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# This is the list of people who have contributed code to the DKPro Core repository.
# This list is to be used in favor over author attributions in individual files,
# e.g. via @author tags.
# Code integrated from third parties by others than their original authors may not have any
# @author tags removed and respective names must not be added to this file. Integration of
# third party code should be avoided.
# After the name, one or more mail addresses may be specified in pointy brackets and one or more
# GitHub IDs may be specified in square brackets.
# See also
# Please keep the list sorted.
Andriy Nadolskyy [andriyNadolskyy]
Anil Narassiguing
Anshul Tak [anshul-tak]
Benjamin Herbert [BenjaminHerbert]
Beto Boullosa [betoboullosa]
Carsten Schnober <> [carschno]
Cigdem Toprak <>
Delphine Bernhard
Emily K. Jamison [EmilyKJamison]
Erik-Lân Do Dinh [dodinh]
Hans-Peter Zorn [hpzorn]
Ivan Habernal [habernal]
Jens Haase <> [jenshaase]
Johannes Daxenberger [daxenberger]
Johannes Hoffart [hoffart]
Judith Eckle-Kohler [judithek]
Jungi Kim [yangpa]
Lisa Beinborn <>
Majid Laali [mjlaali]
Mandy Neumann <,> [neumannm]
Manuel R. Ciosici [manuelciosici]
Marcel Ackermann <> [DreamFlasher]
Mario Juric [mjunsilo]
Martin Riedl <> [riedlma, langtechUDE]
Masoud Kiaeeha [maxxkia]
Mateusz Parzonka
Michael Unterkalmsteiner [mikmakmuk]
Milen Kouylekov <> [kouylekov, kouylekov-usit]
Nicolai Erbs <> [nicolaierbs]
Nicolas Paris [parisni]
Niklas Jakob
Nils Reimers [nreimers]
Oliver Ferschke [ferschke]
Pedro Santos [pedrobisp]
Richard Eckart de Castilho <> [reckart]
Sebastian Kneise
Seid Muhie Yimam [seyyaw]
Shuo Yang <>
Silvana Hartmann <> [silvanaha]
Tim Feuerbach
Tobias Horsmann [Horsmann]
Torsten Zesch [zesch]
Tristan Miller [logological]
Uli Fahrer [Tooa]
Zhemin Zhu
Zhi Shen