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DKPro JOWKL (Java OmegaWiki Library) is a free, Java-based application
programming interface that allows to access all information in the free,
multi-lingual online dictionary OmegaWiki (

Core features:
* Fast and efficient access to OmegaWiki
* Direct access to OmegaWiki database dumps, no preprocessing necessary
* Language independent 

License and Availability

The latest version of DKPro JOWKL is available via Maven Central. 
If you use Maven as your build tool, then you can add DKPro JOWKL 
as a dependency in your pom.xml file:


DKPro JOWKL is available as open source software under the 
Apache License 2.0 (ASL). The software thus comes "as is" without any 
warranty (see license text for more details).

Publications and Citation Information

DKPro JOWKL has been developed as part of the UBY project 
( You can read more 
about JOWKL and UBY in our scientific articles:

* Michael Matuschek, Christian M. Meyer, and Iryna Gurevych: Multilingual 
  Knowledge in Aligned Wiktionary and Omega­Wiki for Translation Applications, 
  Translation: Computation, Corpora, Cognition: Special Issue on “Language 
  Technology for a Multilingual Europe” (TC3), Vol. 3(1): 87–118, June 2013.
* Iryna Gurevych, Judith Eckle-Kohler, Silvana Hartmann, Michael Matuschek, 
  Christian M. Meyer, and Christian Wirth: UBY – A Large-Scale Unified 
  Lexical-Semantic Resource Based on LMF, in: Proceedings of the 13th 
  Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational 
  Linguistics (EACL), p. 580–590, April 2012. Avignon, France.

Project Background

Prior to being available as open source software, DKPro JOWKL has been 
a research project at the Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab of 
the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. The following people have 
mainly contributed to this project (in alphabetical order):

* Richard Eckart de Castilho
* Iryna Gurevych
* Zijad Maksuti
* Michael Matuschek
* Christian M. Meyer

Project Homepage