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A VBA-M fork with lua-scripting support
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firered.lua add entry and exit detection for object-update-functions and fix the …
snapshot.lua improvements in lua library
stack.lua improvements in lua library


A VBA-M fork with lua-scripting support

How to install

To enable lua scripting support you have to compile it with the ENABLE_LUACTRL option.


How to run

To try the project you need to have a .gba rom file for the game you are going to test. For this example let's say you have the Pokemon FireRed rom.

./vbam -l PokemonFireRed.gba

Then press F11 and you should see the emulator freezing and a lua prompt in your terminal. If you want to try the firered.lua file included with this repository for exemple, go to the lua prompt and type :

require 'firered'

and then hit CTRL+D to exit the lua interpreter and resume the emulator. If everything worked correctly you should be able to move diagonally.

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