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CC0 sample bank created by and for the supercontinent ensemble

Instructions for Contributing

Important: Please ensure that all samples you contribute are samples where you are 100% sure that either (a) you are the original creator and thus copyright holder, or (b) the samples are are clearly and verifiably in the public domain. Consider adding a .txt file to any folder you add briefly indicating how the samples were produced.

  • Create an account on (just once).

  • Fork the repository by going to the central copy of it on github at and clicking on the Fork button (just once).

  • Clone yourcopy* of the repository from github to a computer in your posession. For example:

cd ~
git clone
  • Add sample folders and files to the cybernetic-samples folder on your computer (if you follow the instruction above exactly, it will be in your home folder).

  • To share changes with others, first check what differences exist in your folder:

cd ~/supercontinent
git status
  • If the list of changed files from git status looks right, add them all to a pending commit (terminal code here assumes you are still in the cybernetic-samples folder):
git add .
  • By contrast, if the list isn't completely right, you can get around this by adding the right things one by one:
git add someSampleFolder/someSoundFile.wav
  • After you've added, wrap that up as a "commit" with a descriptive message and push it to your copy of the repository:
git commit -m "a message describing what you are changing/adding"
git push
  • Go on, to the page about your copy of the repository, and click pull request. dktr0 will get a message about it and will be able to merge it with the central copy.

  • To get an updated version of the central copy from time to time, you must first have added + committed any of your own changes, then:

cd ~/supercontinent
git pull main


CC0 sample library for the supercontinent ensemble




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