ESP8266 ESP-01 - NeoPixel NeoMatrix - Text Scroller
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ESP8266 ESP-01 - NeoPixel NeoMatrix - Text Scroller

This has been tested and works with the Arduino IDE v1.6.7 & v1.6.8


Original ESP-01 to NeoMatrix work by Samir Sogay:
Original working files are linked from his YouTube video as well.

Project Hardware

Project Software / Arduino Libraries Used

JavaScript Libraries

Arduino Libraries

Make sure to only download these from within the Arduino IDE

Getting Started

  • Download the Spectrum Colorpicker from GitHub and place on your server so that you can access the files from the sketch. Alternatively you can try to link directly to GitHub which the files are currently setup for but not recommended.
  • Download this repo & open in the Arduino IDE
  • Download the required Adafruit libraries from inside the Arduino IDE (You may need to visit for a how-to guide. Full 3rd party list)
  • Define Your WiFi Connection Information:
const char* WiFi_SSID = "<SSID-HERE>";
const char* WiFi_PASS = "<PASSWORD-HERE>";
  • Program / upload this repo to your ESP-01 from within the Arduino IDE
  • Connect your NeoMatrix
  • Find your ESP-01's IP Address and connect with a browser
  • You may need to adjust the direction of the scrolling code "NEO_MATRIX_RIGHT" w/ "NEO_MATRIX_LEFT"
  • One final note is I am only using a single NeoMatix in this code, you may need to adjust if you have more
  • Have fun!

Demo Shot

Demo Shot Color Picker Open

Troubleshooting: some of the original steps to make Samir's code work for me: