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To install from sources:
Installation instructions are found in the file INSTALL in this
directory after going through this file. In a very small nutshell:
- Under Unix, use configure and make
If your source is from the CVS repository rather from a release package,
the order of commands is ./prepare; ./configure; make
- Other platforms, copy the relevant makefile from config/
to src, cd to src and make. See config/README for what each
of those files is for. Note: some of those files haven't been
updated in ages, so they may no longer be usable.
Direct PDF support in gnuplot is provided by an external library.
Two options are currently possible. It is possible to have both
PDF terminal drivers in the same gnuplot executable.
The newer "pdfcairo" terminal uses the pango and cairo libraries.
This driver will be built if the configure script detects suitable
versions of cairo and pango on your machine.
The older "pdf" terminal uses a library provided by PDFlib GmbH,
Germany ( ). This library is available under
two strictly separate licencing models. Depending on the environment
you use gnuplot in, you may have to purchase a commercial licence for
PDFlib even though gnuplot itself is free software.
There's a special version of PDFlib, called ``PDFlib Lite'', which
is freely redistrutable, but programs linked to that are strictly for
non-commercial usage only. *You* are liable for whatever violations
of this licence occur in a gnuplot binary built by you.