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This directory contains files for running Gnuplot from within emacs.
This package was assembled by Bruce Ravel <bravel@bnl.gov>.
See http://http://xafs.org/BruceRavel/GnuplotMode

Almost nothing has changed here since Bruce Ravel's 2002 version.


README               this file
INSTALL              thorough installation instructions
ChangeLog            a log of changes by version number
gnuplot.el	     gnuplot mode for emacs
gnuplot-gui.el       a GUI for setting command arguments interactively
info-look.20.2.el    programmer's interface to info files, old version
info-look.20.3.el    programmer's interface to info files, new version
dot.el               a short lisp file used by the Makefile
gpelcard.tex         quick reference card for gnuplot mode (latex)
dotemacs             example .emacs lines for enabling gnuplot mode
Makefile.am	\    
aclocal.m4	 }	used by the auotoconfigure system
configure.in	/

Old installation instructions (from before this directory was part
of the main gnuplot distribution)


1.  Unpack the gnuplot.tar.gz and cd to the gnuplot directory.  

2.  Type "configure".  If configure doesn't work for you, see note 7

3.  Run "make".  If you use XEmacs, run "make EMACS=xemacs" (or change
    the EMACS variable to "xemacs" in the Makefile, the run "make").

4.  Move the lisp files to the system site_lisp directory if you are
    installing as root.  If you are installing as a normal user move
    the .elc files to a place where emacs, i.e. your personal emacs

5.  Insert the contents of the `dotemacs' file into your .emacs file
    or into the system's emacs start-up file to enable gnuplot mode.

6.  The function `gnuplot-info-lookup-symbol' looks at the Gnuplot
    info file that comes with this package or that can be made from
    the Gnuplot distribution.  For that function to work, the file
    gnuplot.info must be placed somewhere where info can find it, for
    example /usr/info.  A line like this in your .emacs allows you to
    put gnuplot.info any place convenient:
       (add-to-list 'Info-default-directory-list "/path/to/file")

Wouldn't it be //great// if Emacs had some kind of systematized package
installing facility?  I think so, too!  Oh well....


1. The file info-look.el provides the on-line help functionality.
   Without it, things like on-line help and keyword completion will
   not work.  Using a tool that is a standard part of Emacs is a good
   idea, but this one gets complicated.  This file became part of
   Emacs with version 20.  It changed between 20.2 and 20.3.  And it
   does not come with XEmacs.  What's more, the version from 20.2 has
   a bug and the newer version does not work with Emacs 19.  So, this
   distribution comes with two versions of info-look.el, the version
   from Emacs 20.2 patched to work correctly and the version from
   Emacs 20.3.  Here's what happens when you run make:

   a.  If you use Emacs 19 or XEmacs 19, then the Makefile will
       compile the 20.2 version.
   b.  If you use Emacs 20.2 or lower, the Makefile will compile the
       20.2 version.
   c.  If you use XEmacs 20 or higher, the Makefile will compile the
       20.3 version.
   d.  If you use Emacs 20.3 or higher, the Makefile won't compile any

2. The interactive graphical graphical interface to setting command
   arguments contained in gnuplot-gui.el is experimental.  It is
   incomplete and may make mistakes.  Hopefully, you will find it
   useful.  It *requires* that you are using a version of emacs with
   the widget library installed or that you have installed it
   yourself.  Version numbers in the 20's of Emacs and XEmacs ship
   with the widget library.  For version numbers in the 19's, it can
   be obtained at http://www.dina.kvl.dk/~abraham/custom/