc:
Allow the user to redefine the properties of basic linetypes.
The redefinitions are persistent; i.e. they are not affected by "reset".
The command options are identical to those for "set style line".
New command:
set linetype N {various line properties}
set linetype cycle M
The new line colors and widths can be set to cycle after going through
M linetypes. E.g. for M=8, the color of linetypes 9, 17, 25 ... are the
same as that of linetype 1.
2009-12-30 Peter Kalinin <>
* term/metapost.trm (MP_options):
The metapost terminal sets the line thickness for plots via drawoptions,
then uses 'draw GPtext ...' to place the text. The draw inherits options
from drawoptions, which results in altered thicknesses of lines.
Replace 'draw GPtext' with 'addto currentpicture also GPtext'.
2009-12-30 Shigeharu Takeno <>
* src/win/wgnuplib.h src/win/wgraph.c term/win.trm:
Monochrome option of win terminal seems to have no effect.
set term win mono
plot x
draws a red line. I think the timing of calling ReadGraphini() is not
correct. This should be done only once on first entry before setting
the terminal options.
2009-12-30 Thomas Sefzick <>
* src/graph3d.c: Fix incorrect color assignment of contour lines when
'set style increment user' is set.
2009-12-28 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot.c (get_data) src/graphics.c (plot_c_bars)
src/tabulate.c (print_table) docs/gnuplot.doc:
Allow an optional 6th column in CANDLESTICKS style that specifies the
width of each individual candle.
2009-12-24 Thomas Sefzick <>
* src/tabulate.c src/time.c:
Support the "%s" format specifier to strftime as per the unix man page.
If the output format string is exactly "%s" then 'output_number()' in
'src/tabulate.c' returns the number of seconds since the beginning of
the epoch as a number. All other cases ("%s" in combination with any
other character) are treated in 'time.c'.
2009-12-24 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/tabulate: Fix buffer overflow.
* The cross-compilation patch causes a recursive
definition of CC in docs/Makefile. I have attempted to fix this by
revising the definition of CC_FOR_BUILD, but I don't know if this
will break cross-compilation again.
2009-12-24 Robert Schwebel <>
* docs/
When cross compiling gnuplot, build the documentation generation tools
in docs/ with CC_FOR_BUILD (host compiler), not with the cross compiler.
2009-12-22 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/win/wgraph.c (drawgraph: W_line_type): Change initial line
template for LT_BACKGROUND to 0 (lt -1) rather than 1 (lt 0).
Possible fix for bug #1952287
2009-12-19 Juergen Wieferink <>
* src/command.c, src/command.h, src/misc.c, src/misc.h
(lf_push, lf_pop): Save if-state.
* src/command.c, src/command.h, src/misc.c, src/misc.h
(lf_push, lf_pop, load_file, do_string):
Refactor duplicate code from load_file() and do_string() into lf_push()
* misc.h, misc.c: Add field cmdline to LFS to allow correct
deallocation. Check for infinite recursion.
* src/misc.c (prepare_call, expand_call_args, load_file):
Refactor code related to the call command out of load_file().
* src/command.c (history_command): Use do_string() now that it can
detect recursions.
* command.c, command.h, plot.c:
Remove eval_depth and reset_eval_depth(). The new recursion detection
in lf_push() should supercede this.
2009-12-18 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/tables.h src/tables.c src/show.c src/save.c src/graph3d.h:
Move all the DGRID3D_* options into a shared table.
* src/set.c: Replace the set_dgrid3d() routine with a version that uses
a shared option table and handles input values contained in variables.
* docs/gnuplot.doc: bring dgrid3d syntax into line with the code
2009-12-12 Ethan A Merritt <>
* docs/plotstyles.gnu demo/bldg.png demo/barchart_art.dem
New demo showing
a) input of png image using binary filetype=png
b) rescaling rectangular images to act as plot elements
2009-12-11 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/graphics.c (boundary): Tweak auto-placement of plot borders so
that it is closer to what was used prior to version 4.2.4. This makes
the right margin slightly wider than in 4.2.6, and the left margin
slightly narrower.
2009-12-08 Ethan A Merritt <>
* term/emf.trm (ENHemf_put_text): Left/right/center justification of
enhanced text was not taking into account the text angle. Now it does.
* src/breaders.c (gd_filetype_function): Make load of jpeg or gif image
conditional on support by the installed libgd.
* src/unset.c (reset_command): Reset options to plot style filledcurve.
Bug #2911203
2009-12-05 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/command.c (undefine_command):
'undefine A* B' should not affect BFOO.
* src/internal.c (f_mult): Check for integer overflow when performing
internal integer multiplication.
Bug #2908270
2009-12-04 Tatsuro Matsuoka <>
* config/makefile.mgw config/makefile.cyg: Create installation
2009-12-04 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c (df_open): The variables that track matrix and binary
data input (df_matrix, df_num_bin_records) must be re-inititialized
for every file.
2009-12-03 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/set.c (set_margin): Limit range of set ?margin at screen <foo>
to 0 < foo < 1.
* src/datafile.c (f_stringcolumn) src/plot2d.c (eval_plots):
Enforce restrictions on which plot types can accept matrix data.
2009-12-01 Ethan A Merritt <>
* config/makefile.cyg config/makefile.dj2 config/makefile.mgw
config/makefile.os2 src/ term/lua.trm term/
Install the script gnuplot-tikz.lua under $pkgdatadir rather than under
Fixes build problems under cygwin and mingw.
Thanks to Tatsuro Matsuoka.
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Provide an example of using 'set palette defined'
to approximate default MATLAB coloring.
Thanks to Mike <>
2009-11-26 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/datafile.c: Remove unused global df_binary.
2009-11-16 Juergen Wieferink <>
* src/command.c (do_string_and_free) src/misc.c (load_file): Fix memory
issues of patch 2009-10-30 (SF Patch #2898455 and Bug #2895620).
2009-11-16 Petr Mikulik <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Fix support web page URL.
* src/show.c (show_version): Less info help lines.
2009-11-14 Philipp K. Janert <>
* src/command.c (undefine_command): Added support for wildcards in
variable names.
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Associated documentation.
2009-11-12 Thomas Sefzick <>
* term/canvas.trm: Fix initialization failure on non-unix platforms.
2009-11-11 Petr Mikulik <>
* docs/gnuplot.doc: Updated introduction.
2009-11-06 Allin Cottrell <>
* src/wxterminal/gp_cairo.c (gp_cairo_convert): Work around a font
problem in the win32 backend for pango/cairo character rendering.
Conditional on WIN32 and libpango > 1.21, request rendering by freetype
rather than win32. Fix suggested by cairo developer Behdad Esfahbod.
2009-11-04 Petr Mikulik <>
* src/term.c (enhanced_recursion): Replace in-line warnings sent to
stderr by instead calling int_warn().
2009-11-02 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/breader.c: Give df_libgd_get_pixel() a valid return value even
if it's only a dummy function because there is no png support.
2009-11-01 Petr Mikulik <>
* config/makefile.dj2 config/makefile.cyg config/makefile.mgw
config/makefile.nt config/makefile.os2: Added GNUPLOT_JS_DIR.
* term/canvas.trm (CANVAS_graphics): Fix // vs \ and / for jsdir and
2009-10-31 Petr Mikulik <>
* src/show.c (show_version): Fit width of welcome messages into 80
2009-10-31 Ethan A Merritt <>
* src/plot.h src/util.h: Tell gcc that routines bail_to_command_line(),
int_error(), graph_error(), and os_error() do not return.
#ifdef __GNUC__ ... __attribute__((noreturn));
This avoids spurious warnings about uninitialized variables from
call sites like:
int foo;
if (END_OF_COMMAND || !(foo = try_to_get_string()))
int_error(c_token,"missing string");
baz = foo;
2009-10-30 Juergen Wieferink <>
* src/command.c, src/command.h (do_string, do_string_and_free):
Use to different functions depending on whether the command string has
to be freed. Don't reset screen_ok.
* src/command.c, src/command.h (do_string_replot), src/fit.c
(fit_interrupt): Use do_string() instead of do_line().
* src/command.c, src/misc.c, src/mouse.c, src/plot.c src/term.c:
Adjust calls to do_string().
* src/plot2d.c src/graph3d.c src/gplt_x11.c ter