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Java Implementation of Hoptoad's Notifier API

This API can be used even for registered(licenced) hoptoad client: function included in my changes are below:

  1. Just set the hoptoad client installed server url either by setting complete address using method setHoptoadServerUrl(String hoptoadServerUrl) or by setting protocol, host and port using method setHoptoadServerUrl(String hoptoadServerProtocal, String hoptoadServerHost, String hoptoadServerPort).

  2. If you need to configure proxy to make connection to the client server then use method setHoptoadServerProxy(String hoptoadProxyHost, String hoptoadProxyPort).

Steps to use this API:

  1. Download the code

  2. convert into jar

  3. add the jar in the lib of you project.

  4. write the code as below :

     HoptoadNotice notice = new HoptoadNoticeBuilder(apiKey, "error", env){{
       setHoptoadServerUrl(hoptoadServerUrl) or setHoptoadServerUrl("http(s)", "host", "port"); 
     	setHoptoadServerProxy(hoptoadProxyHost, hoptoadProxyPort);
     	setRequest(url, component); //optional
     	projectRoot(projectRoot); //optional
     	filteredSystemProperties(); //optional
     int status = new HoptoadNotifier().notify(notice);
  5. use HoptoadNoticeBuilder construction as per your convenient.

  6. use setHoptoadServerUrl method as per your requirement.

  7. write me for any help