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The bots are stealing our jobs

The age of automation is coming and the bots are here to steal our jobs! Or have they already? Continuous integration has, thanks to services like Travis and Circle CI, long become a widely used tool in open-source projects and software development at large. But we didn't stop there. Services like Netlify, and others offer seamless setups for continuous delivery that hook right into your repositories and can often be set up with a button press.

The question is can we go further? When working on a project, whether open-source or closed-source, there's lots of other tasks you'll have to do at one point or another. Can we lighten our work load to focus on the code that counts? Or even have the bots do the coding?

In this talk we'll look at some existing bots that can help you with your projects and build our own home-grown artisanal bot live on stage.