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What is this?

A torrent RSS-feed downloader. Based off of alekseyt's code.

leech works by downloading the torrents from a RSS-feed generated from a website.

To do this it uses sh, wget, xsltproc, grep and sed.

It works with torrent clients that support directory watching, such as:

  • transmission
  • rtorrent


  • leech does not implement long-running processes, ideal for low memory devices.
  • Does not require additional language pakages, written is bash its extemely small.
  • Still does the job.


To install:

opkg install*_all.ipk

Add all of the RSS-Feeds in /etc/leech/foods Add any Regular Expressions you want applied to the 'foods' in /etc/leech/downloads (default is to download everything)


To run the program manually:

CONFIG_DIR="/etc/leech" DOWLOADS_DIR="/mnt/downloads/" leech

DOWNLOADS_DIR can be omitted to download files to current directory.

To make it run every 30 minutes add this entry to crontabs using crontab -e:

*/30 * * * * CONFIG_DIR="/etc/leech" DOWNLOADS_DIR="/mnt/downloads" leech

You can use leech-match-test to test if expressions in config/downloads match filenames you need.

Known Issues

  • You need normal wget to make it work. Default OpenWRT's wget rippoff won't do.


If you think something is wrong, or just want to make sure if everything is OK, you could always run leech in manual mode and observe its output.

Under the Hood

Script will create temporary file in $TMP (/tmp by default): $TMP/leech.lunch

  • contains downloaded feed.

Files matched config/downloads rules goes directly to DOWNLOADS_DIR. In case of incomplete file retrieval, wget will resume download.

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