ircDDB Gateway

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The ircDDB gateway software facilitates linking nodes/repeaters together locally and through the Internet utilizing callsigns for routing of traffic. ircDDB Yahoo! group

The gateway provides access to the ircDDB network to allow for real-time callsign routing and repeater routing. as well as linking to DExtra, DCS, and D-Plus reflectors. Also the system works with the StarNET linking/routing

If D-Plus is enabled with the gateway then it authenticates itself with the official D-Plus server (USTrust) to ensure proper access to D-Plus reflectors and gateways.

The gateway can interface to the APRS network to pass on data from D-Star users who have GPS or GPS-A mode enabled on their radios, it may also be interfaced to the D-RATS software. The gateway includes five servers which run alongside the gateway functionality. STARnet Digital, ParrotController, Time Server, Timer Controller * List the others

Additionally dashboards and Remote Control can enhance..


The ircDDB Gateway is designed to be used both with the repeaters based on non-Icom hardware (homebrew repeaters or PC-Repeater software packages as part of this project), and also with Icom repeater hardware (ID-RP2C, IP-RP2000VC etc). This software is not a replacement per-say of the Icom RS-RP2C (G2) software but a open alternative to the software. Indeed it is possible to run a system with the gateway that contains a combination of both Icom and homebrew hardware in almost any permutation.


this is a large work in progress right now

see the following dedicated page for ircddbGateway Installation


see the following dedicated page for ircDDBGateway Configuration