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Added TODO note for future improvement

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1 parent e1c1b6e commit 4a45854286f62a920c9cfba49865f16c1323d4ff @dkubb committed Aug 12, 2010
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optimized.memoize(:optimize, optimized)
+* Remove Order, Reverse, Limit and Offset from the Relation inheritance chain
+ * Instead make it so they are proxy classes that wrap Relations, but
+ proxy method calls to the Relation methods, and then wrap the return
+ value (assuming it's a Relation) in a copy of itself.
+ * This will allow the #order method to be the only method added to
+ Relation, and #limit/#take, #offset/#drop, #reverse, #first, and #last
+ will be on a shared module/class for handling Ranking.
+ * Also this will allow knowledge of #directions to be removed from
+ all the Relation classes. Only the Ranking classes will need to know
+ about directions.
+ * We can also do things like optimize away an Order that is not
+ wrapped by a Limit/Offset if it is wrapped in Join or Set relation.
+ We can do this because joining sorted relations results in
+ an undefined sort order depending on the algorithm used to join
+ the tuples. The correct approach to get unambiguous results is to
+ wrap the Join in an Order.
+ * The Reverse class will probably not be needed either. All we need is
+ for the #reverse method to create a new Order with the directions
+ reversed.
* Add aliases for some common operations in Method classes, eg:
* Predicates:
* Alias #== to #eq (may break alot)

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