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Added more TODO notes for future development

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@@ -103,7 +103,12 @@ lists of files, or String code fragments, eg:
* Update yardstick_measure task to use the Yardstick::CLI library
* Output results as HTML from command line tool and Rake task
-* Specify method_missing to be @api public even if its visibility
- is private
+* Specify method_missing to allow public, semipublic or private even
+ if its visibility is private
+* Allow initialize to be public, semipublic or private regardless of
+ its visibility. A constructor may not necessarily be public, and may
+ not be used externally.
+* Allow @return type to be "self" to specify the return value is
+ the object itself. Ask argv[0] if it can be made a YARD convention.
Copyright (c) 2009 Dan Kubb. See LICENSE for details.

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