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The fast and easy way:
NOTE: If you use this script, you must make sure config.h is correctly
configured prior to running the script; also - using this script
will default to installing Hybserv2 in /usr/local/hybserv/, unless
you first edit
In order to compile Hybserv2, you should perform the following steps:
1) Enter the hybserv tree and run ./configure, a GNU configure script,
which should find whatever it needs for compilation.
2) Edit include/config.h and change the information to suit your IRC
network. This is a *must*. Be sure to edit bin/hybserv.conf to setup
the services to work with your network. This is the file where you
can give others access to Hybserv2.
3) Run 'make' in the hybserv tree to compile the package. When make
finishes, you'll probably want to: 'strip bin/hybserv' to remove
debugging symbols from the file, since the author is the only one who
really uses it. It also decreases the file size greatly.
4) Finally, become root if necessary, and run 'make install' to
install Hybserv2 on your system. The default install directory is
/usr/local/hybserv. This will automatically chown the install
directory to the same user who ran the configure script, so it won't
run as root. You can change the user by editing Makefile.
5) You may wish to remove any objects/binaries created during
installation. You can do this via 'make clean'. If you wish to remove
any configure generated files as well, use 'make distclean'.
NOTE: If you want to install Hybserv2 in a directory other than
/usr/local/hybserv, you must run the configure script with
the --prefix option.
For example, if you want to install Hybserv2 in /home/mydir:
./configure --prefix=/home/mydir
make all install
Then, Hybserv2 will be installed in /home/mydir/hybserv.
NOTE: ./configure script accepts several additional parameters which
can be used to fine-tune your setup:
--disable-largefile omit support for large files
--disable-ipv6 Disable IPv6 support [default=no]
--enable-efence Enable Electric Fence support [default=no]
--enable-dmalloc Enable dmalloc support [default=no]
--enable-boehm-gc Enable Boehm GC support [default=yes]
--enable-warnings Enable compiler warnings [default=no]
--enable-asserts Enable asserts in code [default=no]
--enable-gimmecore Enable core dumping [default=yes]
--enable-daemontools Enable daemontools support [default=no]
--with-nicklen=LENGTH Sets nick length to LENGTH [default=18]
--with-channellen=LENGTH Sets channel length to LENGTH [default=200]
--with-topiclen=LENGTH Sets topic length to LENGTH [default=160]
--with-network=TYPE Sets network type TYPE
Hybserv2 is known to compile cleanly on the following operating systems,
and may compile on others:
Linux 2.6.x (and older)
FreeBSD 5.x (and older)
DragonFly BSD 1.2.x (and older)
NetBSD 2.0.x (and older)
OpenBSD 2.x (and older)
Solaris 2.11 (and older)
Tru64 5.0 (and older)
Cygwin 1.5.x (and older)
IRIX 6.5 (and older)
OSX Tiger 10.4.2
Systems known not to compile sucessfuly (ie. miserably fail):
HP-UX 11.11 with builtin cc - should work with Gcc though
If you are unable to compile Hybserv, please read the README and make a
new ticket using the provided URL. Bug reports/suggestions should be sent
to the same place. Now, go back to the README.