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Change travis configuration to turn off metrics tests

* Some of the tests cannot be run due to bugs in ActiveSupport, and Reek.
  Turning this off for now, but may contribute some patches to those projects
  and will try again another time. At the very least, the metrics tests are now
  closer to being able to run against all versions of ruby.
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1 parent cf5567d commit 84bc7fc05f5461f0fcf83f8aff83975229199f04 @dkubb committed May 24, 2012
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4 .travis.yml
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
language: ruby
-bundler_args: --without guard
-script: "bundle exec rake ci"
+bundler_args: --without guard metrics
+script: "bundle exec rake spec"
- 1.8.7
- 1.9.2

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