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+ = Added a feature
- = Fixed a bug
* = Changed something
^ = Other
^ stage to REL_1_9_4 [04/07/2013]
- huge amount of various fixes practically in all components (15
occurences of dead code blocks, 13 occurences of unchecked return
values, 2 occurences of uninitialized variables usage, 13 occurences
of resource leakage, 3 occurences of forward NULL references, 2
occurences of reverse NULL references, 11 occurences of code without
effect, 2 occurences of unused variables, 6 occurences of possible
negative returns used in unsigned environment, 1 sizeof mismatch, 1
buffer size overflow, 2 string size overflows, 3 overruns)
- fix in SplitBuf(), mystring.c: when params include \t in a
command such as /msg nickserv help \t, a crash occurs [Kamen Sabeff]
- fixed crash when SecureMessaging is on and someone sends a message in
a channel where service nicks reside [Kamen Sabeff]
+ fixed some issues with nickname enforcement + added changes [Kamen
- NS can use KILL if for some reason svsnick/forcenick can't succeed
OR if after maximum five tries the random generated nickname is in
- use (unlikely, but still possible)
the GHOST command now uses KILL immediately if the nickname to be
ghosted is NS identified
* services cannot op/deop themselves when the command comes from
regular users [Kamen Sabeff]
- fix is for a rare occasion when two or more bots set identical
ban/exception/etc simultaneously, so if expirebans is on, chanserv
removes the same ban many times in a row [Kamen Sabeff]
+ logout command for OpenServ [Kamen Sabeff]
- ReadHub() fix for correct reconnect in case of conn close [Kamen
+ NoAdd nickname option for channels [Kamen Sabeff]
- fixing missing help files
+ DELME command for users to delete themselves from channel lists [Kamen
- fixes for fake server handling (jupe), wildcard handling (don't use
irc.* in jupe names, etc.) [Kamen Sabeff]
+ set of smarter nickname expire patches [Kamen Sabeff]
* add Fuckover docs back [Kamen Sabeff]
- fix SeenServ devoiced behaviour [Kamen Sabeff]
- hide level settings from ordinary non-access users [Kamen Sabeff]
- fix for NickServer ns access add crash and not matching a hostmask
already in ns access list [Kamen Sabeff]
+ people with access level for ACCESS can see the list [Kamen Sabeff]
- QUIT messages for all services which resolves splits on DIE and
RESTART [Kamen Sabeff]
^ stage to REL_1_9_4 [09/20/2009]
- update last seen address when UnSecure is on [Kamen Sabeff]
+ add NoLink command to NickServ [Kamen Sabeff]
- fix release cycle after ghost-ing self
* release immediately after collide on user-ghost
+ don't allow manual squit of a juped server
- fix crash when first time setting channel topic via ChanServ
- rewrite n_drop logic to behave correctly when given password is OK but
sender matches too wide O line (*@* for instance)
* send need to identify message on n_drop() from user matching an admin
line (but not valid admin) instead of bad pass message
* ADVFLOOD protection is now default; SVSNICK should be always preferred
- update docs to reflect SourceForge migration
- fixed leak in Substitute(), triggered on help with unregistered or
unprivileged user
- fixed leak on jump in s_server
- fixed memory leak in ClearConfLines() with UserList
- don't send motd if re-registered via TS
- don't change topic when old topic and new topic are the same
- fixed memory leaks in os_loaddata(), LoadSettings() and
- enlarge default MAX hash values
- fix compilation issues when #undef SEENSERVICES
* be more descriptive on AllowKillImmed
- improve svn version detection in configure script for newer Subversion
- fix OperServ stats m documentation (memory stats have been removed)
^ stage to REL_1_9_3 [11/10/2006]
+ allow ExpireBans settings per channel [Kamen Sabeff]
+ a dozen of enforce/svsnick/forcenick changes: don't collide pseudo
nicknames or jupes, make difference between ghost and recover, when
forcenicked/svsnicked do issue pseudo nickname [Kamen Sabeff]
- fix several memory leaks [Kamen Sabeff]
+ import password required changes from ShakeIT [Kamen Sabeff]:
+ current password on drop is now required
+ old password on set password is now required to sucessfully change
to new password
+ import MinNickAge code from ShakeIT [Kamen Sabeff]
^ update INSTALL docs
^ updated SGML documentation/manpages; updated installation procedures
to install various docs and manpages in $(PREFIX)/hybserv/doc
- fix #128: Unforbid still forces nick change
^ initial import of Debian *.sgml sources for manpages [thanks to Joshua
Kwan and Aurélien GÉRÔME]
* check for mkdir command/path and fill $(MKDIR) in Makefiles
- merge #127 back in and re-fix #125
- fix #127: NickServ: deleting [%s] caused deletion of channel [%s] not
shown on partyline [Brian Brazil]
- fix #125: fix regression in FALLBACK_TO_KILL [Brian Brazil]
* give grace period of 30secs for unforbidden nickname
* misc changes on sock code to better detect server disconnects
+ recalculate TZ/DST every full hour [thanks Ilian]
- finally confirm TZ offset calculation is proper [thanks Ilian]
* when writing oper.db, enter write O-line info of each registered oper
so that we can easily match
* new GetUser logic
* rip off CalcMem, it was reporting invalid memory usage anyways
- write only active & OperServ registered opers in oper.db with TS
* localtime fixes -- instead of gmtime() use localtime() which
supposedly knows of DST; fix long-standing GMT bug
* update MaxLogs docs: upgrade, src, etc.
- fix #120: don't show notice if person issuing NS INFO command is
* undef GECOSBANS as default, undef HYBRID_GLINES as default for Hybrid7
[thanks Ales Tokic]
+ SeenServ will rejoin channel after kick
* smaller fixes for autoconf
- fix #119: tabs/spaces issues in nickserv.c
- fix #118: minor typo in msg when adding an autokick [Brian]
- fixed several ircncmp() uses with wrong length
- fix #115: missing read of LASTSERV from oper.db [Brian Brazil]
+ fix #116: don't write out nick_ts if identified within last 5 minutes
[Brian Brazil]
+ fix #117: invalidate nick_ts when user is KILLed [Brian Brazil]
* add support for Boehm GC
- fix #114: get record_restart_ts working with netsplits again [Brian
* fix #111: make FALLBACK_TO_KILL mandatory and integrated with rest of
* fix #112: update pubcommands help page
* fix for #104, use more standard RecordCommand for GREPLOG
+ add PUBCOMMANDS enhancements from Ilian Jovchev
* fix for #105, log the New Max *** counters [Brian, again :)]
+ use line-buffered stream for logs
+ fix for #106, don't open logfile for each entry - now we open and
close logs only when needed [thanks Brian Brazil]
- fix docs to close #94 again [thanks Brian Brazil]
+ be more paranoid on NICK, non-netsplit QUIT - mark old nicknames as
unusable for RECORD_RESTART_TS [suggestion from Brian Brazil]
- fix #103: MLOCK + causes services to split
- fix #93: when expiring channels check if any members idle there and
what is their access
- fix #94: when channel is CS_RESTRICTED it is enough to have CA_CMDOP
instead of CS_AUTOOP
- fix #91: RECORD_RESTART_TS supersedes RECORD_SPLIT_TS, remove all
- fix #101: LEVEL LIST is now logged
+ when recording TS, record a servername for the originating nickname
too and do both servername and ts check for opers and plain users
+ be smarter in collide() - don't do pseudo nicknames when no need
- fix possible bug with nickserv ghost/collide pseudo nick never leaving
[needs further testing]
- fix compile problem with PUBCOMMAND in server.c
- fix issue with forbidden channels and expired founder/sucessor in
^ stage to REL_1_9_2 [03/17/2006]
- OperServ should join channels which are to be monitored [partially
* better services admin checks for sadmin-privilege commands [thanks
* rearrange cs/ss_part code into DeleteChan()
* fix warnings when undef SERVICES_FIGHT_FIX
+ add NickServ clearnoexp
* update ChanServ clearnoexp behaviour - lastused flag should be updated
on clear expire [from Ilian Jovchev/ShakeIT
+ when adding already added entry in channel access list, update
added_by nickname [from Ilian Jovchev/ShakeIT]
- fix for long-standing linked nicknames circular bug [thank you Ilian
Jovchev and ShakeIT!]
* changes for ss_part/ss_join/es_part/es_join [mostly by ShakeIT]
+ SeenServ on channels, pubcommands for SeenServ: !seen, !seennick, !op
and !deop [from t0sh and CoolCold, heavily edited]
- fix leap years timeago() bug [reported by Todor Dimitrov]
* fix incompatibility with m_forcenick.c and Hybrid 7.2
+ add NeverOP patch [from CoolCold], user with such flag won't be opped
when he/she joins any channel - and it is user-selectable
+ keep track of who added a hostmask in the access list [from sofit]
^ fixes for n_noexpire [from sofit]
- fix crash in port listener when got socket = -1 [socket() would fail
on one of interface's addresses]
^ release collide timer immediately after FORCENICK/SVSNICK; use
FALLBACK_TO_KILL to make sure that nickname gets collided for sure,
even on mixed networks [some servers without FORCENICK/SVSNICK
- fix the crash in HasAccess() caused by order of NULLptr checks [thanks
Todor Dimitrov]
- fix crash in set level, no check for index == 0
- fix smartmasking if . is in username
- fix some of AutoOp issues
- allow user to dehalfop himself, as well as halfop ALL [all channels he
is on]
+ add secure messaging [from CoolCold, heavily edited]
- fix inconsistencies with NS_FORBID, NS_COLLIDE and NS_RELEASE usage
- fix log rotation bug
+ add ability to notify opers on INFO [from CoolCold]
- fix log rotation and greplog issues with LogPath
- fix GetLink() issue in HasAccess() which occuren when !AutoOpAdmins:
admins woudn't get +o on channels where they had normal access
- fix several off-by-one errors
* fix m_forcenick.c to compile under Hybrid 7.1.3 [from sofit]
* update AutoOpAdmins documentation [from Brian Brazil]
* enforce usage of LogPath, for logs to be in a directory
- fixed outstanding bug in InsertLink() where chan access lists where
shallow copied, instead of making new instance and deleting old
- check for duplicates when adding founder or channel access
* fixes for EMPOWERADMINMORE and AutoOPAdmin behaviour [from Brian
+ add OperServ TS saving when restart [from Brian Brazil]
+ fallback to plain KILL if FORCENICK doesn't suceed [from Brian Brazil]
+ save authentication TS when netsplit or restart, so users don't have
to reauthenticate [from Brian Brazil]
- fix network variables misoverride in configure
+ patch from Brian Brazil to send notices in m_forcenick
- fix missing global help in helpserv as well as other similar bugs
- fixed missing Nickserv ACCESS for administrators
- fixed local listener issue [listening bug, resolve bug]
^ moved compatibility stuff into compat/, made fallbacks if we
don't have strtoul, strerror, strdup
^ new logging scheme applied
+ add password recovery and recover phrase into NickServ [thanks bane!]
- fixes for broken getaddrinfo() on some glibc2 platforms [thanks knight
and adx]
^ stage it to REL_1_9_1 [09/26/2005]
+ Substitute now works for dcc motd and server [logon] motd
* rewrote Substitute code
* rewrote core string/array handling functions SplitBuf() and
+ add basic IPv6 support and getaddrinfo/getnameinfo stuff
+ add configurable FORCENICK/SVSNICK prefix
+ strlcat/strlcpy merge, lot of memory stuff fixes, better internal
spill control, less malloc/realloc stuff, less useless memsets
- fix excessive writesock usage, fix several DCC-related issues
- greplog fixes
- fixes for NickServ's set EXPIRE
* rewrote n_set* group of functions to allow SET <nickname> PARAM
[flags] for any nickname linked with sender nickame and for admins to be
able to change settings for users, if EMPOWERADMINMORE
+ add MinChanUsers, which allows administrator to set minimum channel
users requirement for channel registration
- fix reload coring services
* new channels registered by opers are not NOEXPIRE by default
+ implement options for ChanServ LIST
+ add reason informations for nick and channel forbid [can be seen with
info commands]
- fix smaller leak in DeleteChan
- fix forbidden channels dissapearing after save
+ add --enable-efence support
+ add --with-network, possible targets are idolnet, balcannet, hybrid,
hybrid7, dancer
- fix a dozen of format string vulnerabilities [thanks Ales Tokic for
+ import newer match.c, which has '#' wildcard [thanks Ales Tokic for
+ add --enable-asserts, --enable-gimmecore and --enable-daemontools
+ add --enable-warnings, --with-nicklen, --with-chanellen and
- several Solaris fuckups fixed
- fix for invalid link count [fix from sofit]
- fix for autovoice/autoop for operserv admins, problem with
EMPOWERADMINS_MORE [fix from sofit]
* global code and style cleanups
* massive rewrite of includes and better detection of system
- fix trace to show channels when using -long parameters
* Makefile and configure script changes
* totally rip out mode +a support, since there is no anonops in recent
^ move autoconf stuff from autoconf/ to root .
* halfops support is now under #define HYBRID7_HALFOPS
- fix cs_invite() not to invite if channel isn't +i
- fix SJOIN event to remove invite and ban exceptions properly, dump old
data as required
* rip off TakeOver() and rewrite o_secure() - idea is to use as much as
possible of already written ChanServ code; new code will autoop Admins
only if AutoOpAdmins is set.. and will do stuff is should have been
doing already [but it didn't]
^ since I've migrated to Subversion, we've lost automatic ChangeLog, so
I'll be manually writing the changes every now and then
* fix ghost to use instant collide, instead of KILL
* don't allow ghosting self
* don't allow op all if NOCHANOPS
- fix clearnoexp, add pattern matching
* updates for NickServ's list command:
+ implement matching flags
+ remove display limits
^ update documentation
* rip off unseen - it was buggy and ugly anyway, and I'm not fond of
repairing the broken code
* regularly part channels which ChanServ shouldn't be on
* when manually adding nicknames to collision list, notify them with
proper messaging
* update config.h defaults to Hybrid7 [yay, at last!]
# vim: ft=changelog:ts=2:et