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Here is the v1 swyp protocol specification; all future versions of swyp should cooperate well with it

  • 1 All devices listen for "swyp" services on bonjour/multicast dns locally a multicast dns browser searches for "swyp" services on "tcp" in the local network On ios, it might be: [_serverBrowser searchForServicesOfType:@"_swyp._tcp." inDomain:@""];
  • 2 As a finger touches down on a device, it preemptively posts itself as a tcp server and registers with bonjour on the local network as a "swyp" service under the expectation that a complete swyp might be made to another device
    • If the full swipe-off the screen gesture recognizer fails, the server removes itself as a bonjour service
    • Otherwise, If the gesture recognizer recognizes/completes, it waits around for a client connection for some generous time interval like 5 seconds
  • 3 All clients that see a new server store it in a set of potential servers (as references to their dns records)
  • 4 If a client recognizes/receives a swyp gesture onto the screen, it tries to connect to each server listed in its set of potential servers
  • 5 After connecting, the client sends a hello packet - in the following () are comments
    • All headers are UTF8 strings, the following outline should be understood as a json object
    • See below for an example client hello
    • 1234;{type="swyp/controlpacket", tag:"clientHello", length:(payloadlength)1234}
      • { intervalSinceSwypIn:(miliseconds)23123,
      • supportedFileTypes:{ In order of preference
        • "video/mpeg","image/png"},
        • sessionHue:"0.99,0.44,0.69,0.72" (rgba) background set to this color, color set to connection indicator
      • }
  • 6 The server sends its hello packet
    • Accepting
      • ;{type="swyp/controlpac ket", tag:"serverHello", length:(payloadlength)}
        • {status:"accepted", swypOutVelocity:(mm/second, ie,200)
        • supportedFileTypes:{ In order of preference
          • "video/mpeg","image/png"}
        • }
    • Or Rejecting
      • ;{type="swyp/controlpac ket", tag:"serverHello", length:(payloadlength)}
        • {status:"rejected"}
  • 8 Now with the same message spec, we can send photos just by either party sending
    • ;{tag:"tagForStuff", type:"image/png", payloadLength:(NSUInteger)}(PayloadData)

example, (')s are references to data "actually on wire"-- rediculous decimal precsion is not required: clientHelloHeader = '74;{n "tag" : "clientHello",n "type" : "swyp/ControlPacket",n "length" : 140}' clientHelloPayload = '{n "supportedFileTypes" : ["image/jpeg"],n "sessionHue" : "0.990000,0.440000,0.690000,0.720000",n "intervalSinceSwypIn" : 1.308031022548676}'

See for an example of a client header specified with escapes in python

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