Firewall Port Forwarding

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If you want others to be able to link inbound to your system, you will need to configure your router to "port forward" certain ports to the PC that is running the gateway application. While routers use different terminology and configuration procedures, the concept is similar for all of them. Check out for info on how to setup port forwarding on your particular router.

The DCS and DExtra ports are only used if DCS_LINK or DEXTRA_LINK are enabled, otherwise they are not used. The Remote Control protocol is disabled by default and does not have a default port number. If the Remote Control protocol is used then the appropriate port number will have to be opened on the firewall/router.

Most people will only need to port forward a small subset, typically:

Name	              Type and Port Number	Description
Digital Voice Routing UDP, 40000	        -For callsign, STARnet Digital Groups, and repeater routing
Digital Data Routing  TCP, 40001            -For routing Ethernet packets over D-STAR (mostly TCP/IP)
DExtra	              UDP, 30001	        -DExtra gateway and reflector linking, also used by DEXTRA_LINK
DCS	                  UDP, 30051-30059	    -DCS gateway and reflector linking, also used by DCS_LINK if enabled.
D-Plus	              UDP/TCP, 20001-20009	-D-Plus gateway and reflector linking (both UDP and TCP)
CCS	                  UDP, 30061-30065	    -CCS callsign or repeater routing
DV Dongle             UDP, 50001            -DExtra Connections
Remote Control	      UDP, [you choose]     -For the remote control protocol
Dashboard HTTP        TCP, 80 or 443        -For HTTP access to the dashboard
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