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hardware description of the rs-hfiq sdr and the FuncubePro+ for use with quisk

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rshfiq serves has hardware description of the RS-HFIQ from HobbyPCB to be used with quisk. Meanwhile a hardware description for the FuncubePro+ dongle is available, too.

This package was tested with quisk-4.1.76 and hamlib 4 and python 3.9.

It contains two possible hardware descriptions:

    This description requires the installation of the Python pyserial package. Using this descriptions quisk directly communicates with the rs-hfiq hardware via the serialport, normally /dev/ttyUSB0. If your system uses another port, you have to modify

    serialport.port = "/dev/ttyUSB0" accordingly in the '' file.

  • This description requires hamlib with python bindings. This description may be adopted to other models supported by hamlib, for instance the funcube dongle.

  • As the FuncubePro+ dongle has settings for LNA Mixer and IF gain, settings that are not known to the RS-HFIQ, here is an hardware description that support these settings.

If you have a running installation of quisk, untar or clone this repository into a directory of your choosing. Then start quisk and select config.

Select the 'Radios' tab, select 'Add a new radio'. I suggest to choose 'Softrock fixed'. After adding choose the tab of the newly created radio and switch to the Hardware tab.

If you wish to use the descripton, add it to the 'Hardware File Path'.

If you want to use the funcubePro+ add to the 'Hardware File Path' and to the 'Widget File Path'. This adds the buttons for the gain controls.

Then on the 'Sound' tab, configure the sound device settings according to your system configuration.


**RS-HFIQ **A given signals output must be turned on for the signal to be present. See: Interface Commands

Generally a 4 ma drive seems like it works OK. This setting has to be done only once. You can do this using the arduino ide or uncomment line 45 in

On my system I had to change the I/Q channels for I/Q Sample Input and Tx Output.

With some soundcards I got no sound on transmit. The solution was to use

plughw:x,y instead of the hw:x,y proposed by quisk.


quisk offers alsa:USB Audio Device USB Audio (hw:3,0) , which I use for 'I/Q sample Input'.

With some soundcards I can use this setting for 'I/Q Tx Output', too. But with some cards and the StarTech card is one of them, I had to enter manually



After stopping and starting everything worked flawless.


hardware description of the rs-hfiq sdr and the FuncubePro+ for use with quisk







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