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+This plugin configures Vim to be a little more efficient at editing XQuery...!
+It also sets up Exuberant Ctags for XQuery, since it's not one of the supported languages.
+ -Makes keys like gd and<C-]> and i_CTRL-p work better when editing XQuery files by temporarily adding the hyphen - to the 'iskeyword' option
+ -Sets options useful when editing XQuery (like 'set comments')
+ -Sets a few variables to make matchit.vim and taglist.vim work better with XQuery
+ -Completes W3C XQuery 'fn' functions, types and keywords.
+ -Also completes any MarkLogic functions I could find at...
+ Examples:
+ fn<CTRL-x><CTRL-o>
+ -> list of functions in the 'fn' namespace
+ fn:doc<CTRL-x><CTRL-o>
+ -> fn:doc(
+ fn:doc-available(
+ fn:document-uri(
+ xs<CTRL-x><CTRL-o>
+ -> list of all xquery types
+ decl<CTRL-x><CTRL-o>
+ -> declare
+ declare function
+ declare namespace
+ declare option
+ declare default
+ - Attempts to indent according to the 'XQuery Style Conventions' here:
+ - Typing out certain keywords (like for/let/where/order/return/else) will automatically indent to the correct location when typed out.
+ - It can recognize complex FLOWR expressions. For example,
+ if you're in insert mode hitting enter after the first line will immediately align the cursor with the 'for'.
+ Also, typing out the 'let' in the fourth line will immediately re-indent the line to align with the 'let' on the first line.
+ let $foo := for $editor in $editors
+ where not(contains($editor, "emacs"))
+ return $editor
+ let $bar := "bar"
+ return
+ $bar
+__install details__
+ 1. Copy ftplugin/xquery.vim to $HOME/.vim/ftplugin or $HOME/vimfiles/ftplugin or $VIM/vimfiles/ftplugin (and set 'filetype plugin on')
+ 2. Copy autoload/xquerycomplete.vim to $HOME/.vim/autoload or $HOME/vimfiles/autoload or $VIM/vimfiles/autoload
+ 3. Copy indent/xquery.vim to $HOME/.vim/indent/ or $HOME/vimfiles/indent or $VIM/vimfiles/indent (and set 'filetype indent on').
+ 4. Copy _ctags to $HOME/.ctags (or one of the alternatives at
+ 5. Download Exuberant Ctags and put it on your path. Use 'ctags -R' to build a tags file for your XQuery source folder
+ The steps are mostly optional, so if you don't want automatic indentation for instance, you can just skip step #3.
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